Need to Have Those Fillings Filled Again? Here are Some Signs to Take Note Of

A woman is having her teeth examinedTooth decay is the reason old people have an incomplete set of teeth. Whenever there’s pain, their tooth is extracted instead of filled. Luckily, that practice is no longer widely used thanks to dental fillings.

Dental fillings help fill the gap in between teeth due to tooth decay and cavities. Once filled, the teeth will function as new again and tooth decay won’t spread thereby saving the remaining parts of the tooth. However, over the years, dental fillings need replacement to ensure that it is doing its job of protecting your teeth.

Here are signs that you need to pay your dentist in Bloomington, MN a visit because your dental fillings might need replacement.

1. Dark spots

Dark spots in your teeth are not normal. It might mean that your fillings are deteriorating and need a replacement immediately. Visit your dentist when you see such spots to prevent infection from spreading or forming in the first place.

2. Sensitivity

A stinging feeling whenever you drink cold or eat something hot is not normal. Tooth sensitivity is one of the most common signs that your fillings need replacement. Sensitivity means that bacteria and elements are able to penetrate your tooth, something that is not supposed to happen when your teeth are filled.

3. Rough surface

If there is something off with your bite or if you feel like your tooth is not normal, then it is highly likely your filling might have been broken or is chipped off.

4. Tooth decay

You have already had your teeth filled to prevent tooth decay, so it is impossible to have tooth decay, right? Wrong. Tooth decay is likely to happen when your filling is not properly put, is deteriorating, or you have bad oral hygiene. Thus, if you feel pain or is suspecting yourself to have a bad tooth, visit your dentist immediately.

Experiencing these symptoms? Set an appointment with your dentist and have your tooth checked now.