Spinal Surgery Doctor

What You Need to Know After a Spinal Surgery Procedure

Spinal Surgery DoctorThere are certain things that you need to remember after having your spinal surgery procedure done at a cervical spine center in Hurst such as Cervical Spine Institute.

Being able to prepare yourself for all the things listed below may lessen the stress that you’ll experience while you’re going through the post-operative healing process.

Visits after your operation

The general wait time for a person to go back to his work is at least two to three weeks after the operation. It’s always advisable to monitor yourself to check on the progress of your healing.

It’s normal to feel pain

Pain after going through surgery is normal and doesn’t necessarily mean that the medical procedure was unsuccessful. Some of the most common ones are muscle spasms, aches, and pain. You may ask your doctor for any medication to alleviate it.

Refrain from smoking

Nicotine prevents your body to heal correctly. So it’s advisable to avoid using nicotine products while you’re still in the healing process. Exposing yourself to nicotine will only increase your body’s perception of pain and thus interfere with your recovery.

Stay positive

It’s normal for a person to feel depressed after surgery or any anesthetic procedure. However, you may want to speak to your doctor if the same feeling is lingering for more than a few weeks already. Keeping a positive attitude is essential while you’re still in the process of healing.

Do some light exercises

It’s highly recommended to do a bit of daily walking ten times a day as a form of physical therapy. You may try to increase your distance each day but always pace yourself so you won’t get tired easily.

These are just some of the things that you need to consider after your surgery. It’s always important to keep constant communication with your doctor to ensure that your body is healing properly.