Would You Still Buy a Car Despite Their Higher Registration Fees?

Car salesman handing over keys to buyerProspective car buyers of a Dodge Ram ProMaster van in Provo or even just a Toyota sedan in Salt Lake City could pay higher registration fees, if Utah enacts the state legislature’s Transportation Governance and Funding Task Force bill.

The bright side, however, involves the exclusion of a previous provision that called for an increase in sales tax across the state.

Higher Registration vs. Tax Increase

If the bill turns into law, Utahns would need to pay $72 in registration fees from the current rate of $44. The rate hike served as a substitute for a proposed 0.15% increase on the sales tax for transportation. The proposal had included the tax increase to generate $80 million for public transit projects.

For owners of electric cars and hybrid vehicles, there could be a $122 and $52 increase in registration fees, respectively. All of the proposed increases would aim to raise $85 million per year for transportation plans. Those who intend to ship a car from out of state should also consider how it may affect the overall expense of buying a vehicle.

Shipping Costs

The average range of shipping a car within the U.S. amounts from $1,200 to $700, although there are some factors that could increase or lower the cost of shipment. For instance, the distance would be a factor with the average quote per mile worth $0.60 for a 1,000-mile trip.

If the distance only covers 500 miles or less, it would cost you around a dollar per mile. The charges would also depend on the type of vehicle and the time of the year, with the summer season being the most expensive.

You should only buy from a licensed dealer whether you are planning to buy a new or used car. Are you willing to pay the price of more expensive vehicle registration fees in Utah?