Beyond Brushing: Improve Your Child’s Dental Health

Child having her teeth checked at a dentistWhile baby teeth will eventually fall out, they’re an important part of oral health. They keep the permanent teeth inside the gums until they’re ready to come out at the right age. As parents, it’s your job to provide your kids with the appropriate dental care and help them develop good oral health habits. This is to avoid tooth decay and pain, gum disease, early tooth loss, and other dental problems.

If your little one is already in the habit of brushing their teeth regularly, there are a few other habits they can practice to better improve their oral health. Children’s Crossing Pediatric Dentistry and other kids’ dentists in Utah County share some of them:

Visit the Dentist Early

Your kid’s first dental appointment should occur no later than their first birthday. While they may not have all their teeth at this age, a dental visit can help you learn more about the best practices in caring for your child’s teeth. This will also make the future visit a more positive experience. By starting early and keeping up with regular dental visits, you can also prevent dental problems from getting worse.

Consider Dental Sealants

Sealants like plastic coating applied to your kid’s teeth (especially at the back molars) can prevent decay. They seal the tooth by keeping food particles out the grooves of the teeth, where decay usually happens. Dental sealants can last between five and 10 years and can be replaced or reapplied if they are damaged or have worn away.

Benefit from Fluoride

This mineral helps in healthy tooth development, as well as preventing or reversing early stages of cavities. Fluoride can naturally exist in water, but you may supplement your child’s intake if there’s not enough of this mineral in your area. Be sure to follow the dentist’s advice, though, as ingesting too much can be harmful to children.

Eat a Healthy Diet

You can help your child develop a healthy mouth with nutritious food, such as fruits and vegetables, milk, whole grain, and lean protein sources. Be sure to avoid unhealthy choices, especially those high in sugar. Soda and artificially sweetened beverages should never a part of your child’s daily diet. Water remains the best beverage for teeth and overall health.

Help your kid keep a healthy and a beautiful smile with these tips. Get in touch with a pediatric dentist to learn more about in taking better care of your child’s teeth.