Living Healthier: Shedding Off Those Extra Pounds This Year

a woman who can't close the zipper of her pantsIt is the start of the year 2018, and you want to lose the pounds you gained during the holidays. But short-term dieting may not be the solution for you, as you might regain the weight you lost right after you stop your diet plan.

The best way to keep off the pounds and maintain a healthier weight is to start with lifestyle changes and creating some good habits. Here are some suggestions on how to lose the weight and keep an ideal one.

Yes, diet and exercise is still the way to go

This is an obvious one. No diet is successful without some regular physical activity. Sure, you shouldn’t starve yourself, but that doesn’t mean you cannot plan for healthier meals that will complement your weight loss program.

For example, instead of picking up a can of fruit soda, you can make a fruit shake instead, or eat whole grains rather than white rice and white bread. Exercising three to four times a week can be very helpful to speed up the process as your body gets toned. You can try walking more.

This is not only beneficial to weight loss, but also for your overall energy levels and health. Eating healthily and exercising regularly must be made a habit, as this will help you maintain a healthier weight for long-term results.

Yes, some professionals can help

If you are struggling with losing weight and would like to jump start your journey, you can consult a medical specialist. Experts at a medical weight loss clinic here in San Juan Capistrano will help give you advice and suggestions on how you can strip off the excess pounds.

They can also point you in the right direction when it comes to medically-safe procedures for shedding those unwanted pounds and dietary supplements you can take in maintaining a perfect weight.

Never lose sight of your goals. Deciding to have a healthy lifestyle with good habits and advice from professionals can put you closer than ever to your dream bod. Start the year right!