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pediatrician carrying a healthy kid

Advice for Parents: Helping Your Overweight Child

pediatrician carrying a healthy kidWhile more kids are becoming heavier at a younger age, this doesn’t mean that it’s okay for your child to stay overweight. Excess pounds can contribute to a number of health problems, such as asthma, diabetes, and fatty liver. Overweight or obese kids are also likely to be bullied or have low self-confidence, which can negatively affect their quality of life.

Fortunately, there are many things you can do to help your child achieve and maintain a healthier weight. Miami medical clinics and GPs share a few things that can help:

Set an example

Kids learn from adults, so it best to be a good role model. Show them that you care for your health by eating well and exercising most days of the week. Keep in mind that a healthy diet and lifestyle are likely to be accepted if they involve the entire family. The same is also true for exercise; it is more appealing to kids if everyone in the family does it or enjoys working out.

Get moving

Overweight kids don’t need to do overly demanding exercise routines to lose weight. Children between two to five years can benefit from playing actively several times daily. This may involve ball games, tag games, or using playground swings. Older kids and teenagers should get 60 minutes of physical activity, which could include walking, riding a bike, swimming, or dancing.

Get your child to eat healthier

Apart from setting a good example, you can also improve your child’s eating habits by offering them healthy food options more often. You should also avoid serving large options — you can start with smaller amounts of food and let your kids ask more if they are still hungry. Other helpful tips include:

  • Make healthy foods and snacks accessible.
  • Don’t store or buy high-calorie foods.
  • Eat fast food less often.
  • Discourage eating in front of the TV or any other electronic device.
  • Eat together as a family.

Get enough sleep

Some studies suggest that excess weight is associated with less sleep. Kids who don’t get enough slumber are also likely to be irritable or have mood problems. Check this link to know the amount of sleep your child needs. You should also limit screen time or other sedentary pastimes, such as watching TV, surfing the net, or playing video games.

Apart from these tips, you can also partner with a doctor to help your child achieve a healthy weight. This is especially true if your little one has a medical condition.

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What are the Usual Scenarios Covered Under a Basic Car Warranty?

woman calling car assistanceIf you plan to replace the mag wheels of your car, the first thing that would probably cross your mind is to check whether the warranty would cover it. Car owners should be aware that tyres have a separate product or service guarantee that comes from the wheel manufacturer.

Basic Coverage

One of the most important things to remember about basic warranty coverage is the exceptions on car parts and repairs. Basic coverage does not include body panels, drivetrain components, and miscellaneous items, such as brake pads, oil filters, and wiper blades.

For tyres, a limited warranty often covers premature damage or manufacturing defects. Owners of cars with tyre rotations should keep documents such as receipts when filing a claim. This will serve as proof that you have maintained the vehicle properly. If you bought a 2018 model, some car makers like Volkswagen offer six-year warranties. The shortest covered period, which is three years, comes from Mazda, Nissan, and Toyota.

Car Choices

Toyota may only be offering a three-year warranty on your purchase, yet it recently decided to slash prices for different car models. Its Highlander GX now costs almost $55,000 after discounting $9,900 from the recommended retail price.

Other models such as the Hilux 4×4 SR5 cost around $53,550 from nearly $63,000. In case you bought a car from Hyundai, Kia, or Mitsubishi, you get to enjoy a 10-year powertrain warranty. Take note that these are only for brand-new purchases. Warranties for second-hand vehicles only span for five years, although it can be up to seven years or so when you buy from a certified dealer.

It would be better to review the terms of your vehicle warranty from time to time, so you’re aware of which scenario may require you to spend money from out of your pocket. Otherwise, be ready with the necessary paperwork to support your claim.

Harp Home Loan Changes You Need to Know

loan word seen on a laptop screenSince its introduction back in 2009, the government-insured Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) has assisted homeowners by the millions. The HARP home loan has allowed mortgage payers to save hundreds of dollars each month. These savings enabled families to funnel funds into other areas of their financial responsibilities, such as education and recreation.

Now, almost a decade in existence, the HARP loan is seeing noteworthy updates. These updates are designed to make the program more accessible to a broader market and to expand HARP loan beneficiaries.

HARP 2.0

The newest iteration of the HARP loan allows for a more lenient approval of applications. It is made possible through these updates:

  • HARP loans are no longer limited to a loan-to-value ratio of 125%. It means you can now apply for this loan regardless of how far your property has depreciated.
  • HARP loan application no longer requires homeowners to be appraised or for their loan to be underwritten. Essentially, the program has a more streamlined application process.
  • For those who decide to refinance into shorter loan terms, risk-based fees will either be modified or eliminated.
  • Paperwork and other requirements may be waived by lenders such as Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc., especially in instances where applicants hold a minimum of 12 months of reserved mortgage payments.

Refinancing via HARP does not require borrowers to work with the same lender from which they had acquired their original loan. It opens up more options for the borrower.

HARP 2.0 Stats

Since these updates’ first introduction, 400,000 homeowners have decided to refinance their homes via the HARP loan program. It puts the number of HARP beneficiaries to 1.5 million since its inception. These numbers are a testament to the program’s value and credibility.

If you are currently looking for ways to make the most of your property and to adjust your mortgage plan, HARP loan could be worth your while. You may want to consult with an expert to know for sure.

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4 Common Car Hire Pitfalls to Avoid

limo hire serviceNow that you’re considering a limo hire for that stylish travel during your special event, there are some things you need to know. The process of hiring a vehicle has several pitfalls you should watch out for. Here are four of the most common ones:

Booking too late

Waiting until the last minute to book your limo can make you pay a top price for the car, not to mention you risk finding that there are no cars to hire. Therefore, it’s best to hire as early as possible — when you still can make the most of better deals. The earlier you start shopping for a rental, the more time you have to compare prices and go for the best deal.

Not checking for damage

As soon as you hire a car, you’ll most likely be eager to hit the road and start enjoying it. There’s only one problem, though. If the car had scratches and dents that you didn’t notice when picking it up, then you’ll likely be charged for them when you return it. Take a few minutes to check the car thoroughly for any noticeable issue and have them added to your rental agreement.

Paying for extras

A rental can come with extras that you may not need yet are charged for. The car may have child seats, for example, that you shouldn’t pay for if you already have yours. Find out if the car has any extra that you do not plan to pay for, and ask for them to be removed.

Returning the car late

Showing up half an hour late on the day you’re supposed to return the car can result in extra charges. For some companies, you may end up paying a full day’s rates for the car for being late, so avoid that at all costs.

The process of hiring a car is fairly simple, but there are some challenges that you need to be aware of. By steering clear of these challenges, you can spare yourself needless hassle and expenses.

4 Steps to Overcome Burnout at Work

Tired woman from workBecause of all the rapid changes in the world today, jobs seem to demand more and more from employees. Burnout has become almost a common occurrence, but it should never be the new norm. If you experience all the signs of burnout, now is the best time to take a good hard look at your life.

Listen to your body

Sometimes, what you’re feeling could be more than burnout. Long-term stress and anxiety may affect your health. That’s why it’s important that you observe your body’s responses. Don’t ignore any pain and discomfort. Write in your journal any pattern, and don’t wait any longer. Visit a local wellness center, like RedRiver Health and Wellness Center, to ask professional advice.

Take a break

Burnout doesn’t happen overnight, so you can’t expect that it would be gone after a day’s rest. Slow down and take a real break. It’s necessary that you take a vacation or a leave of absence from work occasionally. You need to have a different environment, clear off your head, and reflect whether your goals are still aligned with your current situation.

Consider a support group

Going through an uncertain time of your life is hard, and it would be helpful if you’re surrounded by friends and family that will show their support. As much as possible, stay away from colleagues who will only talk about what’s happening in the workplace. Seek comfort from those who will be able to help you get a headspace instead.

Regain control

Never rush your recovery. Take steps to go back to having a normal routine gradually. However, this doesn’t mean that you go back to your old ways. Now that you’ve had time to reflect, you know whether it would be best for you to quit your job altogether or stay. Either way, you should know your triggers so that it doesn’t have to reach to the point of burnout and you’d be able to manage it better.

No matter what other people say, burnout is a serious issue that shouldn’t be ignored. If you know that you’re suffering from it, be proactive and take the necessary actions to combat it. Don’t compromise your well-being for a job that fails to value you.

Surgeons Performing Surgical Operation in Operating Room

4 Tips to Improve Hospital Operations

Surgeons Performing Surgical Operation in Operating RoomSurgeries and treatments are the bread and butter of hospitals. Without these operations, the hospital will have barely anything to earn, which can lead to it closing down.

If the hospital wants to last long, the administrators and employees must make sure that everything that happens in the operating room is effective and efficient. These are four tips to improve the effectiveness of the treatments and surgeries done in the hospital:

1. Purchase improved surgical tools.

Precision and accuracy are incredibly important in operations. This can only be effective with the right tools and equipment.

For example, bayonet bipolar forceps are helpful in compressing or grasping specific tissues and other sensitive activities during surgical operations. Purchase them and a whole lot of other surgical tools from trusted providers only.

2. Optimise the block schedules.

Sometimes, efficiency is a matter of proper scheduling. It may be best to test out different mixes of staff members so that the administration can see which ones work best together. Other things to watch out for include adding extra hours and tackling backlogs.

3. Standardise operating room layouts.

How the equipment, tools, and furniture are laid out in the operating room affects efficiency too. To make everything more efficient, it would be a good move for the hospital to standardise storage in the operating room.

4. Analyse costs by procedure and by the surgeon.

The tools and supplies must be cost-efficient so that the hospital will get more though spending less. Look at the costs by procedure and by surgeon.

When you are dealing with surgical procedures and treatments, every minute and move counts. It is going to be a matter of life and death, which is why it is in the best interest of hospitals to improve their facilities and performance.

Beyond Brushing: Improve Your Child’s Dental Health

Child having her teeth checked at a dentistWhile baby teeth will eventually fall out, they’re an important part of oral health. They keep the permanent teeth inside the gums until they’re ready to come out at the right age. As parents, it’s your job to provide your kids with the appropriate dental care and help them develop good oral health habits. This is to avoid tooth decay and pain, gum disease, early tooth loss, and other dental problems.

If your little one is already in the habit of brushing their teeth regularly, there are a few other habits they can practice to better improve their oral health. Children’s Crossing Pediatric Dentistry and other kids’ dentists in Utah County share some of them:

Visit the Dentist Early

Your kid’s first dental appointment should occur no later than their first birthday. While they may not have all their teeth at this age, a dental visit can help you learn more about the best practices in caring for your child’s teeth. This will also make the future visit a more positive experience. By starting early and keeping up with regular dental visits, you can also prevent dental problems from getting worse.

Consider Dental Sealants

Sealants like plastic coating applied to your kid’s teeth (especially at the back molars) can prevent decay. They seal the tooth by keeping food particles out the grooves of the teeth, where decay usually happens. Dental sealants can last between five and 10 years and can be replaced or reapplied if they are damaged or have worn away.

Benefit from Fluoride

This mineral helps in healthy tooth development, as well as preventing or reversing early stages of cavities. Fluoride can naturally exist in water, but you may supplement your child’s intake if there’s not enough of this mineral in your area. Be sure to follow the dentist’s advice, though, as ingesting too much can be harmful to children.

Eat a Healthy Diet

You can help your child develop a healthy mouth with nutritious food, such as fruits and vegetables, milk, whole grain, and lean protein sources. Be sure to avoid unhealthy choices, especially those high in sugar. Soda and artificially sweetened beverages should never a part of your child’s daily diet. Water remains the best beverage for teeth and overall health.

Help your kid keep a healthy and a beautiful smile with these tips. Get in touch with a pediatric dentist to learn more about in taking better care of your child’s teeth.

Leave Voice Search for Now and Continue with Regular SEO

a man workingSince last year, marketers have been fiercely promoting voice search. In fact, major online media outlets considered voice search as a top trend for 2018. Data gathered from 10,000 voice results showed, however, that voice search will have little impact at all to current SEO strategies, including yours.

Voice Search Now a Reality

Voice search became popular as Google, Apple, and other technology companies rolled out voice-enabled search assistants. With the onset of this technology, marketers eagerly jumped on the new capability of online voice search. They promoted voice search as the next big thing that will follow the mobile trend.

Effective Voice Search Still Far Off

An SEO thought leadership site analysed 10,000 voice search results and found that voice search may prove to have less impact than expected. than expected. Data showed that only domains with an average of 6,000 backlinks appeared in voice search. Good content also factored into a voice search appearance.

Finally, as much as 75 percent of voice results already ranked high in the usual organic search, despite lacking any sort of optimisation for voice search.

Focus on Standard SEO First

Based on these results, you can continue to improve your current SEO strategy, without paying attention to voice search for now. Voice search will bring change in the future, but that future may still be a long way off. Instead, you can focus on preparations for Google’s mobile-first indexing, for example.

Prep for Mobile-First Google

With the help of an SEO company in Melbourne, Australia, you can make your website more visible to mobile-first Google in one of two ways. First, you can create a separate website geared towards mobiles. Your original and your mobile websites must have the same number of pages, though.

Second, you can make your only website as responsive as possible. You will do less work and use fewer resources this way. This change may also be more feasible for you.

In any case, voice search still has a long way to change the current SEO game. For now, you can focus on the SEO strategies you already have and improve them.