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What to Expect as a National Defence Volunteer

National Defence VolunteerHave you been wondering what being a volunteer for Singaporean national defence means? Volunteering is not only a source of resilience and strength but also a way of enhancing patriotism and selfless service. Whatever path you want to carve, you will find volunteering perfect for you. Here is what you can expect once you decide to enrol.


This is perhaps the best thing one gets from a volunteering stint anywhere. Of course, the fun times and experiences matter, but training is indelible. You will get progressive training and awards of recognition. Training is mainly about military values and ethos. The basic training may also encompass individual field craft and handling the Singapore Assault Rifle 21 (SAR21).

Personal Contribution

After proper mental and physical training, the volunteer is expected to offer undivided service to national defence. Depending on the category within the armed forces, you have an opportunity to serve in nursing, naval operations, security and several other areas. Note that there are specialised areas of service including nursing, legal, engineering and psychology. The volunteering opportunities are designed to match as many skills sets as possible.

Free Insurance Coverage

A few months ago, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) and The Ministry of Defense (Mindef) gave a joint press conference in which they reported the introduction of free life and personal accident insurance coverage for national servicemen. What you probably did not note is that volunteers will also benefit from the program. Similar insurance coverage will apply for volunteers in SPF Voluntary Special Constabulary, Civil Defence Auxiliary Unit, SAF Volunteer Corps and NS.

Volunteering means different things depending on the organisation one decides to support. For a Singaporean national defence volunteer, it is more than just personal accomplishment and a better CV. These volunteering opportunities offer individuals the chance to learn from the best in the trade and offer a wide range of services to citizens. That the task comes with insurance coverage makes it even more worth the effort.

Ways to Save More Water at Home

Plumbing ContractorAs Denver’s population increases, water conservation is becoming an important assignment for every household. For those who remember the massive drought 14 years ago, things would be worse if it were to happen today. Even as authorities put measures to avert its return, homeowners can make savings using several approaches shared here.

Seal Leaks Promptly

Did you know that a leak could waste 10 gallons of water daily? The monthly bill is the best indicator whether there is a leak somewhere in the plumbing system. If it appears higher than normal, then you need to take prompt action. Call plumbing contractors in Denver for inspection. If any repairs are needed, hire professionals for the work.

Upgrade your Equipment

Upgrading fixtures and toilets and keeping them in good working condition can reduce wasting water. You need to replace the water-consuming fixtures with modern models. Do not settle for an appliance just because it spends less water than hand washing. Low flow and other water saving features on new equipment can help you save hundreds of dollars annually.

Minimize Shower Time

If your shower time is more than 10 minutes, consider reducing it to save water. While at it, use a low-flow showerhead for even more savings. Eventually, you may find yourself saving as much as 15 gallons!

Hire Right!

If you want to prevent water loss from the start, hire the right plumber for any installations or upgrades. Good contractors have all the necessary licenses. When it comes to discussing your plumbing needs, do they show effort to understand you? Do they alert you of any rebates? Contact their referrals and ask about the quality of the contractor’s work.

You have not sealed all the sources of unnecessary expenses in your home if you are yet to solve plumbing issues. Conserve water and save a lot every year.