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SAF Volunteer Corps

3 Myths About Women in the Singaporean Military

SAF Volunteer CorpsAny nation that seeks to further strengthen its military force wouldn’t say no to enlisting women. After all, gender equality has made huge strides over the years and set the stage for women to take on professions traditionally reserved just for men.

Amongst these nations, Singapore is one of the most open and supportive when it comes to encouraging female citizens to join the military. For many reasons, the Lion City can’t afford to limit its Armed Forces to men alone. Its miniscule population naturally makes it challenging for this tiny country to generate enough manpower to defend itself against potential aggressors.

Despite the efforts made by the government, it’s inevitable for women to feel sceptical about making a career in the military. It’s not a question of passion, but rather of profession-related issues.

Here are the common misconceptions that might be causing you to think twice about joining the SAF Volunteer Corps:

Roles Are Limited to the Office

Women in the Singaporean military are confined to administrative duties alone. Male soldiers may essentially have the upper hand when it comes to physical strength, but female officers with the right set of skills can find themselves in the front-line during combat.

Not Enough Career Advancement

This couldn’t be more wrong. As a matter of fact, many SAF women beat the odds and serve in the upper ranks chiefly because they’re the most capable persons for the position.

Gender is only an afterthought when it comes to selecting leaders in the Singaporean military. The only reason there are more high-ranking male officers than female is because men significantly outnumber women in the SAF. But you can rest assured there’s no bias when it comes to promotion.

Masculine Culture Would Eat You Alive

Sexual harassment is always a threat to women, but the risk isn’t higher in the military than in the private sector. The fact that the Singaporean society is willing to having women in the military is evidence that most, if not all, citizens respect female soldiers. Moreover, the government sees to it to protect the rights and needs of women, especially in terms of enlistment.

In this day and age, there’s no social stigma towards Singaporean women serving National Service. While certain challenges are inevitable, expect little to no barrier to desire to contribute to the Lion City’s defence.

Inground Trampoline

Benefits and Precautions for Children Using Trampolines

Inground TrampolineWant to lose fats while enjoying? Want to enjoy with the family? Trampoline is one of the answers!

Trampolines are now used by people in the United States and around the world. People put trampolines in their backyard to exercise and have fun. There are also trampolines you can put inside the house.

Trampolines can be used by people of all ages, but parental guidance is required when a child is going to use it. There are trampolines that can be set up in the backyard, and there are also trampolines that are in-ground.

In-ground trampolines are installed on the ground level. There are companies that provide various trampoline products all over the United States.

Benefits of Trampoline

Trampolines can be used to burn fats and calories while enjoying with your family and kids. Here are some benefits:

  1. It can help your body to process foods and nutrients easily.
  2. It ncreases oxygen capacity.
  3. Your sense of balance will improve.
  4. Oxygen circulation in your tissues will increase.
  5. You strengthen the heart.
  6. It firms and tones muscles.
  7. You get increased energy.
Warnings for Children

Kids like to play around the backyard, especially when there’s a trampoline. Children do not know what can hurt them, so guardians need to look out for them.

Children are lighter so they tend to jump higher than adults. It’s suggested that you put a net around your trampoline so that kids won’t fall and get fractures. You may choose to add cushions aroung the in-ground trampolines as well.

Be sure that every time a child uses a trampoline, an adult is present.

Be aware of with the warnings when using trampolines, especially if you have a child.