Top 6 Things That You Should Bring When Backpacking

Sentosa BeachBackpacking is probably the best way to enjoy South East Asia, especially the beaches in Singapore. But before you go on your travel, there are several things that you need know when backpacking. So, what should you bring on your SE Asian trip?

Dry bag

Most south-east Asian countries are known for its monsoon or rainy weather. So, it’s vital that you bring a dry bag that’s suitable enough to fit all your stuff in.

Travel journal

If you love writing and documenting all your travels, then bringing in a journal is the best way to keep tab of everything that happened to your trip. It’s also a great way to keep all the memories with you as you go along.

First aid kit

You’ll never know what you’ll encounter on your journey abroad. So, it’s always safe to bring a first aid kit with you on your travel. You may not need a medical expert, but it’s essential to bring some medicine like seasick pills, anti-histamines, and even plasters.

Mosquito spray

Wandering in the jungle or the beach can be a great experience. But it’ll all change once you meet those pesky mosquitoes. Bringing in some mosquito spray with you will ensure that you’ll enjoy your trip and be safe from the jungle mozzies at the same time.

Baby wipes

Baby wipes are great especially when it’s humid or if you need it as a toilet paper. It’s handy, safe, and easy to use.

Water bottle

Keeping one whenever you go on a trip or travelling will keep you hydrated. There may be some instances when drinkable water is not available. So keeping one handy with you at all times will give you access to something to drink.

These are just a few things that you need to remember when preparing for your trip. What’s important is that you enjoy your day and just have fun!