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Automatic Car Transmission

Time to Switch Gears: Arguments for Automatic and Manual Transmission

Automatic Car TransmissionThe automotive industry is undergoing multiple transitions, expecting drivers to switch gears as readily as manufacturers are willing to roll out new types of vehicles. It just so happens that switching gears is one of the aspects that currently have motorists torn between the past and the future.

What Is New

One cannot dance around the fact that automatic transmission is the future of vehicles. From minivans to Maseratis, driving stick is slowly, simply losing to a superior alternative. ‘Kids have the advantage of not being burdened with nostalgia … it’s a complication they don’t need’, comments Ken Hill, a professional racer and driving instructor.

Hill says that learning how to drive is easier with automatic vehicles, as they offer better fuel economy and safety, especially when driving in areas with heavy traffic, like in city streets or motorways. ‘Ninety-plus percent are perfectly happy with the automatic they have access to’, he adds.

Is Not Necessarily Better

Putting aside the machismo people (and movies) attribute to driving stick, manual transmission still has a few benefits its automatic counterpart cannot match. For one, a manual box offer far greater control to a driver, assuming they already have the controls pinned down. Those who are ‘stick shift savvy’ also have the most enjoyable driving experience on the road, all while developing the skill and attentiveness new generations of drivers rarely have the option of having.

Manual cars have attracted a following of automotive purists over the decades, a distinction that is showing no signs of wear. A future where a group of people remain loyal to driving stick is not as farfetched, considering such a pursuit may end up as an invaluable contributor to the preservation of automotive history, like people today who keep rare languages from sinking into obscurity.

Every purchase of a new vehicle demands extensive research on the buyer’s part, and a significant factor they have to consider is whether they want a car with automatic or manual transmission. Both the stick shift and automatic variants have their own advantages, making the either option no less viable than the other.

5 Considerations When Setting Up a Diving Center

Diving CenterNo one has ever said, “I love diving, so I will open my own dive center.” Except you, perhaps. You want to dedicate your time to it and meet like-minded people who love to dive or who want to learn. You pooled up all your savings, took second or third jobs, and request for business loans to be able to move to the island to open a diving center. People told you that you were nuts, but now it’s time to prove that your endeavor is sustainable.


Most businesses are all about the location. A diving center is not exempted. If you haven’t yet, it’s about time that you visit a number of diving spots in the world and decide which is “the one.”

Business Plan

What you need to consider next is the ease of setting up a business especially for foreigners. Once you’ve ironed that out, you need to get down to the real work. Consider the competition, market, pricing, among many others. Study the feasibility and profitability.


Like the more common businesses, the people running your center play an important role. In this case, you need to invest in your diving instructors. Train them well and give them a sense of ownership.


When you were merely diving for fun, you would want your secret spots to remain a secret. Now that you are opening a business that will thrive, you can’t be selfish. You don’t have to spend so much if you’re low on funds. Digital marketing, for example, is very cheap.


You will have to spend extravagantly on apparatus, suits, and equipment. However, to earn a good reputation, you should not be scared to spend on maintenance too. Underwater Construction Corporation explains that the best way to do this is to keep in touch with the most reputable commercial diving companies. Make sure that you are always up to date.

People may say that this dream is a long shot, but when you’ve kept it up and running, you can brag and say that you’re now living the dream.

Important Considerations Before Deciding on a Retirement Home

Retirement Home in LoganTaking care of the elderly is a demanding task. They need specialized care regarding nutrition, entertainment needs, health checkups just to name but a few. It is convenient to enroll in a retirement home where they receive utmost care. This will not only keep you at peace with yourself but will also give them the privilege of aging gracefully. 

In Logan or elsewhere, below are some factors to consider before deciding on a retirement home or independent living community, shares Legacy Retirement

Cost of the Care Facility

Different retirement homes charge different prices depending on what they have to offer. You should go for the nursing home which is not only comfortable to live in but also affordable. Choose a retirement home whose prices are reasonable and in line with the services offered.

Guaranteed Care

Most elderly people need care in both day and night. Some need assistance in almost everything they do including going to the toilet, feeding and taking a shower. Depending on the needs of the person you are enrolling, it is good to ensure that the individual has a guarantee of being served whenever the need arises and in a suitable manner. Even people with disabilities should be taken care off in line with Independent Living standards.

Nutritional Appropriation

Aging people require nutritious foods to fight opportunistic diseases. You should ensure that the retirement home provides healthy diets and that fruits, vegetables, and necessary supplements are in plenty. There are people suffering from conditions or diseases where special diets are necessary. Individuals with certain disabilities also need some foods to ease their sufferings and make their life more bearable as campaigned by Independent Living. Ensure that the retirement home of choice is ready to offer what is needed

Overall Welfare

The elderly also need a break from their worries and boredom. Find out if the retirement homes have any plans of entertainment services, interaction events, motivational talks, counseling among other things.

It is, therefore, important to research thoroughly and ensure you choose a retirement home where the person will feel close if not better that if they were at their house.

What You Should Know Before Investing in Jewellery

Jewellery In Jewellery BoxesSome people believe that it is better to invest in good-quality jewellery than in stocks or even gold. It is something you can enjoy using even as you wait for it to appreciate. This may be why luxury items, particularly jewellery, continue to be popular even in these troubled times.

To make the most of your money, however, you have to know more about them. Jewellery manufacturers are part of the equation, JewelCast Ltd says, so you should find out as much about them as you can. Here are some facts you need to know when investing in jewellery.

Where you get it affects value

You should know that where you buy jewellery affects its value in two ways: mark up and quality. If you buy from a high-end jewellery store, you are paying top price. The price markup goes up as it passes through the manufacturer, to the wholesaler, and to the retailer. This can reduce the value of any piece significantly. In most cases, you can sell something you bought at £100 for £30. To get back your £100, you have to wait for something like 30 years.

This still depends on the quality of the piece. If the diamond you bought is good but not great, it will not increase in value as much as a higher quality diamond. To get the most value for your money, you can either buy it from a reputable manufacturer or buy second-hand.

Manufacturer's mark

Most people do not understand or care about the manufacturer's mark when it comes to buying jewellery. However, this mark is a guarantee that the piece is all you believe it to be. If the manufacturer is reputable, then a mark of 990 on your gold ring means it is 990 parts gold. The reputation of the manufacturer is important because anyone can put a stamp on the ring. When you buy jewellery, ask for certification, and find out if the manufacturer is a reputable one.

Vintage jewellery

Some old jewellery may not have the same quality of stones or metal, but they are good investments nevertheless. This is because vintage jewellery often has distinctive designs that represent a certain era. Many types of vintage jewellery are no longer intact, so they are quite rare. If you do your research, you will find that in many cases of vintage jewellery, the whole is worth more than the sum of its parts.

Investing in jewellery is a tricky business. You need to know your way around it. You should keep up with the trends and study the market before putting in any investment money.