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School uniforms

Casting the Next Hermione Granger – Starting with a Uniform

School uniforms What if you were a talent scout looking for the next lass to play Hermione Granger in another of JK Rowling’s offering, what would you do? You might want to post an ad online right? But what if you were in the park and saw a young lady but lost her in the crowd, wouldn’t it be easier if she wore a uniform?

Of course, that would be forcing the issue. However, that goes to show that school uniforms can in fact distinguish people from the rest of the pack, Perm-A-Pleat notes.

Looking Past Google

There are a lot of reasons school uniforms rock. Just think of your high school class portrait and you were wearing different garbs. Looks really uneventful, right?

Studies show school uniforms play a major rule in increasing attendance in school. Added to that graduation rates spiked when these were utilized. Long story short: school uniforms foster greater academic excellence.

And though that could validate a slew of manufacturers of school uniforms, above and beyond it helps brighten the prospects of the future of Australia: starting with blazer, school tie and cotton shirt.

Trumping the Competition

Now if you think school uniforms are too exacting you may have to think again. Not only are Australian schools reinforcing the wearing of school uniforms, they’ve also made sure they stretch the uniformity by a mile.

Students in that part of the Land Down Under need to measure up also when it comes to colour of underwear, skirt lengths, and thickness of stockings. And as if that were not enough, the size of a student’s jewellery is also being regulated.

The funny thing is all the push to make school uniforms a vogue is jumpstarted by no one else but the parents themselves who ‘felt nostalgic’ of their own past uniforms. There is also the practical side. School uniforms make it easier for children to get school-ready in the morning.

And by any luck, you could really be the next Hermione. Who knows? Among other things, this actually makes school uniforms a good choice.


Tread Safely: Combatting the Thousands of Car Crashes in NZ Annually

tyreInclement weather, distracted driving, and poorly maintained roads are all factors that contribute to road accidents every year in New Zealand. The perfect example of an often overlooked danger facing drivers, however, is the risk of accidents caused by defective or improperly maintained tyres.

According to the Ministry of Transport, the number of tyre-related accidents is disproportionately higher (32 percent of all vehicle factor-related crashes in 2010) than the number of Warrant of Fitness or WoF inspection failures (17 percent). Data from the Crash Analysis System or CAS, on the other hand, shows that tyre faults represent 68 percent of all vehicle defects in fatal and serious crashes from 2007 to 2011.

The data above simply shows that a WoF inspection is not a silver bullet in preventing tyre-related accidents. There is more that needs to be done and here are some of them:

Take It Easy

Your driving habits have a massive impact on your tyres, and ultimately, your safety. Take it easy on the canyon carving and stop light launches, and watch your speed when driving on rough roads. If you are driving a Mitsubishi at 40mph and you hit a pothole, for instance, your vehicle can suffer wheel and tire trauma, as well as non-repairable damage. Know that severe damage may require you to order replacement Mitsubishi parts.

Replace Before It Gets Dangerous

Your tyres are not wine — they do not get better with age. If they are more than six years old, it is probably high time to look for new shoes for your car. Do not let the tread get to the point where it fails tests, so replace the tyre before it gets dangerous.

Check your manual for specific recommendations, since different tyres have different shelf lives. Some vehicle manufacturers recommend six years, while others recommend ten years.

Keep Them Properly Inflated

There is probably no more important or easier way to ensure safety and maintenance for your vehicle than to keep your tyres properly inflated all the time. Under-inflated tyres are more likely to get involved in an accident; even slightly under-inflated ones can really affect tread life and vehicle handling.

Calm down, replace, and inflate. Consult with your manual, and if it advises tyre rotation, do it. These things will not produce the benefits you can immediately feel, but they will assure you that your tyres, as well as some driveline components, will last longer.

Split Rail Fence: A Cheap, Rustic Tool for Cattle Management

Rail fence in MarylandWhen it comes to fencing for farms, farmers resort to modern electric fences. It’s movable for grazing purposes, but it distorts the property limits that could lead to land disputes. So, why not go something traditional but effective? Something like a split rail fence could help a farmer tenfold in cattle management, among other things.

The Aesthetic Choice

Most farmers wouldn’t bother with how their farm looks, but to those that do, the answer is split rail fence. Rustic settings in Maryland calls for something traditional, very much what a split rail offers. A farm with a wood for a barrier just looks right however one looks at it.

The Cheap Option

The materials and method of constructing split rail fence make it the economical choice. Even at a few thousand dollars for a few acres of land is enough to surround the farmland with split rail. To farmers whose main concern is defining borders, this is the best option.

Any farmer would see a gaping problem in split rail fence: its security. As is, it can’t keep small intruders out, not to mention the big predators. Adding mesh wires will solve the critter problem, and it could deter the big animals enough that they’ll turn back. If not, it can give a farmer a few precious minutes to arrive at the problem area.

Additional Improvements

Wood is curable to be weather- and wear-resistant. It’s going to cost a few hundred dollars to buy coating, but it’s all worth it in the end. Inclement weather today is much more damaging than they were a few years back, reinforcing the need to improve split rail fences.

The good news is most improvement or repair jobs in split rail fence are doable without the help of professionals. By reading a few DIY manuals, a farmer could do a fine job in restoring damaged parts of the fence. Nonetheless, fence contractors should do the initial installation to ensure a quality build that will last.


Smart Parking Hacks to Avoiding Car Dents and Dings

parkingFor a new car owner, nothing is more frustrating than a huge dent caused by a rude person pushing his shopping cart carelessly at the parking lot. Add to that small scratches and dings due to minor collisions. You may call yourself a parking pro, but still there are unavoidable circumstances that arise from the actions of other car owners.

While it’s hard to avoid parking mishaps that can cause such flaws to your brand new car, there are a few ways to lessen such instances.

Here are a few parking ideas that will help you keep your ride free of unsightly dents and dings.

Park Away From the Others

Unless only one parking slot is left for you to take, park your car away from the other vehicles, as much as possible. Or at least, choose an area with only few automobiles. A smart tip is to park in a place where an average driver would find too far or too inconvenient to park in, usually at the far end. You have lesser chances of getting door dings there.

Take Time to Choose Your Spot

Most vehicle operators would typically go for the first available spot they see upon entering the lot, but a smart one would first scan the area to find the ideal parking space. It’s always better to spend a few minutes doing so than allowing the possibility of someone bumping into your car, leaving pesky scratches, or worse, serious dents.

Check Other Vehicles Around

Most dings are due to careless opening of doors, so if you have no choice but to park in spots where either sides are occupied, choose to park beside vehicles with the shortest or least number of doors. This minimises the chances of damages to your car.

Don’t fret should an unfortunate event happens and causes damage to your vehicle. Many repair shops offer car dent removal and other related services.

With the help of an experienced auto repair specialist, you can have your ride good as new.

Sewer Leaks

Hire Professional Plumbers for These Two Tasks

Sewer LeaksThere are things that you can easily do on your own when it comes to home repairs, but there are things, too, that you simply cannot engage because of the complexity of the task. Or, perhaps, because if the dangers they may pose to your home and to your health.

When it comes to plumbing, you can fix easy issues by following simple step-by-step guides. The following two, however, are tasks you have to stay away from, at risk of damaging your plumbing system permanently – or even injuring yourself.

1. Extending Hot Water Lines

This type of plumbing does not only involve water, it also involves electric wiring. And as we all know, electricity and water aren’t exactly the best of friends. Do not attempt to repair or extend hot water lines on your own. This does not only spell major damage at home, but it can also cause you injury or something much worse.

Seasoned commercial plumbers in Perth can handle these types of plumbing jobs in a matter of hours for little cost. Do not try to save some bucks in exchange for your own safety, Perina Plumbing warns.

2. Gas or Sewer Leaks

Once you smell a rotten egg smell, you should start calling plumbing services. Even in small amounts, gas or sewer leaks are dangerous. These fumes usually leak through the bottom-most drainage. This is usually found at the basement or the laundry area. Even if you try to seal the entrance, there will always be a way for it to leak. Professional plumbers will do more than just sealing, they will repair the source of the leak for your safety.

Replacing shower heads and faucets, or placing sealants or Teflon tapes are pretty easy and can be done on your own. However, for bigger plumbing issues, it is best to contact commercial plumbers in Perth for a safe and fully efficient plumbing repair.

Harry Triguboff, the Condo King and Calculated Risks

On Harry Triguboff, the Condo King and Calculated Risks

Harry Triguboff, the Condo King and Calculated RisksIt is quite foolish to jump into the water without making sure of its safety. However, many would-be entrepreneurs have lost their fortunes engaging in too risky endeavours without putting much needed thought into the process.

Sure, businessmen have been labelled as risk-takers, from billion-dollar IT firms born in garages or starting from selling freehold motels. But one word has become the hallmark of success for most: calculated. As business guru Leonard C. Green details, ‘The difference between risk takers and calculated risk takers is the difference between failure and success’. And no man may have embodied calculated risk taking than Sydney’s condominium king.

The Rise of ‘High Rise’ Harry

Many may have heard of him as his forays into the wonderful world of real estate has been phenomenal, to say the least. But not many know that Harry Triguboff was born in China and is actually of Russian and Jewish parents. The family fled, fearing possible persecution, to Australia.

What is amazing is his stint in business was not all too rosy. When he first appeared on the Rich List in 1984, he was tagged worth $25 million. But he ploughed through jumping from running a taxi fleet to owning a milk round.

In 1963, he tasted property development building a modest block of eight units at Tempe. Seeing the profit, he built a second development. One development after the other led him to build over 50,000 homes via his Meriton Apartments brand. Today, Resort Brokers Australia says, the 82-year old’s fortune has risen to $10.23 billion – along with his high-rise creations.

Taking Calculated Risks

What is apparent is Australia’s richest man took calculated investments. He saw that an initial business foray was giving him good money and so he decided to replicate it – a step at a time. Take from him the lesson that what is important is doing your due diligence to get your due profit.


Work Hard, Party Harder: Enjoying an Office Gathering

PartyParties are meant to be fun. It’s a time to relax, let loose and just enjoy. But not all parties are created equal.

Office parties can be a nightmare if you do not really get along with your colleagues, or maybe you like to keep everything on professional terms. First off, there is nothing wrong with that. What you have to deal with is the fact that however you may feel towards them, there is always going to be an office party.

So how do you survive this night without losing your mind? Here are three tips.

Grab a snack before you go.

This should be a rule.Being hungry brings out the worst in people. You’ll never know what to expect at an office party. A cocktail venue may have a lot of wine, but you may have limited food options.

Dress up.

Try to add a little something to the clothes you usually wear at work. Wear a patterned tie, maybe? Or wear earrings that make a statement—but not too big of a statement! The objective here is not to get too much attention. Well, unless you want people to remember you long after the party as the person with the velvet coat.

Do not be the last to go.

At office parties, people may just drink too much. You do not want to be one of those people, do you? A safe exit strategy is to just leave after two to three hours. Do a French exit or an Irish goodbye. This saves you from the uncomfortable act of bidding farewell at a party.

Just doing these tips will improve your office party experience. And maybe, just maybe, you will not dread the next one.

steel mesh

Don’t Mesh Around: Fence Installation Done the Right Way

steel meshMesh fencing is one of the most reliable options when you want to have a safe yard. It also keeps gardens and vegetable patches free of pests. Here are the essential tips to help you build the best mesh fencing possible.

You need ‘compacting’

Compacting pushes solid soil particles together and squeezes out as much air and moisture. You need to do this to secure the foundation and the steel posts of the fences. You can either do this on your own or hire a professional to pack the soil tightly.

Use concrete as your foundation

Precast concrete is expected to be the top flooring choice; for fence foundations, concrete is the most inexpensive option. For many, it is actually the only option when creating the fence foundation because it holds very well.

Steel posts are your best bet

You may choose wooden posts for this project, but steel posts are better because they are sturdy and do not rot away. While you can have the wooden posts cut a certain way, steel posts are still more dependable and customisable.

Also, take note of the proper spacing of posts. Finer mesh fences require farther spacing while larger mesh fences require closer posts to add more support to the weight.

Galvanised steel mesh is most advisable

Finally, choose your mesh material carefully. Compare the materials available at your supply shop. Galvanised steel is a good option since it does not rust easily and can withstand higher weights. also recommends chain link fencing because it does not require regular maintenance.

Mesh fences can help secure farm or commercial properties, but only if you install them properly. Know the elements that contribute to stronger and more stable fencing before you start the installation.

Split Air Conditioner

Bringing in the Comfort with Split Air Conditioners

Split Air ConditionerA split air conditioner is your best option if you want to cool your entire home. Unlike standard window-installed units, a split can distribute cool air throughout the house. You do not even need to add new duct, as you can simply install the unit to your existing cooling network.

To understand why many Australian households are favouring this product, here is a closer look at the advantages of this cooling system:

Lower monthly payments on utilities

In terms of energy efficiency, says that a split AC system offers great benefits during the hot months. Despite continuous use, the energy bill will not be as high as when you use other units. Apart from more savings on monthly bills, it is easier to control the system from a central thermostat. There is no need to power individual units, which provides even distribution of cool air throughout the space. In turn, the unit does not have to work twice as hard whenever you use it.

A more peaceful and quiet home

As window type air conditioning units contain the condenser within the main unit, these create loud grinding or buzzing noises – especially if the system has been running for a long period. Split types do not produce noisy vibrations; you will only hear a steady hum once you open the unit. You can sleep better at night and not worry about buzzing noises coming from your AC.

Better zoning option

If you are looking for an air conditioner with superb zoning features, ductless mini-split system is the perfect choice. This unit has a thermostat for each zone, which allows you to condition a specific space based on its current requirements.

Although split type air conditioners cost more during installation than traditional options, the long-term savings will not make you regret getting one for your home.