Why Some Women Choose C-Section Over Natural Delivery

Black and white shot of newborn baby right after deliveryNatural childbirth is a healthier option for the mother and the baby, while also allowing women to avoid medical interventions or surgery like a cesarean. The sad part is, this option is not for everyone, especially those with high-risk pregnancies. Some women, on the other hand, are qualified for natural birth, but then request for a C-section.

Reasons for Choosing C-Section

If you’re thinking of doing the same, it is probably because you’re concerned about labor pain. Many also have issues about tearing in vaginal delivery and incontinence later on. There are also those who believe that the said method can help maintain their figure. It is important to keep in mind, however, that pregnancy itself (and not the method of childbirth) is the reason for a stretched waistline.

When C-Section is Necessary

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) and many obstetrics centers in Provo suggest that mothers should plan for a natural delivery whenever possible. Note that there is no proof that a C-section is the safest way to deliver your first child.

Cesarean or C-sections are usually ideal if:

  • You have a high-risk pregnancy (like multiple babies)
  • Your child is in the wrong position
  • You have had a uterine surgery or C-section before
  • You have placenta problems (like placenta previa)
  • Your baby has certain birth defects

Avoiding Certain Risks with C-Section

In some cases, this method is safer for you and your child. If you’re at risk for complications, a C-section can help you avoid dangerous situations, especially during emergency deliveries. Doctors recommend a C-section if they believe that vaginal birth would be risky. While this delivery method is considered safe, it has more risks than vaginal birth.

You can still choose a C-section delivery if you have had extreme difficulties with vaginal delivery before. Be sure to ask your doctor about the benefits, risks, as well as things you can expect. You should also discuss the pros and cons of natural vaginal birth in detail to help you choose. Your obstetrician can also assist you in making an informed decision.