Dentist explaining dental implants procedure

Dental Implants for Multiple Missing Teeth

Dentist explaining dental implants procedure

For anyone missing multiple teeth, it is worth considering investing in dental implants in Melbourne. Dental implants are a good way to replace multiple teeth in a row, as up to 4 teeth can be supported on just one implant.

Many dental practices can fit dental implants, but a practice with a focus on dental implants in Melbourne has the advantage of more experience. High Dental Implants Melbourne are a practice of implant dentists, with a wealth of experience in various types of implants.

Dental implants can replace a few teeth or a full arch

Anyone who has missing or failing teeth, and is likely to need dentures soon, might want to look at the option of having dental implants in Melbourne instead. There are many advantages to dental implants, one of the main ones being that they are very sturdy and wellsupported, meaning there is no longer a reason to avoid certain foods.

Enjoy favourite foods with dental implants in Melbourne

Many people find that the main disadvantage to dentures is the restriction of what they can eat. Crusty bread, whole fruits, sticky sweets, tough red meat, nuts and seeds are all foods that can cause problems with dentures.

Dental implants are designed so that the titanium screw actually encourages bone growth, meaning the implant integrates with the jawbone so the implant is very strong. The bridge is then fixed securely to the implant, meaning that diet is not an issue.

Same-day dental implants in Melbourne

Woman at a dental clinic

It is now possible to have failing teeth removed, dental implants inserted and a temporary bridge fitted all on the same day with same-day teeth. Once the implants have settled and meshed with the jawbone, a final visit will be required to fit the permanent bridge. With All-on-4, a full arch of teeth can be supported on just 4 implants.

Talk to an implant dentist for more information

Investing in dental implants in Melbourne is a big decision to make – there is no going back from it. It is therefore a good idea to have a full consultation and talk with a dentist about the options available.