Person holding game console controller

Game Creation: More Than Mere Child’s Play

Person holding game console controllerMaking video games is a lucrative career in countries like Singapore and the U.K. This is not surprising since people all over the world today play video games on different platforms. This includes PC, game consoles, and mobile devices. If you want to join the increasing ranks of game creators, here are some things you need to consider.

Game Design

Game design is a basic course in many art institutes today. There are gaming and design courses in Singapore that are open to all students. Many designers learn the basics of game theory and then continue with a step-by-step approach to designing. Many of these schools use the latest game programs to reproduce realistic renditions of game characters and scenes.

Game Programming

Programmers are the people responsible for bringing the game to life. You can also spend a lot of hours finding ways on how to make a game work. If coding is your interest, this course is for you.

Game Marketing

Creating games is not enough. The gaming market is very competitive, and those in the industry know how important it is to promote a game. As creating and designing one may take years, the approach to its promotion and marketing can be slightly different. You need to pique the interest of gamers for a longer period and maintain their excitement.

Specialised Courses

You can create games for PC, gaming consoles, or mobile devices. Games have different categories depending on interests or platform, but all designers should learn the basics in 3D rendering, character conceptualisation, background art, computer animation, and even motion capturing. All of these are essential in digital game creation.


Certification is essential in the gaming industry. Though talent could take you far, you need the right documentation to prove that you have improved your skills. A certification from an institute that specialises in game design and development would make you one of the eligible candidates for a job in the industry.

The world of gaming is a vast market. To succeed as a game creator, and designer, you need to turn your talent into a skill that could create whole new virtual worlds.