Integrate Videos to Take Your Marketing to a Higher Level

Video editorYou do search engine optimization (SEO) to attract more website traffic. You create content to supplement your SEO. You engage on social media to widen your reach. You may be doing all these strategies and achieving success so far, but you may be missing a great opportunity in an element that has the potential to boost your SEO — content marketing and social media marketing altogether.

Video Power

Many marketing experts and industry watchdogs predicted the rise of video. Now, video reigns supreme. Daily, countless people watch branded videos on social media alone. According to industry expert Concept Marketing, even during the first ten seconds of video, brand awareness can increase by as much as 32 to 65 percent, purchase intent by 44 to 72 percent, and video recall by 47 to 74 percent.

Easy Integration

You can easily integrate videos into your existing marketing strategy. You can use the same messages that you already use in your website and content. You can even use video to tease content you already have in place simply. You may then see increases in consumer engagement, sales, and social media shares soon.

High Shareability

Video also has unlimited shareability. You can attach it to emails, post it on your website, share on social media, or play on trade shows or shop displays. You can create one video with the help of a Utah marketing agency and use it for multiple platforms, making it a cost-effective tool.

Animation Boost

You can even take your videos further by utilizing animation design in Utah. You can talk about your offerings in animated explainer videos or animated infographics. Animation particularly holds sway over consumers online. It allows you to reach younger audiences as well.

With all that you have learned, you may be ready to take your marketing efforts to a higher level. You can integrate video into your marketing, boosting your SEO, engaging more on social media, and creating more content all at the same time.