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How to Succeed in Paid Search Advertising and Email Marketing

Online marketing conceptMany small businesses online are now realizing the advantages that paid search, or pay-per-click advertising (PPC), can bring. Combined with email marketing, PPC has become a powerful tool to promote business and bring in new customers.

By partnering up with an agency specializing in PPC in Denver, you can advertise online and attract potential customers to your website even with a limited marketing budget. The next challenge for companies, especially those whose sites have just recently launched, is to convert online visitors into paying customers.

This can be hard to achieve on the first visit—unless you are able to get their contact information and follow up right away. Here is where email marketing becomes important.

Through email, you can turn visitors into prospects, and prospects into customers, and new customers into repeat—and hopefully, loyal—customers. Email marketing enables you to communicate with your audience and build relationships over time, plus it supports your PPC efforts. Here’s how you can combine paid search advertising with email marketing to succeed in doing business online.

Ask your visitors for their email address

You need to make new visitors to your website engaged enough to share their email address and join your mailing list. It’s a must to have a direct call to action that informs visitors of what they would be getting if they sign up. These rewards need to be valuable and useful, such as a free sample product or service, or your newsletter.

When it comes to crafting your newsletter, remember to do the following:

  • Write on topics that interest your customers;
  • The tone should be conversational and the copy easy to digest; and
  • Be creative when presenting information.

Send PPC visitors to a dedicated landing page

It would be a good idea to send those who clicked on your paid search ads to a particular landing page that has content tailored for the specific search term they clicked on. This would make it easier for visitors to access the information they want, and it also lets you communicate with them more directly since you already know they’re interested in what you’re offering.

Follow through using a multi-step email marketing approach

Once your visitors have signed up, you need to come up with ways to keep them engaged. You can do this through an email marketing campaign that combines both informational and promotional content. First, thank them for signing up to your mailing list, and then invite them to do a newsletter sign-up.

Combining paid search advertising and email marketing is a great opportunity for businesses to attract potential customers and build a relationship with them. Get to know your customers and cater to their needs, and you’ll soon be on your way to business success.