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Three Major Services that Car Owners Should Have Constant Contact With

Woman on her phone with a car in the backgroundOwning a car is a big responsibility, especially if it is your first. Learning to drive with a license is not the end of your responsibilities as a car owner. Here are some experts that you need to keep contact numbers of in your mobile phone just so you are safely covered when you’re driving.


Getting a locksmith’s number in Auckland should be your top priority. Sailcitylocks.co.nz explains that car owners, even the most fastidious and responsible, can sometimes forget their keys inside their vehicles when on a long and tiring trip. Do not neglect the possibility that you can get incredibly distracted or that your secondary driver will accidentally leave the keys inside your ride. Just imagine having to either break the lock or the window, looking incredibly suspicious, if you don’t have a ready locksmith’s contact details in your phone.


Unless you have the time, money, resources, and know-how to fix your car, it is always best to save the number of your trusted mechanic. Much like the locksmith, the mechanic knows how to fix a problem in your car. Choose a garage that also offers towing services because you never know when you will need it. Give yourself some peace of mind by always having your chosen automotive service garage ready even during long journeys.

Insurance Expert or Accident Lawyer

A car is both a risk and an investment. As much as nobody wants to think about bad things happening to them on the road, preparedness is still better than blind ignorance. Choose an insurance expert or a personal injury lawyer who has extensive experience in vehicular accidents. Also, choose one that can promise to provide you with time, respect, and education regarding your case.

These three numbers are just a simple reminder that cars are an extension of you. These experts, while you hope to never call them, will save you time and money if you do find yourself in dire straits. Consult with the most trustworthy services so that you can find out what they can offer you.

Repair man checking a car

3 Tips on How to Find a Good Car Repair Shop

Repair man checking a carThere are many car repair shops in Alexandria and many offer the same services at the same rates. But it always pays to find the right one that fit your standards, price range, and preferences best. Here are some ways on how to find a good car repair shop that can be your go-to shop for a long time. Keep these tips and tricks in mind when you’re looking for a reliable, fast, and affordable car repair shop in Alexandria, VA:

Check out who services the big businesses.

In your area, check out where the big businesses get their fleets serviced. Chances are they have done their research on the top mechanics in your area. In terms of pricing, car repair shops who have a huge clientele almost always offer more competitive prices compared to those who don’t have such. They also most often have the most experienced mechanics. This way, you get your money’s worth.

Look for repair shops with specializations.

Some people look for car repair shops that specialize in specific types of cars, while some look for those who specialize in some technical detailing. Whichever you choose, it’s always advisable to work with mechanics who not only have the right credentials and tools, but also the experience in the specific type of car you have.

Look for a car repair shop that is near you.

It doesn’t have to be a stone’s throw away from you, but the shop has to be conveniently located in your area so you don’t have to waste too much time and resources just getting your car fixed. Car repairs can be expensive, so it’s best to save where you can.

Not all car repair shops are made equal and you might be surprised that you could be paying more than you should. Keep these tips in mind and look for the right one that fit your budget and your preferences.

The Truth About Mags That Would Make You Want Them Too

A car wheel magThe wheels on a car can make a huge difference. However, some people think that the shiny wheels they see on vehicles are just more for show than anything else. While it is true that these components do help create a more powerful statement, appearance-wise, mags have several other important functions than just significantly boosting an automobile’s looks.

Mags, or wheels containing magnesium or aluminum, improve more than just aesthetics; they also create a safer, better-performing ride. So if you are one of the people who believe that the only function of mag wheels is to enhance a car’s looks, it is time you learn more about them.

How mags make for safer rides

To recognise the value of these wheel upgrades, you first need to have a basic understanding of what wheels are for.

At their core, wheels act as the only “layer” separating the road from the underside of a vehicle. As such, it is vital that the ones you have on yours meet all safety standards. Anything less than quality wheels can minimise the optimal safety of an automobile, which then puts not just you at risk of an accident, but also your passengers and the other people using the same roads.

Mag wheels allow for safer driving and riding since their quality goes well beyond standard or regular wheels.

Smoother, faster cars not just for sports

The lightweight, yet durable characteristics of mags also make it easier for the entire car to move along in a quicker and much smoother manner. It is actually for this reason that sports car drivers and racers have their machines fitted with these upgrades.

Once again though, you do not necessarily have to have a fancy fast car just to need mag wheels. So long as you want the best driving and riding experience, coupled with improved safety, then you should consider investing in these better-performing wheels.

Four Reasons Why Car Owners Choose to Pimp Their Ride

Customized CarPeople love fast and fancy cars, that’s for sure. Whether you know how to drive them or not, a sleek and stylish car is always a head-turner. And you can make that dream of having that eye-catching ride is by customizing it. However, there are quite a few individuals who are not entirely digging the idea. To understand why car enthusiasts are heavily invested on such, here’s a quick review on reasons why they’re doing it:

To Achieve Sleek and Stylish Look

This is the most common reason why car owners choose to customize their ride. In fact, according to experts from Merton Auto Body, people do this to add character and personalize it as their own. More than just making it attractive, they take this opportunity to make their cars stand out among the rest.

To Improve Driving Experience

Contrary to what most people believe, car customization is not only limited to adding in decals, changing headlights and upgrading stereo. The service also covers improvements on the vehicle’s engine, brake, steering wheel and other performance related aspects of a vehicle. In other words, there’s more to it than just simply making it visually appealing. For older models, modification is a great way to preserve its value as well as its performance.

To Make It Smarter and Safer

The appearance of smart technology does not only affect the homes and offices, but also the automotive world. Car manufacturers have since incorporate such innovation to their latest models. Enter the GPS – locator, dashboard camera, and rear view camera – these systems greatly contribute to the safety and security of car owners. Thus, making you feel more protected and comfortable as you travel.

The Inexpensive Way to Get an Upgrade

Customization is undeniably the cheapest way for someone to make cars look expensive and luxurious. Compared to high-end cars, modifying your vehicle to make it look classy is definitely more affordable. Besides, you’ll get more savings by doing so considering you’re getting the same look and feel you’re aiming for.

People have their reasons why they pimp up their ride. Regardless of what they are, these are the top intentions of these individuals. Whether it’s for aesthetic purposes or performance, anyone is free to do anything they want as long as they can afford it and it’ll make them happy.