Doctor discussing with cancer patient

What Palliative Care Can Offer Cancer Patients

Doctor discussing with cancer patient

Having a chronic disease drains a person’s emotional and physical strength. Worry takes a toll on them and most of them can’t fend for themselves. They require continued treatment and advice from health specialists. For those who worked in nuclear facilities like those in the Savannah River site and are feeling the ill-effects of their exposure to radiation, palliative care is an option open to them. Nuclear Care Partners explains that palliative care specialists take the initiative to care for these special patients. A palliative team is composed of doctors, caregivers, and nurses who help patients deal with chronic pain and terminal illnesses. Some of them provide the following services.


Chronic conditions cause anxiety and depression. For patients and family members, all know that a Cancer prognosis is usually poor, resulting in constant worry for the loved one’s well-being. Social workers step in to alleviate their concerns. They facilitate family meetings and organize transport services and other necessities that keep the patient’s emotions positive and upbeat.


Light physical activities improve the patient’s strength. Also, their movement is enhanced making them continue with their daily tasks. Physical therapists offer activities that help patients keep fit. These activities depend on the mobility of the patient.


Specialist doctors decide on the best drugs and prescribe accordingly. They warn patients of possible side effects and offer advice to patients. The oncologists and the nurses form a team that focuses on treatment and pain alleviation strategies for the benefit of the patient.

Special diet

Cancer patients experience many gastrointestinal symptoms that result in an inability to process nutrients. Nutritional specialists offer their guidance on special diets that have less nauseating effects and are helpful to these particular clients. Palliative care is something that cancer patients should have as an option in their terminal treatment. For former employees in facilities such as those from the Savannah River site, the government’s program to give them palliative cancer care helps patients deal with their disease.