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Have Fun: 4 Exciting Activities You Can Do This Summer

Kayaking in AlaskaWhile many think that Alaska is yearlong cold, its summer can be hot as well. Don’t let the hot and humid weather stop you from having fun. Make your summer break memorable and exciting by trying some of these refreshing adventure and activities.

Hit the Park

Summer is definitely the ideal time to have a walk around the nature parks you’ve wanted to visit. Going outside and exploring the real world is a lot more interesting rather than confining yourself in your bedroom.

Get Adventurous with Waters

There is certainly no better way to cool down the blazing summer sun than to try various water games and activities. Start with simple water sports, like renting a kayak in Alaska or even paddle boarding and canoeing. Once you’ve summoned the courage to do adventurous sports, you may proceed with surfing, wakeboarding, and other activities you have in mind.

Go Camping

Test your survival instincts by going on a camping trip with your friends or family. This gives you an opportunity to experience the outdoors first-hand. Along with that, it is a good bonding activity that everyone — from kids to adults — can enjoy. If you’re planning a reunion during this season, this is a good idea.

Catch Up with Friends

Schedule a get-together with your closest friends. You’ve been busy with work and deadlines and rarely see them, so it’s about time you catch up with them. If you want, you may even pull an overnighter for them and plan some games and activities you can enjoy during their stay.

Have a well-spent summer vacation by considering these ideas on your next break. Dare to try more activities and be more creative to make the whole experience fun and unforgettable.

5 Decor Ideas for Your Outdoor Wedding Reception

Wedding ReceptionThe first big step for newly engaged couples in the wedding planning process is to research for potential wedding receptions and sites. This comes almost immediately after determining your wedding budget as it gives you direction on the limits of your expenditure. Once you confirm the availability of an ideal venue, you should start exploring décor ideas that will leave your guests talking for days.

If you're planning to hold the ceremony and reception outdoors, investing in the right clear span rental tent is a step in the right direction. Here are some creative ideas to transform your outdoor wedding:

Drape your venue ceilings

A little fabric can go a long way. White drapes keep your venue formal and elegant. If you are after fun vibes consider adding brightly colored fabrics, such as yellow and orange. This trick is what most organizers use to get a decked-out response while minimizing table decorations. Playing around with drape colors will guarantee a good reception.

Put patterned pillows at the lounge

Go shopping before your wedding day and find a few pillows for the rental furniture you will hire. Check out department stores for patterned pillows that will suit your venue. This low-maintenance technique enhances colors and the festive mood at your event.

Escort card displays

Contrary to the expected escort table card displays, why not have a bulletin panel at the reception’s entrance. This saves you the embarrassment of confused guests squinting over tables trying to locate their table. If you want everything organized, then this is the way to go.

Be different with hanging flowers

The common trend is to have flowers on the table. Look for a fun way of creating intimate spaces by hanging lush flowers a few feet above your guests’ dinner plates. Keep your guests looking up if you are not happy about the venues flooring. Divert their attention.

Remain classic with chalk signage

Apart from the photo booth, decorate your cocktail and bar entrances with chalkboard messages. You can go further by customizing the message using an old frame; spray painted to match the rest of your décor.

An outdoor wedding reception can be the bomb if you think outside the box. The tricks you use do not have to cost you a lot of money. Open-mindedness is the key to success.

Storage Tank Inspection

API 653 Tank Reconstruction: Signs That Your Tanks Need It

Storage Tank InspectionDuring the construction of aboveground storage tanks (ASTs), commonly used in the petroleum, gas, fuel, and water industries, the process should remain in compliance with the correct American Petroleum Institute (API) Standard. This ensures the safety not only of the use of the AST but also the safety of people and the environment.

When to repair or reconstruct ASTs

Before one of your tanks that fall under the API 653 Standard fail, you should already have them undergo reconstruction or repairs as soon as possible. Although the API have recommended times for inspections (monthly, external inspections every five years, and internal inspections every 10 years), once you notice any of the following signs, you should call upon the services of certified API 653 tank reconstruction or repair.

Primary causes of tank failures

Tank failures can happen anytime, especially when its construction did not meet the appropriate API Standard, or when the owner/operator does not abide by these tank maintenance regulations. Fortunately, with preventive measures, combined with monthly inspections, you can quickly determine whether or not a problem with the tanks exist.

Some of the most common causes of failure in ASTs include rusting, corrosion, malfunctioning mechanical equipment, and a weak foundation. Also, natural phenomena such as tornadoes, mudslides, floods, and hurricanes can also contribute to tank failure. Other causes include incorrect vacuum and pressurization.

Reconstruction for retrofitting

Aside from fixing damages, you can also have reconstruction performed for tank liner retrofitting. Again, only certified individuals can carry out any type of modifications required for tanks to abide by the state’s regulations, such as during the installation of internal liners to existing ASTs.

As part of the API 653 standard, anyone with adequate knowledge about ASTs can perform monthly inspections. However, for the rest of the regulations, only certified individuals can carry them out, including the external and internal inspection, repairs, and reconstruction.

Activities in Alaska

When in Alaska: The Must-Try Fun Activities

Activities in AlaskaIf you want to experience nature like never before, Alaska is the place to go to. Its sheer size is humbling and the numerous breathtaking places to visit and things to do can easily overwhelm you. Imagine that even if you covered a million acre per day, it would still take you more than a year to cover the whole of Alaska. That’s how wonderful the place can be.

To get the most out of your vacation, planning ahead is necessary. You will probably have to make compromises on which places to visit and what activities to do. Let this article be your guide.

  1. Kayaking

According to Above & Beyond Alaska, LLC, kayak expeditions through the southeastern area are simply a must. Besides satisfying the natural desire of adventure and exploration, kayaking will make you feel as if you are one with nature. You will get to enjoy the mind-blowing sight of floating glaciers, mountain ranges and bears (from a safe distance).

  1. Whale watching

There are many species of whales to watch off the Alaskan coast. Gray whales, humpbacks, and orcas are some the most common. Spring season is best if you want to spot gray whales while summer is preferable if you want to watch orcas and humpbacks.

  1. Ride a dog sled

During winter, you should try out dog sledding, which is one of the most practical (and fun) ways to move from one point to another. If you are an animal lover, you will totally relish the opportunity to spend time with the cute puppies and dogs.

  1. Experience aurora skies

Auroras are nature’s attempt at producing memorable light shows and there is no better place to capture special aurora moments than in Alaska. Auroras normally occur at night between 10pm and 2am; they are most common between September and April.

Well-organized trips offer the best way to experience Alaska. If you’re going to visit here soon, always remember that there is beauty hidden in tiny details.