Get Workspace Design Right, Hire the Right People

Office SpaceMentioning ‘refurbishing’ at the workplace may be a taboo topic. You might hear your colleagues whisper, “Don’t let the boss hear you saying that,” or “Management will redesign this place only if they take it out of your paycheck.”

Redesigning the office space is not an easy prospect for any employer. Apart from the cost issues, some employees may not respond well to overhauls in their environment. The key consideration, especially for HR, is how a refresh in the office layout may attract applicants (or retain employees) in a talent-driven market.

Here are a few things to discuss with your boss when proposing an office redesign.

Designing Office Space for Outsiders

“Outsiders” does not mean complete strangers here, but rather non-employees who frequent the office (business contacts, partners) or people who wish to be part of the workforce. Just like an applicant who extensively groomed his/her appearance to make an impact, your office space needs to do the same to visitors.

Whether it’s a customer or a job seeker, the first thing they’ll naturally lay eyes on is the physical environment. The office space reflects the nature of your company, so if it appears dilapidated and neglected, consider a serious refurbishing – or watch the talent shuffle towards the competitor.

The Health Factor of Furniture

Ergonomics is a word you’ll regularly hear when discussing office furniture, and it’s for a reason. Promoting proper posture is immensely valuable, as back-friendly chairs and workstations contribute to employees’ well-being. Productivity suffers, among other things, when an employee has to deal with the constant discomfort and pain of a strained back.

As furniture manufacturers in Christchurch will attest, ergonomic office chairs go a long way towards maintaining employee health and productivity.

Innovations in Workstations

Cubicles and segregated employees are long past outdated. Open plan offices are now the norm, allowing employees to adopt different working styles. Consider an office layout that allows people to stand or sit as they please, quiet areas where they can focus on more challenging tasks, and even lounge spaces to foster socialization among co-workers. Modern office spaces are incredibly attractive for job seekers, to boot.

Redesigning office spaces are more than just ‘shaking things up’. Weighing the costs of getting a new and better office layout versus letting employees suffer from decrepit and outdated furniture should be a non-issue.

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