How Much Should You Spend on Assisted Living Services in Utah?

senior citizens smilingThose who need assisted living in Ogden or Salt Lake City may expect to pay between $3,000 and $3,500 per month, which as Cozy Retire and industry experts noted, is the average cost in Utah for 2018.

The actual price depends on three factors such as your chosen location, the size of the accommodation and the level of care for each resident. The price could be higher or lower than the average based on these factors.

Actual Expenses

The cost of assisted living for those may cost as high as $6,500 if the patient requires help for daily activities, lives in a place where prices are high and chooses to stay in a two-bedroom suite. Residents who only need companionship and minimal assistance may spend at least $2,000, which covers a studio unit and a facility in an affordable location.

When choosing an assisted living community, take note that most facilities require new residents to pay move-in fees. In case you’re more interested in choosing a cheap location, you should look in other areas aside from Salt Lake City where average prices cost $3,720 per month. In case you need memory care for Alzheimer’s or dementia in an assisted living, the cost may increase by around $870 per month.

Insurance Coverage

Medicaid insurance can cover some of the expenses for assisted living in Utah through the state government’s New Choices Waiver (NCW). This is part of the Home and Community Based Services Waivers, which help seniors and disabled patients.

Take note that you may not use Medicare to pay for expenses in an assisted living facility, but it could cover the cost of living in a nursing home or in-home care services.

It’s important to read the fine print of any contract before signing up for assisted living services. Families of patients with critical illnesses should consult with their doctor if assisted living is the right choice for their loved one.