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How to Properly Pack Automotive Parts for Shipping

Car parts storageAutomotive parts do not come cheap, and they are often fragile and sensitive. These are some of the reasons you should always pack your auto parts properly when shipping, as doing so will save you time and money.

Here are some tips to pack your automotive parts before handing it out to the automatic container loading system. Automatic loading and unloading systems are usually safe and can handle fragile products, but it won’t hurt to follow these procedures for packing:

Clean it

Check each and every part to make sure that they’re free from any form of grease or residue. If they seem dirty, clean them out with a dusting cloth or a damp cloth. Get rid of fluids inside the parts and dry them well before packing, as leaving them with dirt and fluids on can cause damage during shipping.

Dissasemble and Seal

Make sure to disassemble any delicate component from the auto parts before putting them in their respective packaging. Pack each and every piece of bubble wrap to avoid breakage. Lastly, make sure that the plastic pouches are sealed tightly and properly before putting them in their boxes.

Custom Pack

For irregularly shaped automotive parts, fill in empty spaces by putting crumpled packing paper and then wrap everything in duct tape. This will ensure that nothing else will come loose and that everything will be intact during the shipping process. After doing this, make sure to get cardboard boxes and put your wrapped packages there. Make sure to get ones that are durable and can withstand being flipped over during shipping.

Make sure to use extra cushioning, such as styrofoam and packing peanuts, when packing auto parts. This will ensure the safety of your parts, as they would have something soft to bump on to in case the shipping gets a little rough. Enjoy packing!