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4 Uncommon Signs You Need to Have Your Eyes Checked

Patient having his eye checkedThe eyes do more than just help you see, it also helps balance your body on both feet. If you try to stand on one leg with your eyes closed, you may find it more difficult to balance your body compared to if you were doing it with your eyes open.

Your vision is crucial to your everyday living. And like the rest of your body, it also grows old. Advanced Vision Care explains that your natural eye lenses slowly become weaker as you age. Simply because you can still read small letters, it does not mean you are still on the 20-20 scale.

Here are some uncommon signs that also mean you need to see your eye doctor:

You find yourself squinting more often

You may do this when you step out from a dim house and into a sunny day, or maybe you just find it more comfortable to look at bright things. This may sound harmless, but it can also be a sign that your eyes are becoming weak.

Sudden light adjustments make your eyes uncomfortable

This could range from the brightness of the noontime sun to the flash of a camera. If a sudden bright light falls anywhere within your line of vision and hurts your eyes, it may be caused by an eye infection or the onset of a gradual loss of vision.

You blink more than usual

Blinking your eyes is a sign that they are dry. It is a way of lubricating your eyes so the eyelids can flawlessly fold over your eyeballs. Frequent blinking means your eyes are drying out faster than usual. This may be caused by allergies or other infections. After seeing your optometrist, make an appointment with your physician as well.

You feel that every room you are in needs more light.

Unless you are having electrical problems, needing more light even if your lights have not changed, is a sign that your eyes are getting weaker and losing their ability to see clearly.

There are many factors that can affect the way your eyes function on a daily basis. Even if it is just a little discomfort, it can still mean that your eyes need a little bit more care than usual. Do not neglect any of these signs. It is better to see a doctor right away than to realise too late that something is wrong with the windows to your soul.

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An Easy Way To a Better-Looking Smile

a pretty girlEveryone wants to have the best smile possible, but if the more expensive cosmetic dentistry treatments are out of reach due to budgetary constraints in 2018, then getting teeth whitening in Northern Ireland is an effective way to lift the whole smile for less money.

Don’t Go Cheap

Although it is tempting to buy an off-the-shelf whitening kit, either in a pharmacy or online, it’s best not to. These kits have been known to do more harm than good because the trays they use are designed to fit everyone and ill-fitting trays can cause the whitening gel to spill out and hurt soft mouth tissues such as the tongue and gums. Quality teeth whitening in Northern Ireland is available from various reputable dental practices including Blue Sky Dentistry.

There are usually two different ways to get teeth whitening in Northern Ireland from a dentist. Whichever option is chosen, having a good scale and polish to remove any barriers from plaque and tartar will make the whitening much more effective. Also, whitening does not work on restorations such as white fillings, crowns, veneers and dental implants.


The patient’s lips and gums are protected with a plastic barrier and the teeth are painted with a gel containing the active ingredient hydrogen peroxide. The gel is activated by a UV lamp and it takes around an hour to lighten the teeth by several shades. During this time, the patient can often watch TV or a film, or listen to music. Some dentists even have a massage chair they can use.


The dentist takes impressions of the patient’s teeth and uses them to make gel trays. The patient takes them home, along with a milder concentration of the whitening gel. They put the gel in the trays and put them on over their teeth. Wearing the gel-filled trays for a short period each day takes two to three weeks to lighten the teeth.


Teeth whitening in Northern Ireland is not permanent, so cleaning the teeth after every meal and avoiding the foods and drinks that caused the staining in the first place can make the whitening last longer.

Have You Heard of the Nutcracker Syndrome?

doctors performing surgeryThere has been an increase in patients undergoing venous stent placement in the past few years. This procedure has already revolutionized the treatment of chronic venous and arterial conditions.

But did you know that venous stents could also help treat Nutcracker Syndrome?

Renal nutcracker syndrome is a rare vascular condition that occurs when the two main arteries near the kidneys compress the left renal vein between them. Thus, the condition compares with a nutcracker.


The abdominal aorta and the super mesenteric artery compress the left renal vein. This causes blood from the renal vein to flow back into nearby veins. The backflow causes other veins to swell, which results in flank pain and intermittent presence of blood and protein in the urine.

This condition is rare but it can affect adults and children. It is not hereditary, though it multiple pregnancies may trigger it. Specific causes are still unknown.

Signs and symptoms

In a recent study by, 72.7% of patients studied showed abdominal pain, 57.6% showed blood in urine, 39.4% showed protein in the urine, and 30.3% showed left flank pain.

Nutcracker syndrome is common among women in their 30s and 40s, and symptoms appear after rapid weight loss. Although most people experience pain, this condition can be present in children without any symptoms.

Other symptoms include:


It is difficult to diagnose Nutcracker Syndrome because its symptoms are like other disorders. To rule out other conditions, your doctor will request for blood tests, urinalysis and culture, cytology, scans, and biopsy. To confirm a diagnosis, your doctor may order tests such as Doppler ultrasound, CT scan, and MRI.


The treatment varies based on age, symptoms, and severity of the condition. For patients 18 and below, no treatment is necessary, as they may be able to resolve the condition as they grow older.

However, for patients with Nutcracker Syndrome, using a venous stent may be recommended. The surgeon will make a small puncture in your leg, inserts a catheter with a guide wire into your renal vein. Once the stent is in the right place, he will expand it to keep your vein open. Recovery time may take two to three months to allow your body to accept the stent and for new tissues to surround it.

Type 2 Diabetes: What Is It And What Can You Do

Diabetes Type 2Diabetes is a long-lasting disease that can affect the body’s capability to control blood sugar levels in the body. The most common type of diabetes is type 2, wherein the cells become insulin resistant.

The number of individuals who have type 2 diabetes has increased dramatically over the past years. Many experts linked this condition to unhealthy food intake, a sedentary lifestyle, and genetic factors.

Type 2 Diabetes By The Numbers

In the United States, diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death. The doctors think that the disease is very hard to treat. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that 30.3 million Americans had diabetes in 2015.

Across the globe, about 422 million people are living with diabetes. The World Health Organization (WHO) further reports that diabetes is the major cause of kidney failure, heart attacks, blindness, stroke, and lower limb amputation worldwide.

What Causes Type 2 Diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes is a chronic disease that affects the ability of the body to use glucose from food. In a healthy individual, the pancreas produces and releases insulin. It’s the hormone that helps glucose enter the cells for energy.

But, in a person with the condition, the cells become resistant to insulin, increasing the blood sugar levels in the blood.

Many factors can contribute to the development of type 2 diabetes. These include obesity, physical inactivity, genetics, unhealthy lifestyle, and insulin resistance.

What Can Be Done?

Type 2 diabetes is treatable. With lifestyle modifications and medications, the cells can become insulin sensitive again.

There are many treatments available such as blood glucose monitoring, diet, exercise, and diabetes medications. One of the most promising drugs today is Trulicity, also known as Dulaglutide. It’s a weekly diabetes medication that works by helping the body release insulin in response to increased blood sugar levels.

The problem is, many patients may find it hard to purchase the medicine to use regularly. Fortunately, you can avail of a Trulicity patient assistance program to help you buy the medication for diabetes control.

Type 2 diabetes can take a toll on your life. The good thing is, it’s treatable and reversible with medicines and lifestyle changes.

4 Steps to Overcome Burnout at Work

Tired woman from workBecause of all the rapid changes in the world today, jobs seem to demand more and more from employees. Burnout has become almost a common occurrence, but it should never be the new norm. If you experience all the signs of burnout, now is the best time to take a good hard look at your life.

Listen to your body

Sometimes, what you’re feeling could be more than burnout. Long-term stress and anxiety may affect your health. That’s why it’s important that you observe your body’s responses. Don’t ignore any pain and discomfort. Write in your journal any pattern, and don’t wait any longer. Visit a local wellness center, like RedRiver Health and Wellness Center, to ask professional advice.

Take a break

Burnout doesn’t happen overnight, so you can’t expect that it would be gone after a day’s rest. Slow down and take a real break. It’s necessary that you take a vacation or a leave of absence from work occasionally. You need to have a different environment, clear off your head, and reflect whether your goals are still aligned with your current situation.

Consider a support group

Going through an uncertain time of your life is hard, and it would be helpful if you’re surrounded by friends and family that will show their support. As much as possible, stay away from colleagues who will only talk about what’s happening in the workplace. Seek comfort from those who will be able to help you get a headspace instead.

Regain control

Never rush your recovery. Take steps to go back to having a normal routine gradually. However, this doesn’t mean that you go back to your old ways. Now that you’ve had time to reflect, you know whether it would be best for you to quit your job altogether or stay. Either way, you should know your triggers so that it doesn’t have to reach to the point of burnout and you’d be able to manage it better.

No matter what other people say, burnout is a serious issue that shouldn’t be ignored. If you know that you’re suffering from it, be proactive and take the necessary actions to combat it. Don’t compromise your well-being for a job that fails to value you.

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Say No to These 3 Things for Healthier Eyesight

A woman's eyeImagine living with perfect vision: you don’t have any problem reading small text; you can see just about anything at a distance; and vision-related headaches are nonexistent. Obtaining 20/20 vision, however, takes work. It’s imperative that you take care of your health, and you should also avoid activities and habits that can ruin your eyesight.

For the first point, take time to visit an ophthalmologist in Monmouth County, NJ, so you’ll know early on if there’s anything you need to do to avoid having impaired eyesight in the future. It’s also recommended to eat the types of foods that can improve vision, such as green vegetables, sweet potatoes, fruits and Omega 3-rich foods.

On the other hand, here’s what to avoid:

Excessive screen time

Are you frequently looking at your computer screen? It’s hard to avoid this, especially when it’s part of your job. Staring at a computer screen for a long time makes your eyes focus and refocus, and this can lead to eyestrain, double vision or eye irritation. So that advice about taking breaks away from your computer now and then? Follow it if you want to protect your eyesight.


You may view smoking as irrelevant to eyesight, but it can, in fact, lead to cataracts and even vision loss. Age-Related Macular Degeneration or AMD, which results from the loss of central vision, and glaucoma can develop from cigarette use. As early as now, quit the habit to save your eyesight.

Lack of sleep

Sleeping is integral to optimal health, while the lack of it can lead to many serious health problems, including eye spasms and dry eyes. So always make it a point to get adequate sleep for your eyes to remain strong and healthy. And don’t forget to stay away from electronic devices before you go to bed so you can sleep soundly.

Don’t put any further strain on your eyes. Prevent vision problems by eating right, giving your eyes a rest, and living a healthy lifestyle.

Living Healthier: Shedding Off Those Extra Pounds This Year

a woman who can't close the zipper of her pantsIt is the start of the year 2018, and you want to lose the pounds you gained during the holidays. But short-term dieting may not be the solution for you, as you might regain the weight you lost right after you stop your diet plan.

The best way to keep off the pounds and maintain a healthier weight is to start with lifestyle changes and creating some good habits. Here are some suggestions on how to lose the weight and keep an ideal one.

Yes, diet and exercise is still the way to go

This is an obvious one. No diet is successful without some regular physical activity. Sure, you shouldn’t starve yourself, but that doesn’t mean you cannot plan for healthier meals that will complement your weight loss program.

For example, instead of picking up a can of fruit soda, you can make a fruit shake instead, or eat whole grains rather than white rice and white bread. Exercising three to four times a week can be very helpful to speed up the process as your body gets toned. You can try walking more.

This is not only beneficial to weight loss, but also for your overall energy levels and health. Eating healthily and exercising regularly must be made a habit, as this will help you maintain a healthier weight for long-term results.

Yes, some professionals can help

If you are struggling with losing weight and would like to jump start your journey, you can consult a medical specialist. Experts at a medical weight loss clinic here in San Juan Capistrano will help give you advice and suggestions on how you can strip off the excess pounds.

They can also point you in the right direction when it comes to medically-safe procedures for shedding those unwanted pounds and dietary supplements you can take in maintaining a perfect weight.

Never lose sight of your goals. Deciding to have a healthy lifestyle with good habits and advice from professionals can put you closer than ever to your dream bod. Start the year right!

Massage Therapy for Mental Health

couple getting a massageWe are already familiar with how massage treatment can do wonders for our body as it helps relieve pain and inflammation and is proven to promote better posture and immunity. But, did you know that aside from physical well-being, massage therapy is also essential for mental health?

The benefits of massage therapy, both physical and emotional, are endless. With our fast-paced lifestyle, it’s no wonder how more and more people in St. Louis, MO are availing of home massage services from providers like Revive Zone. Here are just a few of its emotional benefits.

1. Massage therapy improves sleep which makes you feel more energized and positive when you wake up. An active mind spurs creativity and makes a person more productive throughout the day.

2. Getting a good massage can relax and calm your mind leading to better concentration and improved decision-making. It also sharpens memory and attention for better performance at home, at work, or even at school.

3. Regular massage therapy sessions provide a feel-good factor that helps ease away feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression. By relaxing and calming our emotional and mental state, we can find answers and solutions so we can better cope with challenges every day.

4. You may feel an improved sense of inner peace and self-awareness as a result of a stronger connection between the body and mind brought about by massage therapy. Establishing a strong relationship between the two allows us to lead healthier and happier lives.

With home massage services, you will be able to get high-quality services in the comfort of your own home with no additional fees. Some are even available seven days a week, from morning to midnight so you won’t have any reason not to pamper your mind and body. At the end of the day, it’s not how much money we earn but how healthy we are that counts.

4 Secrets to Choosing the Best Cosmetic Surgeon

Young Man Having Botox Treatment At Beauty ClinicThe effects of cosmetic surgery on your looks can be astoundingly great. However, you need the right cosmetic surgeon to perform the procedure. Ending up in the hands of an amateur can be detrimental to your looks and finances. In fact, in the worst-case scenario, it can lead to serious complications or even death.

It is, therefore, important that you get the services of a skilled, licensed, and experienced cosmetic surgeon. Clarity Skin suggests that you visit a popular and trusted medspa in Utah to learn about your treatment options. Here’s what you should look for:


Ask about your prospective cosmetic surgeon’s specialty. In addition, find out how many cases they have had that are similar to yours. Ask the number of years they have been performing that particular surgery. This will help you determine how experienced they are.


Check the surgeon’s certification and make sure it is American Board of Plastic Surgery ABPS certification. This will ensure that they are well qualified and trained to perform cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.


Any reputable cosmetic surgeon will have an array of satisfied patients. Therefore, ask for these past references and their list of contacts. Perform due diligence and contact some of them. Ask them about their experience and whether their expectations were met. A surgeon who has a good number of positive reviews is worth considering. Watch out for the negative reviews and find out how the surgeon dealt with them.

Before and after photos

There is some truth in the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Visit the cosmetic surgeon in their medspa or any other accredited facility. Ask for before and after photos of the procedure you want to undergo. Be sure to check different images showing various age groups and complexions. This will indicate the expertise and skill level of the surgeon. It will also give you an idea of the results you can expect.

Getting the right surgeon is important, as any change to your looks is a lifetime change. The above factors will help you in your quest of finding a skilled and reputable cosmetic surgeon.

Why Some Women Choose C-Section Over Natural Delivery

Black and white shot of newborn baby right after deliveryNatural childbirth is a healthier option for the mother and the baby, while also allowing women to avoid medical interventions or surgery like a cesarean. The sad part is, this option is not for everyone, especially those with high-risk pregnancies. Some women, on the other hand, are qualified for natural birth, but then request for a C-section.

Reasons for Choosing C-Section

If you’re thinking of doing the same, it is probably because you’re concerned about labor pain. Many also have issues about tearing in vaginal delivery and incontinence later on. There are also those who believe that the said method can help maintain their figure. It is important to keep in mind, however, that pregnancy itself (and not the method of childbirth) is the reason for a stretched waistline.

When C-Section is Necessary

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) and many obstetrics centers in Provo suggest that mothers should plan for a natural delivery whenever possible. Note that there is no proof that a C-section is the safest way to deliver your first child.

Cesarean or C-sections are usually ideal if:

  • You have a high-risk pregnancy (like multiple babies)
  • Your child is in the wrong position
  • You have had a uterine surgery or C-section before
  • You have placenta problems (like placenta previa)
  • Your baby has certain birth defects

Avoiding Certain Risks with C-Section

In some cases, this method is safer for you and your child. If you’re at risk for complications, a C-section can help you avoid dangerous situations, especially during emergency deliveries. Doctors recommend a C-section if they believe that vaginal birth would be risky. While this delivery method is considered safe, it has more risks than vaginal birth.

You can still choose a C-section delivery if you have had extreme difficulties with vaginal delivery before. Be sure to ask your doctor about the benefits, risks, as well as things you can expect. You should also discuss the pros and cons of natural vaginal birth in detail to help you choose. Your obstetrician can also assist you in making an informed decision.