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An Education to Invest In: Choosing The Right School For Your Children

Teenage students bonding at schoolEvery young American deserves a complete high school education, which would inspire and prepare them for life. This is what Forbes guest writer Stacey Childress mentions in her article tackling the three biggest innovations in education this year. Parents with school-age children would agree with this statement.

If you’re currently looking for a learning institution to enroll your kids in, the school should have the following features:

Diversity and Inclusion

A global education academy in Raleigh, NC explains that being in a diverse and inclusive community is important because it makes people feel embraced or valued. American children would need exposure to different cultures so that they would grow up and learn how to work alongside people while respecting their backgrounds and beliefs.

Clubs and Groups

Not every school pays attention to having clubs and groups for children. This results in the students missing out on activities outside the classroom that would otherwise have been learning experiences. Parents must ensure that the school they’re eyeing has clubs and groups for arts, sciences, sports, and the like.

College Counseling

While most schools have guidance counseling, not everyone has college counselors who can give advice to students about their tertiary education. College counselors have the resources and insight necessary to help parents and teens alike in assessing which college they should go to.

Strategic Partnerships

Another hallmark of an ideal school would be the partnerships it has with other educational entities. These should be strategic in the sense that it should ultimately help the students. For example, pre-K to 12 school Ravenscroft has a partnership with The Social Institute. The latter, which specializes in social media education, allows the school to educate its students on challenges faced with social media.

In summary, parents and experts would both agree that today’s American children deserve an education that would prepare them for the life ahead. For families to choose the ideal school for their kids, they can check if the school has college counseling, clubs and groups, or strategic partnerships. Once you do this, you should be able to find the right school to invest in.

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The Right Preschool: How Do You Find It?

Music class at preschoolPreschool is one of the most exciting chapters in your child’s life. They get to learn new things, meet new friends, and enjoy another milestone. For this reason, choosing the right institution is definitely something worth putting your time and effort into. After all, only the best will do for your child.

With the numerous preschools available in Phoenix, there are also numerous things you have to consider before finally enrolling your child to one. Every parent might have different sets of preferences to consider when choosing a preschool. For Sunrise Preschools, a local school in Phoenix, having a quick and general guide of your to-do list and selection makes the job easier.

Things to consider when choosing a preschool for your child

1. Your priorities

Do you want a preschool that is near your home or your workplace? Does the school’s schedule match that with yours? What is the school’s teaching method? Do you prefer that method? These are just some of the personal preferences and priorities that you have to consider as a parent. The school you choose should meet these priorities.

2. Referrals and references

Asking friends and family about the schools their children attend and the unique quality of each is one shortens the list immediately. There is no better way to know more about an institution than by directly talking with people you trust.

Pay your shortlisted school a visit. Feel the vibe. Get to know the people. Imagine your kid in the hallways of the school. This is one of the most effective ways to evaluate which one is the right one for your child.

3. Security and policies

Be aware of the school’s safety and security policies. Are they flexible when it comes to picking your child up after school? How do they handle sick children? Will your child be safe for the duration of their stay? Ask questions to understand how the management addresses such concerns.

Lastly, consider your child’s comfort and preference. After all, they are the ones attending the school. Involving them in your search for a school can help you find their dream school quickly.

Life Hacks to Help You Get Through College

an Asian college student holding a notebook and a pencilCollege may be a few years from now. However, time goes by real quick and the next thing you know, you have to send your application to colleges and universities, and have to prepare for the SAT. Procrastination is a bad trait that many students have, thinking that they have more than enough time, but more often, that’s not the case.

Preparing for the next stage of your life starts now. Instructors from a college preparatory high school in Salt Lake City cite the following hacks that may get you ready.

Set Good Habits

The choices you make in middle and high school will affect your college life, especially if you fail to establish the right habits. The latter consists of regular reading and studying days or even weeks before exams, getting enough sleep before class, and finding out which program you want to take once you start applying.

Apply for Possible Scholarships

College or university can be very expensive and may keep you in debt years after you get your diploma. If you think you have the athletic and/or academic skills, apply for a scholarship. This will save you a lot of money.

Save Money

You’ll need every cent to reduce the debt you take when you get into college or university. Save some of the money you made during summer or part-time jobs throughout the year.

Read Materials Outside of the Syllabus

Reading shouldn’t just revolve around your classes; make it a habit to read books outside the syllabus. This allows you to establish a habit and maintain a sense of curiosity and a thirst for learning that will help you find a program you like and pursue it with a passion.

These are some of the ways that allow you to prepare for college. These aren’t full-proof and it will be up to your day-to-day decisions that will either positively or negatively affect the next phase of your life.

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Why Choosing a to Finish High School Online Can Be Beneficial

girl homeschoolingHomeschool options for high school under an online program, according to The American Academy, are now very popular because of its many unique benefits. From customized learning plans, appealing course options and specialty courses to lessons aided with pacing and note-taking techniques, any student will enjoy the program.

Homeschooling can also be through an online setup. Online classes can be taken via a virtual school, an umbrella school or through independent web-based homeschool programs. This type of online learning has a number of advantages.

Advantages of a Virtual or Umbrella School

Sending a child to a virtual or umbrella school is like sending them to a local school. The school manages all the important non-teaching work. In this setup:

1. A team of teachers, advisors, and counselors — all accredited — guide the parent or student in the planning process.

2. Assistance during regular school hours is accessible through instant messaging, email and phone.

3. All documentation such as attendance, testing and grading as well as the process of registering for courses, are done by the school.

Advantages of Independent Web-Based Homeschool Programs

Using software that does the grading of work, tracking attendance, and creating transcripts and report cards, a web-based homeschool program leaves most of the work to the parent. Here, you have the following:

1. More freedom and flexibility in students’ study calendar, selecting courses and registering courses

2. Automatic grading for every coursework completed as well as automatic report generators

3. An opportunity to save since there is almost no need for outside assistance

Homeschooling through an online high school is now easier with communication and internet technologies. If a parent opts for assistance from the school, they can opt for a virtual or umbrella school. For cost considerations, an independent web-based program is recommendable.

Your Ultimate Guide to Being a Working Mom

Kid being taught by a tutorThere’s never a right or wrong way of raising children. However, it cannot be denied that one of the ways to do so is by spending more time with them. Yet, this doesn’t mean that moms should quit working altogether — unless you want to. If you prefer or need to keep a job, it’s totally fine. You’re capable of still being a great mom. How?

1. Outsource the chores

Delegate whatever you can to other people. This includes the house chores and other errands. Keeping a full-time job and housekeeping at the same time is hard work. If you want to spend more time with your kids, you need help.

2. Surround your kids with people you trust

It’s hard to focus on your work when you have kids to think about, but knowing that they’re in good hands help with your peace of mind. Leave your children with a nanny that you trust to make sure that their needs are well attended to. When choosing schools, especially for your younger kids, do your research. For instance, choose preschool programs in Phoenix that are suitable to your children’s needs.

3. Join a support group

It doesn’t have to be a formal group that meets regularly. Perhaps you have other friends who are working moms, so take time to have coffee with them and share notes. It always feels nice to be with people who know what you’re going through.

4. Set boundaries

It’s hard, but you need to draw the line between work and home. While at work, be professional and put on your executive hat. At home, learn to dismiss work e-mails. Be fully present wherever you are.

5. Stop feeling guilty

Last but not the least, don’t beat yourself up. You know that you’re doing this for your family and for your own sanity.

As Margie Warrell says on Forbes, working moms should realize that there really are going to be trade-offs. Being a working mom means you are spending less time with your children, but you also know why you chose this course. In the end, it is still going to be quality over quantity.


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Start Them Young: Teaching Kids the Heimlich Maneuver is Necessary

Smiling group of kidsChoking remains the fifth among the leading causes of accidental death in America. Choking cuts off oxygen to the brain, making the Heimlich maneuver imperative. The emergency-response technique has saved 100,000 lives since its creation in 1974.

The Heimlich Maneuver Explained

Dr. Henry Heimlich, who developed the life-saving procedure, works by clearing the airway of a choking victim through abdominal thrusts that lift the diaphragm and dislodge air from the lungs.

The application of quick thrusts to the upper abdomen, above the belly button, emits the force of air capable of dislodging and expelling an obstruction of a piece of food stuck in the airway.

Its advantage over the “slap on the back” method is how the air pressure pushes the lodged material up and out of the mouth, and not down into the airway., a company offering first-aid training courses, says that basic rescue skills can assist in saving someone’s life. Everyone needs to learn about the maneuver, even kids.

Knowing the Heimlich Maneuver Empowers Your Kid

It may be scary to imagine your kids facing a life-and-death situation and having them perform the maneuver. But knowledge exudes confidence. Passing on this knowledge to your kids also says, “You’re grown up enough to take some grown-up responsibility.” And when you trust your kids enough to give them such a responsibility, you’re also telling them that you believe in their abilities.

Knowing about the life-saving skill also encourages resolve and grit for a kid. When you teach your children about the maneuver, it’s similar to you entrusting them with a big responsibility. Learning about the Heimlich maneuver makes a leader out of any child.

In an emergency, instead of panicking, your kid will focus on the problem and apply what he learned. Letting kids learn about the procedure gives them the power to save a life. Seeing someone choking might make them feel powerless, but knowing the Heimlich maneuver can help your child make a difference.

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Game Creation: More Than Mere Child’s Play

Person holding game console controllerMaking video games is a lucrative career in countries like Singapore and the U.K. This is not surprising since people all over the world today play video games on different platforms. This includes PC, game consoles, and mobile devices. If you want to join the increasing ranks of game creators, here are some things you need to consider.

Game Design

Game design is a basic course in many art institutes today. There are gaming and design courses in Singapore that are open to all students. Many designers learn the basics of game theory and then continue with a step-by-step approach to designing. Many of these schools use the latest game programs to reproduce realistic renditions of game characters and scenes.

Game Programming

Programmers are the people responsible for bringing the game to life. You can also spend a lot of hours finding ways on how to make a game work. If coding is your interest, this course is for you.

Game Marketing

Creating games is not enough. The gaming market is very competitive, and those in the industry know how important it is to promote a game. As creating and designing one may take years, the approach to its promotion and marketing can be slightly different. You need to pique the interest of gamers for a longer period and maintain their excitement.

Specialised Courses

You can create games for PC, gaming consoles, or mobile devices. Games have different categories depending on interests or platform, but all designers should learn the basics in 3D rendering, character conceptualisation, background art, computer animation, and even motion capturing. All of these are essential in digital game creation.


Certification is essential in the gaming industry. Though talent could take you far, you need the right documentation to prove that you have improved your skills. A certification from an institute that specialises in game design and development would make you one of the eligible candidates for a job in the industry.

The world of gaming is a vast market. To succeed as a game creator, and designer, you need to turn your talent into a skill that could create whole new virtual worlds.

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Important Considerations When Choosing a Charter School

Image of a classroomWith the many charter schools that are coming up every year in Salt Lake City, you may find it difficult to choose the right institution for your child. But it doesn’t have to be the case. Remember that you have the power to decide which school will best fit your child’s needs.

Your Child Has a Role Here, Too

When choosing among different charter schools in Salt Lake City, it is important to engage your child in the decision-making process. This will make them feel that you are not dictating choices on them. You can show them your viewpoint or the reasons you prefer one charter school over another.

But always remember that it is them who will be staying and studying in these institutions. It will ruin their performance if it seems like you are forcing them to join a particular learning institution. Their input in this stage is very critical.

How Much Will It Cost?

Some charter schools offer free tuition to all their students, while others have fees that you will need to clear first when enrolling your child. That does not, in any way, imply that the former offer low-quality education. Most of the schools that offer free tuition are the best performing ones. Get as much information about the schools as possible, so you can make an informed decision.

When choosing from the many charter schools, it is advisable that you highly consider the above two factors. Never force your children to join a school that they do not like. Get to know their take on the various learning institutions that you have shortlisted. Find out which one meets your criteria and decide together, If you still find it challenging to conclude, you can seek further advice from an educator.

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Online Summer School To-Dos: Choosing the Right Classes

Teacher teaching students on the computerSummer classes mean different things for a variety of students.

For students who need to improve their grades, summer classes offered by online schools like The American Academy provide them with an easier way to earn better grades in an interactive environment. Others, meanwhile, use summer school to get ahead, take specialized classes, or prepare for university. If you are one of any of these students, chances are you need some tips on how to choose the right classes.

Sign up for classes that you need

This advice may sound obvious, but it goes deeper than that. If you’re still in high school, online summer classes give you a chance to take credited subjects and allow you to focus on an internship or more advanced classes when the next school year comes.

If you’re in your last year of high school, this is an opportunity for you to choose classes that will get you ahead in college. This is also the perfect time to get prerequisite courses so that you can sign up for the course when the school year arrives.

Don’t sign up for courses that you will take for AP credit

This one needs a bit more research. When you have AP classes lined up for the next school year, make sure you don’t take those same classes during summer. Doing so will only negate your summer class once the school year starts. Just imagine: all that summer hard work down the drain.

Plan an even course load

Remember that summer classes can be quite intensive, as you need to cover a lot of ground in a shorter period. Choose classes that will straddle the line between light and heavy. For example, partner a science course with a lighter subject. Avoid taking on too many courses, as you may not enjoy it as much.

Most importantly, research thoroughly and plan the pros and cons of each class before signing up. You can sign up for online summer school classes and still enjoy your vacation. For more information, you can also ask your teacher or guidance councilor for advice.

The Only Skill a Database Administrator Needs

a Database Administrator typing on a laptopYou know how to create and optimize databases. You know how to back up data and secure the information you store on the server. You learn these things from the course you took, along with a few other handy skills that will prepare you for a job in Utah. But all these will be useless if you don’t know how to adapt.

Adaptability Is Key

CertBlaster‘s CompTIA Network+ practice test and certification aim to test your vendor-neutral skills. They will not test how well you can manage a specific vendor’s database; they will not make you recite commands that work for one database only. What they will test, however, is that you know the basics of databases–their functionalities, important commands that can compromise their safety, and what you can do as the database administrator to keep that from happening.

Versatility Pays Well

Non-profits like CompTIA encourage programmers and IT professionals to do better in their field, which is why they offer certifications in the first place.

They also partner with colleges, offering them discounted voucher pricing, to produce more dedicated and well-rounded graduates. These graduates can then improve cybersecurity and know how to adapt to the threats in the cyber world–whatever form they may come in.

Threats Are Always Out There

Adaptability is more important than mastering one skill because you are facing threats of all shapes and sizes. You may be a skilled developer, but a hacker might be just as skilled, if not more innovative. They know how programmers think, which makes them harder to beat. Your job is to think smarter than someone who thinks like you. If you’re only going by the books, you will be predictable, and they will know just how to beat you.

Database administrators have an important task: outsmarting those who know how to think like them. Make sure you have the one skill you need the most.