Simple Troubleshooting for Leaking Water Problems

plumber fixing sinkPlumbing systems control the flow of water, both going in and out of the household. Pressure is applied to water to keep it flowing into the house, and gravity makes the dirty or used water flow outwards via the sewage pipes. Plumbing problems are inevitable because of this nature of water.

Whipple Service Champions suggests that before calling for assistance from plumbers in Salt Lake City, homeowners should take the time to troubleshoot their plumbing problems. Among other things, the owners would know the cause of the problem, as well as any history which may be pertinent to solving it. Additionally, understanding the cause may help the owner prevent it from happening again.

Internal pipes

In any piping system, there is the constant threat of leaks. In the household, this does not usually manifest in a leaky faucet, joint or connection. Sometimes, the leaks may be found inside walls. Even when you cannot see the pipe leak, the water bill would reflect this cost.

However, the water bill only shows the cost of the unused water which flows out of the system. It does not include the damage to property, like walls, basements, flooring, and others. Repairing the civil works is not easy to compute if you cannot find out what the fix will be.

Leaky Faucets and Fixtures

Related to the leaks are running toilets. This is usually caused by a worn washer or “O” ring. It can also be caused by a faulty assembly or chain inside the water tank. This can be fixed by replacing the leaking part. A faulty or leaky faucet is easy to see, and replace.

Sometimes, if the faucet is old enough, the faucet might have a washer which needs replacement. Otherwise, if the faucet is one of those which cannot be disassembled, then it has to be replaced as a whole.

Leaks are some of the easiest items a homeowner can troubleshoot. If he has any do-it-yourself skill, he can also replace the leaky part. Otherwise, it is best to call a professional plumber.