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Dental Problems That Call for Corrective Jaw Surgery

dentists looking at jaw and teeth x-rayThere’s a wide range of issues that may affect your dental health and facial appearance. Major and minor skeletal deformities and jaw misalignment are among the common ones.

The best way to deal with such issues is to visit an oral surgeon in West Jordan for orthognathic or corrective jaw surgery. Not only will the surgery correct your facial appearance but it will also improve your oral function. Here are some conditions that corrective jaw surgery might adequately resolve.

Open Bites

An open bite results in an inability to close your back and front upper and lower arch teeth. Apart from the aesthetic disadvantage, the condition hinders proper chewing and speech. Underbite ultimately leads to poor digestion and excessive stress on your jaw. Corrective jaw surgery re-positions your maxillary and mandibular arches typically through orbital and rotational movements.


This condition denotes a structural abnormality marked by excessive protrusion of the lower or upper jaw. Maxillary protrusion leads to an overbite while mandibular protrusion causes an under bite. Prognathism is mainly hereditary but can also follow medical conditions including Down and Crouzon syndromes. Corrective jaw surgery is done after the patient turns 18, as the jaw has stopped growing at this age.

Cleft Palate

Corrective jaw surgery is used to correct cleft palates when the child is 7 to 18 months old. The surgery closes the gap found between the nose and roof of the mouth in cleft palate and reconnects the palate muscles. There are various techniques used in corrective surgery for cleft palate depending on its extent.

With the advancements in corrective jaw surgery, there’s no reason to live with the above conditions. Depending on your issue, corrective jaw surgery may be performed in a dental office or theatre. It might also include the use of screws, rubber bands, surgical plates, and wires to hold your jaw in position for some time afterward.

Spinal Surgery Doctor

What You Need to Know After a Spinal Surgery Procedure

Spinal Surgery DoctorThere are certain things that you need to remember after having your spinal surgery procedure done at a cervical spine center in Hurst such as Cervical Spine Institute.

Being able to prepare yourself for all the things listed below may lessen the stress that you’ll experience while you’re going through the post-operative healing process.

Visits after your operation

The general wait time for a person to go back to his work is at least two to three weeks after the operation. It’s always advisable to monitor yourself to check on the progress of your healing.

It’s normal to feel pain

Pain after going through surgery is normal and doesn’t necessarily mean that the medical procedure was unsuccessful. Some of the most common ones are muscle spasms, aches, and pain. You may ask your doctor for any medication to alleviate it.

Refrain from smoking

Nicotine prevents your body to heal correctly. So it’s advisable to avoid using nicotine products while you’re still in the healing process. Exposing yourself to nicotine will only increase your body’s perception of pain and thus interfere with your recovery.

Stay positive

It’s normal for a person to feel depressed after surgery or any anesthetic procedure. However, you may want to speak to your doctor if the same feeling is lingering for more than a few weeks already. Keeping a positive attitude is essential while you’re still in the process of healing.

Do some light exercises

It’s highly recommended to do a bit of daily walking ten times a day as a form of physical therapy. You may try to increase your distance each day but always pace yourself so you won’t get tired easily.

These are just some of the things that you need to consider after your surgery. It’s always important to keep constant communication with your doctor to ensure that your body is healing properly.

Have You Heard of the Nutcracker Syndrome?

doctors performing surgeryThere has been an increase in patients undergoing venous stent placement in the past few years. This procedure has already revolutionized the treatment of chronic venous and arterial conditions.

But did you know that venous stents could also help treat Nutcracker Syndrome?

Renal nutcracker syndrome is a rare vascular condition that occurs when the two main arteries near the kidneys compress the left renal vein between them. Thus, the condition compares with a nutcracker.


The abdominal aorta and the super mesenteric artery compress the left renal vein. This causes blood from the renal vein to flow back into nearby veins. The backflow causes other veins to swell, which results in flank pain and intermittent presence of blood and protein in the urine.

This condition is rare but it can affect adults and children. It is not hereditary, though it multiple pregnancies may trigger it. Specific causes are still unknown.

Signs and symptoms

In a recent study by, 72.7% of patients studied showed abdominal pain, 57.6% showed blood in urine, 39.4% showed protein in the urine, and 30.3% showed left flank pain.

Nutcracker syndrome is common among women in their 30s and 40s, and symptoms appear after rapid weight loss. Although most people experience pain, this condition can be present in children without any symptoms.

Other symptoms include:


It is difficult to diagnose Nutcracker Syndrome because its symptoms are like other disorders. To rule out other conditions, your doctor will request for blood tests, urinalysis and culture, cytology, scans, and biopsy. To confirm a diagnosis, your doctor may order tests such as Doppler ultrasound, CT scan, and MRI.


The treatment varies based on age, symptoms, and severity of the condition. For patients 18 and below, no treatment is necessary, as they may be able to resolve the condition as they grow older.

However, for patients with Nutcracker Syndrome, using a venous stent may be recommended. The surgeon will make a small puncture in your leg, inserts a catheter with a guide wire into your renal vein. Once the stent is in the right place, he will expand it to keep your vein open. Recovery time may take two to three months to allow your body to accept the stent and for new tissues to surround it.

Here’s Why You Should Visit Bodmin with Your Friends

Travel Savings in a JarHave you and your friends been wanting to take a trip to a place that you will all fall in love with? A place of a new culture and closeness to nature? Bodmin is the answer. This quaint town is in Cornwall, a Celtic nation that is teeming with cultural heritage.

Surrounded by the sea, its land carries rich and beautiful gardens, and its vast coastlines are a hub for beach lovers, surfers, and fishermen alike.

Besides the natural beauty around it, you’ll also find several restaurants there in Bodmin, Cornwall that offer the freshest seafood and cuisine that’s good for families, kids, couples, and corporate gatherings.

Here is why you and your friends should make Bodmin your next travel destination.

It has a traffic-free trail.

The Camel Trail is a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city life that you have to face every workday. This trail stretches out 11 miles and is surrounded by lush sceneries. It is perfect for walking, biking, and even horseback riding.

It has beautiful waters.

If your group of friends are more water-vacationers, the whole of Cornwall is surrounded by it. You can go surfing, water-skiing, kayaking, or any other water sport you can think of.

It offers thrilling tours of the Bodmin Jail.

This is where public hangings took place. This old jail was built in the 18th century and holds many historical memories to date. Now they offer different kinds of tours of the prison for those who are looking for more thrilling adventures.

It has the Bodmin Moor.

This is the highest point of Bodmin and highlights the stunningly natural beauty of the town. Its peaks are granite-capped, and the rest of its remote surroundings play with colours you would never imagine existed.

So, what are you waiting for? Gather your friends and synchronise your schedules for an exciting time at Bodmin that none of you will ever forget.

Type 2 Diabetes: What Is It And What Can You Do

Diabetes Type 2Diabetes is a long-lasting disease that can affect the body’s capability to control blood sugar levels in the body. The most common type of diabetes is type 2, wherein the cells become insulin resistant.

The number of individuals who have type 2 diabetes has increased dramatically over the past years. Many experts linked this condition to unhealthy food intake, a sedentary lifestyle, and genetic factors.

Type 2 Diabetes By The Numbers

In the United States, diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death. The doctors think that the disease is very hard to treat. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that 30.3 million Americans had diabetes in 2015.

Across the globe, about 422 million people are living with diabetes. The World Health Organization (WHO) further reports that diabetes is the major cause of kidney failure, heart attacks, blindness, stroke, and lower limb amputation worldwide.

What Causes Type 2 Diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes is a chronic disease that affects the ability of the body to use glucose from food. In a healthy individual, the pancreas produces and releases insulin. It’s the hormone that helps glucose enter the cells for energy.

But, in a person with the condition, the cells become resistant to insulin, increasing the blood sugar levels in the blood.

Many factors can contribute to the development of type 2 diabetes. These include obesity, physical inactivity, genetics, unhealthy lifestyle, and insulin resistance.

What Can Be Done?

Type 2 diabetes is treatable. With lifestyle modifications and medications, the cells can become insulin sensitive again.

There are many treatments available such as blood glucose monitoring, diet, exercise, and diabetes medications. One of the most promising drugs today is Trulicity, also known as Dulaglutide. It’s a weekly diabetes medication that works by helping the body release insulin in response to increased blood sugar levels.

The problem is, many patients may find it hard to purchase the medicine to use regularly. Fortunately, you can avail of a Trulicity patient assistance program to help you buy the medication for diabetes control.

Type 2 diabetes can take a toll on your life. The good thing is, it’s treatable and reversible with medicines and lifestyle changes.

Woman reading inside hospice care

3 Ways to Show Support to Your Loved One in Hospice Care

Woman reading inside hospice careVisiting a friend or loved one who’s in hospice care here in Indiana can uplift someone’s spirit, especially for people who are ill. However, if you’ve visited a particular person who is terminally ailing and is not responding, you may question whether your presence is making them feel better.

The answer is yes, it does make a difference. Here are a few reminders you may want to consider when visiting someone in hospice care.

Plan your visits

You should call ahead of time and ask the best time to visit your loved one. It’s always best to know if it’s okay to attend to your loved one or not. You may also ask the caregiver if it’s possible to set up a weekly schedule depending on your availability.

Keep your visits short

You may also want to keep your stay at least 20 to 30 minutes long so you won’t tire your loved one. There are times when they don’t feel well and having people around may tire them even more.

Be very understanding

There will be times when the patient may face away from you due to their condition or may appear sleeping or unresponsive. If this happens, don’t talk about them while they seem to be sleeping. They may be tired to respond or open their eyes.

Let your presence known by sharing all the time that you’ve shared with them or even your mutual friends who want to say hello. The sound of your voice or even your touch is more than enough to let your presence felt.

A patient who’s in hospice care is still very much alive and wants treated the same way as you did before. You may ask them something that they used to be passionate about or even ask for advice to make them feel included in everyone’s life.

man stacking up coins

Ways to Improve Your Clinic’s Revenue

man stacking up coinsDo you have a small medical or dental practice in a city? How would you like to improve your cash flow and generate more income? Here are some ways to help you increase your income without having to invest large sums of money.

Attract younger clients

Millennials are tech-savvy and they’re always online. So if you want your advertisements to reach them, you need a more tech savvy approach to presenting your services and make appointments available online. Several practices invest in mobile apps to improve their appointment system and provide reward schemes for regular customers.

Use social media to generate leads

To improve your revenue, you have to generate more clients. And you can do this by using social media to your advantage. You can create a free Facebook page for your clinic and use it to create a dialogue with existing customers and potential clients who visit your site. Other ways to increase your profile is to encourage online reviews and create YouTube videos. The film clips promote your services and show the procedures you conduct and any information about new projects, programmes, and promotions. Because of the increase of online searches and shopping, if you don’t have a website, it’s time to invest in one.

Seek professional financial advice

Several companies specialize in providing financial advice for dentists and doctors. Financial advice is not only about increasing your income, maximizing your budget, and improving your cash flow. It is also about getting a deeper understanding of financial literacy that can help you put invest your money where it can grow and maximize returns in the long run.

Make the Right Investments

If you want to make more money, you have to invest for the long term. Aim for the young, use modern media and communications and look for financial advice to make the right investments towards bigger financial goals. Good luck with your business goals this year.

house model with keys and ballpen on contract paper

3 Important Things You Should Know About ARMs

house model with keys and ballpen on contract paperThe adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) is one of the core mortgage plans offered by a lender for people who wish to have their own house in Phoenix. VIP Mortgage notes that the first few years of home loan payments would significantly be smaller if compared with a traditional fixed-rate home loan.

However, this will soon be subject to change based on the housing market’s evaluation of its interest rates. An ARM is an excellent choice for home buyers, but how would you know if it’s going to work for you?

If You’re Only Going to Keep the House for a Short Time

If you’re planning to keep the house only for a few years and then get another one, then you’d probably want to consider getting an ARM for your home loan.

Since the initial few years of home loan payments would be smaller, it would save you more money if you choose to have an ARM instead. It is advisable for people who are considering selling the property after a few years.

If You Have Enough Funds to Pay It Off Sooner

If you have sufficient funds to pay off the ARM, better go with it instead of getting a fixed-rate loan. You’ll be able to save a lot of money and allocate it to other essential expenses. To pay it off much sooner than expected, you need to know how to budget your finances.

If You Bought the House As an Investment

A real estate property is a significant investment. So, buying a house and then either selling it or renting it out is an excellent way to keep your finances going.

To ensure you get your money back as fast as you can, you might also want to choose an ARM and then pay it off in less than ten years.

Applying for an ARM is an excellent option for people who want to clear off their mortgage much sooner. Talk to your mortgage lender and see if you’re eligible for it. Looking for several financial options will increase the odds of you owning your own house in the future.

Dental Implant Model

Does it Hurt?

Dental Implant ModelThis is the big question everyone wants to know the answer to before they go for dental implants in Northern Ireland. The answer is, yes, a bit. But the pain is nothing that can’t be handled with some over-the-counter medication. And it’s nothing compared to the benefits of this way of replacing lost teeth, which is why so many people are having dental implants.

Despite the fact that dental implants in Northern Ireland have been available for quite some time, not everyone has heard of them. It’s one of those things that people get to hear about when they find they have lost a tooth. Then, when faced with having to replace those teeth, they want to know all they can about a treatment that offers them back the full functionality of their teeth. Dentists in Northern Ireland with a good track record in fitting dental implants include Blue Sky Dentistry.

Finding the right implant dental practice

It’s worth looking around for the right practice for this because dental implants in Northern Ireland is booming business for dentists and some have more experience than others. Bearing in mind that inserting dental implants requires being able to drill into the jawbone while avoiding blood vessels and nerves, it’s a good idea to find a dentist who has completed at least several hundred, if not thousands, of implant surgeries. There are also dental awards for implantology, so keep an eye out for those too.

Finding the right dental implants

Because this is such a booming business, it’s also important to make sure that the dental implants the surgeon is using are tried, tested and reliable. Two brands that have been around since implants began are Nobel Biocare and Straumann. Cheaper implant surgery could be using cheaper implants, or even copies, so it’s a good idea to ask about this, or check the websites to see what brands are listed. A really good dental implant should last for at least 15 years. It could last for decades, maybe even for the rest of the patient’s life.

The best approach is to shop around and ask lots of questions.