Avoiding Slips, Trips and Falls in Oil and Gas Facilities

Workers are cleaning up an oil spillSlips, trips and falls are common accidents in the workplace; they result in countless injuries such as cuts, bruises and fractures. They are especially harmful to individuals working in oil and gas facilities given the slippery nature of the material they work with.

reliable spill containment bunding product addresses accidental oil spills effectively, reducing the possibility of a related personal injury in the workplace. Nevertheless, oil facility administrators should take note of certain precautionary measures to further minimise the likelihood of such incidents.

Practice Time-Efficient Cleanups

When it comes to accidental oil leakage, time is of the essence. You need to clean it up before it inflicts damage on the property and, worse, the workers. Having said that, train the workers to respond quickly and competently to oil spills and leakage.

You can do this by familiarising them with your facility’s bunding system so that they know how to react immediately after an incident.

Furthermore, modifying the workplace layout by providing reasonable space for oil or gas storage is a good measure. Having ample space for storage as well as for machines that require oil or gas will make cleaning up easier, in the event of a spill or leak.

Promote Proper Footwear

Uniforms are not just a way to determine whether a person works in your facilities. They are also a way to promote safety in the workplace. Footwear and clothing are among the common risk factors of slips, trips and falls so provide appropriate footwear for your staff.

Provide shoes that offer slip resistance and a good tread, for example, so that the workers have a firm footing despite how slippery the flooring may be.

In line with this, take note of the flooring conditions in your oil or gas facilities. Are the floors slip-resistant? Are there tripping hazards on the ground? Are the floor levels stable? Address these things to avoid slips, trips and falls that an oil leakage may prompt.

Workplace injuries are a rather common occurrence. You may reduce incidents in your facilities, however, by enacting time-efficient cleanups, promoting proper footwear and, of course, investing in the proper oil spill cleanup systems.