How Do You Encourage Your Older Relatives to Be Physically Active?

an old couple exercising with the guidance of a physical therapistRegular physical activity is important regardless of a person’s age. Of course, people who are in their 70s or 80s might not be able to handle strenuous exercises. Nevertheless, even light exercise does wonders for their health so encourage your elderly loved ones to insert light physical activity into their daily routine.

Here are four ways you can ensure that they maintain a good level of physical activity.

Coordinate with a Senior Home Care Provider

Your trusted senior home health care service provider in Dover does more than just take care of elderly loved one. Depending on your arrangement or the program you choose, they make sure your relative maintains a healthy level of physical activity. They can think of light exercises that encourage better blood circulation and cardiovascular health. They can also serve as your loved one’s companion while exercising.

Go on Walks in the Morning

Do not underestimate the value of walking in a person’s overall physical activity. This exercise is especially useful for elderly people because it is not too strenuous. It is a light cardio workout that improves their balance and keeps their legs strong.

Encourage Them to Do Gardening

Gardening is a therapeutic activity that helps older adults unwind. But did you know that it also counts as a moderate cardiovascular exercise? It includes activities, such as weeding, digging, raking, and planting — activities that enable your elderly loved one to burn some calories.

Provide Light Exercise Tools

Your elderly loved one’s physical activity is not entirely about strength, balance, and flexibility exercises. Sometimes, your relative might prefer light exercise tools, such as dumbbells that improve hand and arm strength.

Your enthusiasm and support play a role in your older relative’s physical health. So, encourage them to take part in regular physical exercises to help them live a healthier life.