A Compounding Pharmacy Could Be What You Need

woman in a pharmacyEach person has a particular set of needs when it comes to health. Often, there are commercially available medications, but sometimes these may not work for everyone. There are over-the-counter pharmacies in Texas, and the Boerne Drug Company adds that these pharmacies offer compounding services for their patient’s specialized health needs.

Who needs a compounding pharmacy?

These days most medicines are mass produced by big pharmaceutical companies. But the precise medication that you require may not be commercially available. In this case, a compounding pharmacy could help formulate the medication for you.

For those patients whose medication is suddenly discontinued, compounding pharmacies are the best alternative for their needs. If a patient experiences extreme allergies to certain chemicals or compounds, these pharmacies can make medication safer for their use.

What is compounding?

Compounding is when a pharmacy makes a medication, cream or drug based on a prescription provided by a healthcare provider. These are most often requested when the precise combination of ingredients you need are not readily available. In this instance, you take the prescription to the compounding pharmacy, and they make it for you.

What medication might require compounding?

It is not only doctors who could prescribe medications that need to be prepared. These days, more and more people are turning to herbal medicine, Chinese medicine, naturopathy and homeopathy for their medical care alternatives. These alternative medical professionals will often prescribe items that need to be specially created for patients.

Naturopathy uses natural substances to help people achieve a healthy balance of their body chemistry. These natural substances include Chinese traditional medicine, homeopathic medicine, and other pharmacological substances to help patients achieve their health goals.

There are over-the-counter compounding pharmacies in Texas that can provide these services for those who need their prescription prepared for them. These pharmacies can provide you with your customized medication and ship it out to you.