Pool Options for Limited Spaces

Child Swimming In A Lap PoolYou don’t necessarily need a big backyard to build a pool. Even with limited space, you can still have a recreational area and enjoy the benefits of swimming. You just have to explore other shapes and designs that can suit your house, preferences, budget, and available space.

Planning is important to maximise the space you have. A bit of creativity can also go a long way in squeezing in a pool that your friends and family can enjoy for many years to come. Guardian Industries presents some of the shapes and designs that can fit in a less-than-enormous backyard:

Lap Pools

These pools are perfect for narrow lots and small backyard area. While the basic design is simple, a narrow rectangle, lap pools can have an unusual shape like an L-shaped pool or something with curves. Long ones are suitable for swimming laps and rhythmic strokes, while smaller lap pools can be a cooling spot for friends and families.

Plunge Pools

These swimming pools focus more on depth instead of length and width. Many homeowners prefer laps pools because of their small size, affordability, and low water requirements. They are great for lounging and cooling off, and can be equipped with jets to get massage benefits. Lap pools, furthermore, can also be used for low-impact water exercises like legs, arms, and abdominal muscle stretching.

Freeform Pools

Irregular-shaped pools or those with curves can be squeezed in narrow and small backyards. Freeform pools are great if you want a natural look. They are also practical for adding landscape elements like trees, rocks, and water features. These pools can take many shapes and forms, and the cost will depend on how creative you are.

Don’t let a minimal space keep you from building and fitting a pool in your property. The right pool can instantly transform your backyard and give you an area for leisure and relaxation. Work with reliable pool builders to explore more shapes, sizes, and styles that can fit well in your backyard and harmonise with your property.

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