Woman reading inside hospice care

3 Ways to Show Support to Your Loved One in Hospice Care

Woman reading inside hospice careVisiting a friend or loved one who’s in hospice care here in Indiana can uplift someone’s spirit, especially for people who are ill. However, if you’ve visited a particular person who is terminally ailing and is not responding, you may question whether your presence is making them feel better.

The answer is yes, it does make a difference. Here are a few reminders you may want to consider when visiting someone in hospice care.

Plan your visits

You should call ahead of time and ask the best time to visit your loved one. It’s always best to know if it’s okay to attend to your loved one or not. You may also ask the caregiver if it’s possible to set up a weekly schedule depending on your availability.

Keep your visits short

You may also want to keep your stay at least 20 to 30 minutes long so you won’t tire your loved one. There are times when they don’t feel well and having people around may tire them even more.

Be very understanding

There will be times when the patient may face away from you due to their condition or may appear sleeping or unresponsive. If this happens, don’t talk about them while they seem to be sleeping. They may be tired to respond or open their eyes.

Let your presence known by sharing all the time that you’ve shared with them or even your mutual friends who want to say hello. The sound of your voice or even your touch is more than enough to let your presence felt.

A patient who’s in hospice care is still very much alive and wants treated the same way as you did before. You may ask them something that they used to be passionate about or even ask for advice to make them feel included in everyone’s life.