Strategies to Help Your Toddler Adjust to Daycare

Child having fun at a daycareDaycare is essential for most homes today. It offers your child interaction with adults besides family members, and your child spends time with his or her peers. In addition to the social benefit it provides to your family, it also ensures a smoother transition to kindergarten for your toddler.

The shift from the home setting to daycare can be hard for both parents and children. Here are some tips to ensure a smooth transition to daycare here in Rutherford for your child.

Talk To Your Baby about School

No matter your child’s age, talk to him or her about school. You can read storybooks to your child about other kids starting school or daycare. You can even play “pretend school” games. Show your baby how enjoyable school is and assure him or her that it is a perfect arrangement for them.

Remember to have a positive attitude as well.

Bring Along Something Familiar

Something that reminds the baby of home can create comfort and make it easier for your child in daycare. Ensure you check with the school authority first if the item is allowed. Most centers have no problem with it, provided the item poses no hazard to other kids.
You can also make a scrapbook of all the child’s favorite items for him or her to take to school.

Try a Gradual Approach

Some experts recommend that before starting daycare, you and the baby can make a few visits and spend some time in the daycare center. Begin with a few hours then a few days per week before the child starts a full 5-days-each-week schedule.

This way the child will familiarize himself or herself with the daycare environment. Ensure your child gets enough sleep and keep to a regular bedtime to avoid hurried morning routines. Most toddlers need more than 11 hours of sleep each night. Even with proper preparation, you might still have a few tears. Be patient with your baby, as transition may take time.