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How to Increase the Life Span of a Commercial Building

ConstructionThe average life span of a building is approximately 60 years. You can extend your building’s lifespan and end up having a historical landmark by going the extra mile when it comes to construction and maintenance.

A majority of the run-down commercial buildings in Salt Lake City are dilapidated due to faults in the foundation and materials used to build walls. One of the leading causes of this damage is moisture. Having metal roofing from companies like Cypress Metals can prevent water damage. Other tips to increase your building’s life span include:


Design a building that will stand the test of time. Architectural styles evolve every few decades. As such, you need to make sure that your building is still practical enough to get tenants fifty years down the line. Poor occupancy is the starting point of a building’s decline stage. An open-plan design that can be subdivided using cement panels is optimal since you won’t end up with predetermined office space sizes.


Go the extra mile and use reinforced steel and cement to ensure that your building is durable. Make sure that your foundation is sturdy and do not cut corners as you go along. Remember that you stand a higher chance of recouping your investment if you have a quality building as opposed to when you take shortcuts. Get professional help from companies that have been in the commercial construction industry for decades.


Ensure that you handle any repair work promptly. If you do not fix your roof on time, you risk wall damage. If you do not repair a leaking pipe, you risk water logging your walls, floors, and foundation, which could result in structural damage

The life span of your building is ultimately dependent on its structural integrity. Seek advice from construction professionals who can help you create a structure that will last for ages.