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Salt Lake City Among top 25 Housing Markets for 2017

Lending Institutions in Salt Lake City Salt Lake City helped Utah to be recognized as one of the best real estate markets in the U.S. in 2016, and possibly for 2017, according to a Zillow report.

The report listed the city and Ogden as one of the top 10 best housing markets for 2016. For this year, a national housing forecast named Salt Lake City among the top 25 markets. Different factors, such as low unemployment, stable income, and property appreciation played significant roles in maintaining not only the city’s well-performing real estate sector, but across Utah as well.

A Place to Call Home and other lending institutions say that finding the best mortgage rate in Salt Lake City will be relatively easy because of its strong housing market. While property appreciation is expected to slow down a bit in 2017, the volume of transactions among first-time millennial home buyers will maintain the sector’s robust performance.

This influx of new buyers will help the state in weathering a potential real estate bubble, which is attributed to an increase in home prices nationwide. In 2016, there were around 15,000 people that purportedly relocated to Utah. Combined with the state’s healthy economic growth, the property market is positioned for yet another good year for housing.

Some of the developing trends that will be driving factors for the market include an increased level of mortgage applications among millennial buyers and a limited inventory that will spur tighter competition for properties on the market.

Better Mortgage Practices

Daren Blomquist, ATTOM Data Solutions senior vice president, said that Utah’s foreclosure rate improved in 2016 mainly because of mortgage lenders’ improved practices after the housing market’s financial crisis.

The passage of legislation such as the Dodd-Frank Act also contributed to fewer people losing their houses to foreclosures, according to Blomquist.

Whether or not you’re planning to buy a home for the first time, mortgage planners in Utah can help you select the best loans and make the application process less tedious.

Steel Industry

Four Reasons Steel is a Popular Choice in the Construction Industry

Steel IndustryThe preference for steel by builders worldwide is unrivaled by any other construction material. For almost two decades now, nine out of every ten single-storey industrial buildings are made of steel, while seven out of ten multi-storey buildings use steel.

The massive popularity of steel is due to various factors, including:

High quality

Steel offers guaranteed quality regardless of the environment in which it is used. Steel products are made to the most precise specifications so that the risk of variability in different sites is eliminated. The production of steel itself occurs under highly controlled conditions to ensure users have the highest possible confidence in the product’s quality.


All structures made of steel are high durable as compared to those made of other construction materials. Steel is extremely resistant to environmental degradation. It is completely mold resistant and does not allow any form of decay. It is also resistant to insect infestation. Unlike some other building materials, steel is extremely resistant to floods and snowstorms. If you wish to go for online steel sales, always buy only from a trustworthy company providing high-quality products and comprehensive services.

It is eco-friendly

It is interesting to note that over 98 percent of steel can be recycled without the material losing its properties. More than half of all new steel production is recycled steel. Moreover, steel buildings are considerably lighter than those made of other structures; hence, they need relatively smaller foundations. As a result, steel file foundations have less environmental impacts.

Economic advantages

The process of steel production leaves little waste, which minimizes financial loss. As steel components are produced under factory controlled conditions, they are of high quality, durable and require minimal maintenance. Steel structures are also highly flexible and can be adapted into a wide array of configurations without requiring major demolition or reconstruction.

The benefits of steel as a construction material have made it the leading choice among builders over time. Its versatility, quality, durability and environment consciousness is unrivaled in the construction industry. Steel is readily available in many outlets around the world, some of which allow online sales.

Spending Time with Friends and Actually Having Fun

Fun Activities Do you think your friends aren’t spending enough time with each other? Do you want to share something truly meaningful with them, instead of just the usual time hanging out? Keep these suggestions in mind when trying to plan a meetup or a vacation with your close friends.

Check Availability

Before you set up big plans, remember that your friends have their own lives. As much as you’d like to think their lives revolve around you, some of them could be employed, full-time parents or still going to school. Schedule weeks or months before the event because spontaneous meetings may not work for your buddies.


Following the tip above, it’s always a good idea to keep your friends updated as the date draws near. Just don’t be the crazy, obsessed scheduler/coordinator that fixates over the details every single opportunity available. That’s enough for some friends to consider never wanting to meet with or see you again.

Do Something New

Sometimes, your friends may not want to go to the typical haunts you frequent. Go and invite them to try something different and exciting, like whale watching in Dunsborough or a theme park holiday. Sometimes, even a new game, film, or restaurant is appealing enough.

Videos and Pictures

Technology is built on society’s opinions of survival and enjoyment. If you have the opportunity to record something good happening in your life, then by all means, do it. You’re not obliged to create award winning social commentary for your videos or a play-by-play storybook on your social media page. Keep enough memorable and unique shots to keep track of your group’s great times.

Whether it’s a big night out or just a few hours together, you have to trust in the long-term friendship you have. So what if you don’t always see them every week? If you all try to make things work through traditional communications and online connections, it’s all good when you finally meet face-to-face and enjoy each other’s company.