Privacy Policy

Your personal privacy and security is important to us. This policy aims to inform you about our practices when it comes to processing and utilizing the information collected through our website. It likewise talks about the options you can make to secure your personal and private details. Please review this policy very carefully and take time to understand everything it says to avoid confusion.

Collecting Personal Information

SwampLandZine collects personal details by obtaining the IP address of the computer used to access its site. We also collect other important browsing details, such as the date and time of access and the browser utilized by the visitor. We get the users’ individual information only if they decide to provide it voluntarily. This could be in the form of a newsletter subscription or any offering that requests for the visitor’s approval prior to gathering any info. These include their names, address, and contact details. We use this information to monitor trends, improve our website, and collect data for product or service development.

Third Party Sites

SwampLandZine has provided links to third party sites for your reference. You must remember that these websites have their own privacy statements. We assume no obligation for whatever actions and policies they make. We do not share your personally identifiable details with any third party websites or organizations to protect your personal privacy.

Updates and Modifications

We reserve the right to make changes to this policy’s contents anytimewithout notification. We suggest checking out the website regularly to learn about the current changes and updates.