Top K-Beauty Hair Products That Are All the Rage Right Now

a pretty south korean girlIf you are familiar with the Korean 10-step skin care routine and think it is too much, then perhaps it would be equally surprising to know that Koreans also observe something similar for their hair. Koreans also follow a 10-step hair care routine, which focuses on deep cleansing the scalp for perfect hair that will not age as easily.

Curious about what it is all about? For the sake of brevity, a hair school in Utah has cut down the steps to four:

Scalp scaler

A scalp scaler may sound grim, but it is far from it. It is similar to a clarifying shampoo in function but only differs in consistency and application. It works by stripping the scalp of oil and dirt build-ups and controlling excess oil. Look for one that contains nutrient-boosting Jeju green tea, mint, and essential oils.

Anti-hair loss damaged hair shampoo

Koreans use shampoos with a combo that effectively combats hair loss due to the harsh chemicals in most commercial shampoos but also hydrates in the process. It is no surprise that many are stocking up on these products.

Deep care hair pack

A hair mask is recommended for the deep conditioning step. What makes this pack extra special is it’s deeply repairing and fatty acids-rich contents, which include argan oil, rosehip, and evening primrose oil. The mask repairs damages to the tip and hair shaft, keeping it strong.

Avocado or olive oil leave-in fluid

To lock in all those nutrients and moisture, Korean hair care enthusiasts suggest using avocado and olive oil leave-in fluid. This also helps hair become softer while protecting it from the elements. Simply squeeze into the palm of your hands and work it in using your fingers.