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Car Towing

Top 5 Reasons Your Vehicle can Get Towed

Towing You might think that the only time that a vehicle gets towed is when it breaks down in the middle of the road and there is no way to get it running again. That is actually where most people are wrong. There are simply a lot of reasons why a vehicle will be towed regardless of whether it is running or not.

Here are the top 5 reasons why a vehicle can get towed.

No. 1 – It Broke Down

The more obvious reasons why your vehicle may be towed is that it broke down in the middle of the road. Whether it is due to an engine overheating, a blown transmission, or even multiple flat tires, you simply are not going anywhere. Your vehicle will need car towing services in Brisbane so that adequate repairs can be performed and at the same time ensure the smoother flow of traffic in the area where your vehicle broke down.

No. 2 – It was Involved in a Traffic Accident

Similar to the top reason, when your vehicle is involved in an accident, whether or not your vehicle is still running, it will have to be towed by the authorities to prevent any possibility of running away from legal culpability. This is also to allow other utility vehicles and personnel to clean the mess after the accident.

No. 3 – The Driver is Unlicensed

For the more serious part, any individual who is found driving a vehicle without a valid driver’s license or even using a suspended license will have his vehicle towed. Whether or not he owns the vehicle or if there is a passenger who has a valid driver’s license, it will still be towed. The lesson is to never drive without valid license.

No. 4 – The Vehicle’s Registration is Expired

If it is illegal to drive without a license, it is also illegal to drive one with an expired vehicle registration for more than 6 months. Law enforcement agencies observe these as a precaution for the possible use of the vehicle on illegal activities.

No. 5 – The Vehicle is Illegally Parked

Perhaps one of the more common reasons for getting your vehicle towed is parking in places you’re not supposed to park. As part of municipal ordinances, certain areas can be designated as parking areas. Traffic violations related to illegally parked vehicles will guarantee temporary stay at the city impound.

Clearly, any illegal activity such involvement in a crime or a tort will lead to towing of the vehicle. For the non-legal aspect of getting towed, the purpose nonetheless will primarily be related to ensuring public safety.

Color Bond Steel

A Solid Recolour: The History and Future of Color Bond Steel

Color Bond SteelPeople just want colour with everything; not on, with. But, metal is one tricky material to colourise, though.

In the beginning, humanity was content with dull grey. Artisans eventually brought out metal’s lustre, giving us the gleaming quasi-white. Colour took a step back as metal began to overtake wood and stone as the world’s primary building material. The following centuries were spent in our pursuit of the strongest alloys. Vigorously smelted and tempered, metal came out of foundries and came in structures as dark, burnt silver.

The past century marked our success in finding the strongest economical options for building, which are steel, iron and aluminium. By ‘settling in’ with our metals, the public shifted from industrial to creative applications, in line with the artistic spirit of the time. Experimentation never stopped though, and our desire for colour spilled onto our dependence on strength. Finally, the distillation of this history came in the form of Color Bond Steel.

A Colourful History

In the early 20th century, people painted over galvanised iron despite its tendency to chip off. Even the military got into the practice to match their camo aesthetic. Scrap metal drives during the Second World War were common, as galvanised iron (GI) was required in creating the general issue (GI) equipment of American soldiers (GI Joes). Metal does not, and will not ever need paint to function – but people simply want the flair, regardless of the world’s state of conflict.

The solution came during the 50s, when the Lithostrip Corporation in Chicago finally found a way to bond paint to a galvanised base. John Lysaght delivered this technology to Australia, and by 1966, the first coil of the patented Color Bond steel was produced in Wollongong, New South Wales. Since then, the world turned to Color Bond steel for creating household and industrial fixtures with colourful durability.

A Solid Future

There are multitudes of industries use Color Bond steel today. From home structures to trade equipment, the material became the simple answer to our centuries-old pursuit of non-metal-coloured metal. Manufacturers can even make water tanks using Color Bond steel. Since painting over reservoirs is difficult and may cause contamination, Color Bond steel simplifies making water tanks more visually appealing.

Houses in the country are highly reliant on Color Bond steel. It constitutes roofs, gutters, and fencing – as it can withstand Australia’s extreme conditions without losing its colour. Nine out of 10 new homes in the country feature Color Bond steel and it is one of the most advanced building materials in the world today.

Color Bond steel continues shaping the metal industry as the metal industry continues shaping itself. New discoveries will be made, but Color Bond steel stands out in history for its influence in creating a stronger, more colourful world.


A Simple Goat-Fence Fusion Confusion Solution

GoatThere is always a dull one.

Researchers identified goats as the thinking farm animal in their study published in Frontiers in Zoology. They observed how they are able to form complex social groups, forage in trying locales and build a repository of memories and skills as they go about their long lifespan. They did this by presenting a mildly complex puzzle for twelve goats to solve. Nine mastered the task after four tries. Two decided to avant-garde their way to the food reward, attempting to break the contraption with their horns. Meanwhile, one was unable to finish at all, written off by the researchers as a hopeless case after 22 tries.

The Situation

Here it is. On a beautiful midday stroll, you find yourself staring at a goat. That one goat. It stares back at you as it chews grass from your side of the fence. Now its horns are stuck and the steel mesh is strangling it. That one goat now needs your help. It is time for you to save this hapless animal’s life. In less than 22 tries, hopefully.

Do not panic. Resist the urge to call the emergency service hotline and try to get the goat out of the fence the way it got itself stuck. Hold it by the horns and gently push the goat out of the fence. This is the simple, yet unrealistic solution.

The Temporary and Permanent Solutions

It is highly likely that things do not go as planned, so exercise caution. The goat may thrash about and harm you, itself, and the fence. One way of calming it down is by distracting it with food. If the goat turns out to be one of two rebels in the intelligence study, then you will need to cut the fence itself.

Immediately releasing the goat from its stocks is important, especially if it is in a state of anxiety. Constant movement means a struggle between the metal and the goat’s neck. Injury to the goat is never good, which is why after freeing the goat, it is imperative that you prevent the incident from happening again. Because it will happen again. The repository of memories and skills apparently does not register this experience, to the surprise of goat owners everywhere.

One method you can use is by taking a piece of light, rigid tubing or wood and taping it to the goat’s horns. A crude method, yes, but effective. If the goat manages to be stuck once again, consider the permanent solution steel fencing professionals from recommend: just buy a better fence. If the goat cannot poke through, then the goat cannot be trapped. It is a simple solution.

Once you are back on your midday stroll, remember that one goat you saved. It may not be the smartest among its herd, but it will remember you for not writing it off as hopeless case as well.