Types of Email Marketing

Man reading email in laptopAlmost everyone owns an email address. People check their email inboxes more than they do their social media networks. If there’s anything to take away from this, it’s that email can be a great tool to reach a broad audience. That’s exactly what email marketing is. As a business owner, you should consider getting in touch with an email marketing company. They can help you get your followers to interact with your products.

Email marketing offers convenience and gives businesses an enhanced reach. However, not every marketing email will be opened by the target audience. For email marketing to be successful, everything, from the subject line is to the body, must be designed by a professional. Otherwise, it belongs in the spam folder.

Learn more about the various kinds of email marketing.

Newsletter Email

A newsletter informs the customers about what is going on in the business. Sales, promotions and even offerings or new products are announced here. They serve the purpose of engaging the reader long after they first meet your product.

Press release email

More often than not, press releases are more associated with print than with electronic mail. However, they are not just useful in magazines and newspapers. Email press releases communicate to the reader important information about a promotion or a new inventory. However, different from the newsletter, the press release concentrates on only one message.

Survey and invitation email

In an invitation email, the reader will be requested to take a certain action in response to an event or promotion. As a marketing tool, an invitation email can get the reader to a business website. Often, these emails are coupled with a deadline that attaches urgency to them. In a survey email, the invitation is to volunteer particular information for a reward.

Due to the delicate nature of email marketing, it is only wise for businesses to contract a professional. That way, the pro can not only target specific potential clientele, but also know how to reel them in. Otherwise, all your hard work will end up as spam in someone’s email, to be gone in 30 days.