Practical Considerations When Adding a Conservatory to Your Home

ConservatoryInstalling a conservatory is popular these days, as many homeowners decide to add one to make the most of their garden. A conservatory is a big financial investment, and its cost varies depending on the chosen construction materials.

If you’re considering a conservatory in your home, but you’re not prepared to oversee the construction process, it’s better to seek the expertise of a conservatory company. They will be in charge of all the aspects of the project, which include dealing with building regulations.

Below are some practical considerations when adding a conservatory:


It’s important to choose the right materials for the frame. Traditionally, aluminium or hardwood is used for conservatories.


You can heat a conservatory through electrical under floor heating or water. For alternatives, you can duct the heat through decorative grilles that are set up around the floor edge. You can also extend the central heating with radiators shaped against low walls. Make sure to operate the heating of the conservatory on a separate thermostat and circuit to the primary boiler.


To protect furnishings, it’s advisable to use blinds. They’re important, as they maintain an even temperature the whole year and also provide privacy. You may choose Pinoleum blinds made from strips of wood, fabric roller blinds or retractable pleated blinds. Ask an expert to fit the blinds. For high windows, fitting an operating system is also necessary.


Choose practical and durable flooring for your conservatory. Natural stone flooring and ceramic-tile are your best bet.


Double glazed windows can reduce draughts and prevent heat from escaping easily. They help in making the overall temperature in your conservatory more comfortable. They also give an added insulation. Double glazed windows are perfect if your property is facing a busy main road.


For roofing, you can go for a polycarbonate roof or a glass roof. Polycarbonate roofs have a life expectancy of 10 years or less, and they’re more affordable than their glass counterparts. They may be a better choice, especially if you’re working on a strict budget, but they’re not as aesthetically pleasing as glass.

Building a conservatory can add more living space to your property without having to move to a bigger home. Look for a conservatory company near you and enjoy a sophisticated conservatory addition to your property.