Your Ultimate Guide to Being a Working Mom

Kid being taught by a tutorThere’s never a right or wrong way of raising children. However, it cannot be denied that one of the ways to do so is by spending more time with them. Yet, this doesn’t mean that moms should quit working altogether — unless you want to. If you prefer or need to keep a job, it’s totally fine. You’re capable of still being a great mom. How?

1. Outsource the chores

Delegate whatever you can to other people. This includes the house chores and other errands. Keeping a full-time job and housekeeping at the same time is hard work. If you want to spend more time with your kids, you need help.

2. Surround your kids with people you trust

It’s hard to focus on your work when you have kids to think about, but knowing that they’re in good hands help with your peace of mind. Leave your children with a nanny that you trust to make sure that their needs are well attended to. When choosing schools, especially for your younger kids, do your research. For instance, choose preschool programs in Phoenix that are suitable to your children’s needs.

3. Join a support group

It doesn’t have to be a formal group that meets regularly. Perhaps you have other friends who are working moms, so take time to have coffee with them and share notes. It always feels nice to be with people who know what you’re going through.

4. Set boundaries

It’s hard, but you need to draw the line between work and home. While at work, be professional and put on your executive hat. At home, learn to dismiss work e-mails. Be fully present wherever you are.

5. Stop feeling guilty

Last but not the least, don’t beat yourself up. You know that you’re doing this for your family and for your own sanity.

As Margie Warrell says on Forbes, working moms should realize that there really are going to be trade-offs. Being a working mom means you are spending less time with your children, but you also know why you chose this course. In the end, it is still going to be quality over quantity.