Hashimoto’s Disease: The Most Googled Health Problem in Utah for 2018

Figure of thyroid gland, result of laboratory blood analysisHashimoto’s disease ranked as the most Googled health condition in Utah for 2018, according to an analysis. Most people likely searched for thyroid management clinics in Provo or the cost of treatment in Salt Lake City.

Aside from the state, those in Arizona and Hawaii are also interested in the disease more than any other medical condition.

Cost of Treatment

If you have been searching for the price of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis treatment in Utah, your health insurance would likely cover the expenses. Otherwise, you may need to spend less than $500 to treat mild problems.

Those who require prescription drugs such as synthetic thyroid hormone medication may have to pay up to $540 per year. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is the most common type of thyroid inflammation. A doctor would normally advise the patient to monitor their condition and take oral medicine.

Sub-acute thyroiditis usually disappears within weeks or a few months, while silent thyroiditis is the least common that normally happens after pregnancy among women.

Other Searches

Hashimoto’s may be the most Googled health problem in Arizona, Hawaii and Utah, but information about attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder ranked as top search among nine states. The analysis also showed that syphilis ranked next with people from six states researching about the condition.

Some other most-Googled problems were closely associated to a state’s medical statistics. For instance, the obesity rate in Oklahoma ranked as the ninth highest in the U.S., so it’s not surprising that people searched for information about diabetes more than any other disease.

However, it’s interesting that Connecticut’s top search term was about the quarter-life crisis, despite having one of the oldest median ages nationwide at 40.9 years.


While Google has some answers about many health problems, it’s difficult to determine if you have an autoimmune condition on your own. For this reason, consulting a doctor who specializes in thyroid health should be your first option.