Leave Voice Search for Now and Continue with Regular SEO

a man workingSince last year, marketers have been fiercely promoting voice search. In fact, major online media outlets considered voice search as a top trend for 2018. Data gathered from 10,000 voice results showed, however, that voice search will have little impact at all to current SEO strategies, including yours.

Voice Search Now a Reality

Voice search became popular as Google, Apple, and other technology companies rolled out voice-enabled search assistants. With the onset of this technology, marketers eagerly jumped on the new capability of online voice search. They promoted voice search as the next big thing that will follow the mobile trend.

Effective Voice Search Still Far Off

An SEO thought leadership site analysed 10,000 voice search results and found that voice search may prove to have less impact than expected. than expected. Data showed that only domains with an average of 6,000 backlinks appeared in voice search. Good content also factored into a voice search appearance.

Finally, as much as 75 percent of voice results already ranked high in the usual organic search, despite lacking any sort of optimisation for voice search.

Focus on Standard SEO First

Based on these results, you can continue to improve your current SEO strategy, without paying attention to voice search for now. Voice search will bring change in the future, but that future may still be a long way off. Instead, you can focus on preparations for Google’s mobile-first indexing, for example.

Prep for Mobile-First Google

With the help of an SEO company in Melbourne, Australia, you can make your website more visible to mobile-first Google in one of two ways. First, you can create a separate website geared towards mobiles. Your original and your mobile websites must have the same number of pages, though.

Second, you can make your only website as responsive as possible. You will do less work and use fewer resources this way. This change may also be more feasible for you.

In any case, voice search still has a long way to change the current SEO game. For now, you can focus on the SEO strategies you already have and improve them.