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4 Myths about Orthodontists and Orthodontic Treatments

woman underwent orthodontic treatmentMany people are still confused with specialised dental procedures. Just like the medical field, dentistry has specific specialisations. Whilst general dentistry focuses more on basic oral care, orthodontics has a wider spectrum. It focuses on correcting teeth and jaws by providing more advanced procedures.

To give you more ideas, here are some of the myths about orthodontic treatments:

Anyone who can install braces or aligners can be considered as an orthodontist

Do not be deceived when some dental practices or online shops offer you braces or aligners. Whilst the rates are more affordable, it is best to visit a facility that specialises in orthodontics in Townsville. These professionals have undergone intensive training to ensure quality products and the safety of their patients.

Orthodontic treatments are expensive

An orthodontist can customise the right treatment plan to achieve positive results within your budget. Most of them even offer free consultations and flexible payment terms. The rates may vary depending on the orthodontist’s experience or expertise, the severity of the oral problem and the patient’s desired outcome. While advanced procedures may seem more expensive, long-term care plans can save more money in the future.

Orthodontic is purely aesthetic

This is one of the most common misconceptions today. Many orthodontic treatments can also help improve your oral health and overall wellness. Proper alignment of teeth and jaw is multifunctional. Whilst your teeth’s appearance and your smile are the most obvious results, it likewise improves biting, chewing and speaking.

Orthodontic treatments are only for adults

Orthodontists can deal with younger patients as well. In fact, most of them have also taken paediatric dentistry courses. They know how to handle children who are anxious or afraid during dental visits.

Choosing a dentist for your family is important. Be familiar with the services they offer and take note of their specialisations, so you will know what to expect.