Prepare for Your Upcoming Oral Surgery

Surgeons preparing for oral surgery The entire experience of going through oral surgery can be easier if you prepare for it ahead of time. If you are aware of the entire process, you will feel calmer about the procedure. Preparing for it should begin even before you come in for your appointment at the oral surgery clinic.

Get more information from your surgeon

Consult your oral surgeon to ensure that you are aware of the reasons why you need surgery. Determine the advantages and risks of the procedure. Make sure that you list down all the questions so that you will not forget anything during the inquiry.

Fast before your surgery

Ask your surgeon if they will have to sedate you because you cannot drink or eat anything after midnight before your surgery. This lowers the chances of aspiration, which is an uncommon yet severe complication. It fills your lungs with your stomach content. In case you have to drink some meds during the fasting period, take a small sip of water.

Wear short sleeved clothing

If you will need sedation during your surgery, it is essential that you bare your arms. This will assist nurses in placing blood pressure cuffs on you, getting your vital signs and providing you with the IV. It will make it easier for them to observe you throughout the surgery.

Appoint a designated driver

You need someone to drive you back home if you are going to be sedated. Remember that anesthesia can affect your judgment, which is why it would be dangerous for you to drive afterwards. Have a family member or a friend take you back home. If no one is available, you can take public transportation or ride a cab.

Before the operation starts, a nurse will take your vital signs. If you still have some questions to ask, do not hesitate to ask your dentist or the dental staff anytime.