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Preparing Food

Preparing Food with Your Little Chef: A Handy Guide

Preparing FoodIf you’re looking for a great bonding idea that you can enjoy with your kids, look no further than food preparation. Kids love to eat delicious food; why not teach them how to cook or bake? Not only will it be fun for them, but it would also be practical and a great educational experience that they could share stories about with their friends.

As a matter of fact, teaching kids how to prepare food offers a variety of benefits as well for the child’s development. Here’s why your kid would benefit from learning to prepare food:

  • It gives them a sense of accomplishment.
  • It helps bond the family.
  • It would help them realise the value of eating healthy.

If that still hasn’t convinced you to get kids’ aprons for your children and start teaching them how to measure flour or mix batter, here are a few simple pieces of advice to help you begin your quest:

  • Make the experience fun and memorable. It doesn’t just have to be about cooking – tell your child stories about how your grandmother came up with a special family recipe, or about how some historical figures were well-known because of certain dishes. Try to relate cooking to the world around you. Oh, and do your best to not panic when your kids are handling knives and stoves – with your supervision, they’ll be all right.
  • Make the task rewarding. Ask your children to help you bake a cake… and then volunteer them as taste-testers. Eventually, you can move on to offering healthier rewards (maybe fruit shakes after you’re done) and teaching them new cooking and baking terms to further get them hooked on the experience.
  • Remember that you’re not exactly aiming to prepare five-star hotel meals – your main objective here is to educate your children through a fun bonding experience.

With your help in the kitchen, your kids will grow up with a sense of responsibility, a degree of independence, and well-developed taste buds.

Duchenne smile

Your Duchenne Smile is Just One Dental Procedure Away

Duchenne smilePsychologists consider a “Duchenne smile”, also called the true smile, the indicator of true enjoyment. It’s the contraction of facial muscles that raises the corners of the mouth and the cheeks to form crow’s feet around the eyes. As they call it, smiling with your eyes.

Whether doing a true smile or just a “social” smile, smiling has powerful benefits. For one, smiling can improve your mood by releasing the happy chemicals called endorphin to your body. For another, it is contagious and can make everyone around you feel better too.

You can further unlock the power of your smile and see how these dental procedures can give you genuine happiness.

Teeth Whitening

A study done by an independent research firm asserts whiter teeth affect first impressions. Participants with whitened teeth were more likely to be hired and receive higher salary offers than those that were not. Clearly, a trip to a family dentistry in South Bend to whiten teeth can lead you to financial success and become a happier being.

Crown Lengthening

One study done in Virginia Commonwealth University has shown that an over exposure of gum tissue, also called the gummy smile, caused by a tooth eruption affects overall attractiveness. Patients with gummy smile are perceived less attractive. Crown lengthening can remove the excess tissue and result to a more beautiful smile.


Invisalign are clear retainer-like aligners that help straighten crooked teeth and correct improper bites. Aligned teeth and proper bite improve the way we communicate to others. Being able to talk properly with a set of good looking teeth can quickly boost your confidence and feel happier inside.

As you can see, a genuine smile can also come from a few dental tweaks. Improving your smile doesn’t just result to a better appearance, but more importantly a better life.

Pedestrian problem

Pedestrian Problems: Whose Fault Is It?

Pedestrian problemWhen one thinks of car accidents, the initial blame almost always falls on the driver. Either the driver was driving too fast, driving through traffic lights or in a completely different case, probably driving under the influence. However, there are more cases than one might think where the pedestrian is—by all legal means and logical reasoning—the one at fault.

Common Scenarios

Here are common scenarios where the pedestrian is at fault in a car-pedestrian accident:

  • When the pedestrian jaywalks,
  • When the pedestrian crosses in the middle of the street or outside a crosswalk,
  • When the pedestrian goes against the traffic light or highway signposts,
  • When the pedestrian enters a street or highway while intoxicated or drugged, and
  • When the pedestrian enters a street, a highway or a bridge where pedestrian access is prohibited.

During car-pedestrian accidents when the pedestrian is guilty of any of the following situations, the pedestrian is at fault in the accident. During cases like this, it’s best to consult with a trusted lawyer experienced in personal injury, like those from, to understand the case, the compensation claims and the possibilities surrounding the event.

Compensation Claims

If the pedestrian bears all the blame in the accident, they will not be able to recover compensation for injuries. In fact, if the driver received any harm – whether it be in relation with the vehicle or for any injuries to the driver, the driver is legally able to sue the pedestrian for compensation of any harm inflicted in the accident.

However, there are special cases when both the pedestrian and the driver share fault in the accident. Even if the pedestrian is jaywalking, if its proven the driver was driving at an unreasonable or at a prohibited speed, the driver has to share the blame. The talk on compensation claims vary per state and it’s best to consult with an experienced lawyer to be sure you are receiving your right end of justice.

Effective Ways to Exercise

Effective Ways to Exercise and Stay Motivated

Effective Ways to ExerciseExercise does not only help you lose weight, it also has additional benefits of helping reduce risks for diseases such as diabetes, heart problems, and even some types of cancers. Moreover, it also helps boost your self-esteem and mood, as well as have an increased energy.

But, while most people do want to get fit, they rarely find the time and energy to actually exercise—particularly the recommended half hour to an hour each day. QLD Kettlebells shares more information below:

Break it up

Why not try breaking your exercise time into chunks? During weekdays when presumable you are busiest, you can sneak in your exercise if you break it up into 5 to 10 minute chunks. Walk to the office if you can. Take the stairs, if possible. Or how about 5 minutes of jumping jacks in the morning?

While these exercises can prove to be beneficial, do keep in mind that they are more supplemental in nature. On your less busy days, try a full hour workout. Keep at least a once a week regular fitness routine to ensure that you get the full effects of exercising.

Keep it fun

Exercise should not be a chore. While it is necessary, you should not feel like that you’re simply obligated to do so. Think about activities that you do enjoy and pair that with exercise. Love music? Tune up your radio and start dancing! Love animals? Try getting a dog for a pet. Walking your dog is not just going to be a bonding time between the two of you—you’d get some exercise, too.

Make it a social activity

Exercising can get boring if you’re doing it alone. Having friends while exercising will not only make it more fun, it can also help keep your motivation up. A team sport, such as soccer or volleyball, is a perfect pick-up activity that can double as exercise. If you’re not into competitive activities, taking dance or kettlebell classes will probably be more right up your alley.

Industrial aluminum fence

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Aluminum Fencing

Industrial aluminum fenceAn industrial aluminum fence will look like brand new even if it has already been used for many years. If you go for a special type of coating, there is no doubt your fence will exceed all expectations. Nevertheless, it is necessary to weigh the pros and cons of this building material.


Some of the adjectives tied to aluminum fences and gates are “versatile,” “durable,” “aesthetically pleasing,” “lightweight,” and “affordable.” These words are associated with the material and for a good reason. Great Fence says unlike other substances used in the construction industry, this kind of alloy does not necessitate staining or any other kind of treatment. You don’t even have to paint it, if you are going for a certain look. Also, since it is lightweight, shipping costs are lower, which makes the product more friendly to the pocket than heavier options.

Perhaps, one of your reasons for singling out industrial-grade aluminum is the fact that it is very low maintenance. You might not be aware, but it is also the most practical DIY option around, that is if you are looking forward to handling the installation yourself. For some people, this popular alternative to steel is the best choice because it is recyclable. Therefore, if one of your goals is to install a fence with sustainable practices, then this is the best choice.


Although aluminum is less costly than steel, it is still more expensive than wood. As such, if you have budgetary restrictions and can only afford a building material within the price range of wood, then you cannot benefit from the features of this type of fence. While aluminum is strong enough for basic applications, it bends easily. So, it’s not the most viable option for heavy-duty structures. Tougher materials are more applicable in locations that require high security measures.That is why steel is still the best option if privacy and security are of utmost importance.

You can get high performance aluminum, which is as strong as steel, but only costs a fraction of the price. Weigh the advantages and disadvantages and make the choice worth your investment.

Successful business

The Principles of Human Behaviour That Can Boost Your Marketing Efforts

Successful businessSome of the most successful businesses in the world are not only experts in business tools and techniques—they are also well versed when it comes to behavioural psychology. After all, it is difficult to create an engaging marketing campaign if you do not know why it is engaging to your target market in the first place.

As a business owner, you need to understand how people operate before you go deep into all the technical nitty gritty of marketing. That is essentially what the entire field of psychology attempts to explain.

To help you with that task, here are some principles of psychology that can take your marketing efforts from good to brilliant:

The Principle of Scarcity

Have you ever bought airline tickets and seen a tag line that says, “Only 5 seats left for this price”? That is the principle of scarcity, which goes back to the simple formula of supply and demand. TALK agency, a full service marketing communications business, explains this further by saying that the rarer the product is, the more valuable it is.

The Concept of Reciprocity

Introduced in the book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, the concept of reciprocity is simple: when someone gives you something of value, you naturally feel the need to return the favour in some way. In your case, this means providing value in the message or content of your marketing campaign will give you higher visibility.

Therefore, if your brand is trying to take more from your customers than what you’re giving in return, the results won’t be so superb.

Action Paralysis

People have this tendency to doubt their decisions, especially if they’re not sure of the results. That means if you are trying to make someone do something, affirm that it will give them results.

For instance, instead of saying, “Purchase today!” say, “Make a purchase today and see your health improve dramatically.” According to a psychological study, framing it as simply “Purchase today” can lead to almost 50 percent lower conversions.

For entities that operate at the intersection of business and marketing, there is a benefit to revisiting the time-tested principles of behavioural psychology when deploying marketing campaigns. A better understanding of how your customers think makes it easier to serve them content that give back a hundredfold.

Make the Most of the Freedom in Freelance Writing

Freelance writingMany freelance writers applied for their job because of the freedom the field affords them. To some, sitting down all day and writing can be intolerable. Nonetheless, this need to be free from workstations doesn’t take away their innate talent to create quality content. So far, hiring them has been a favorable situation. Freelance writers cost companies less.

This freedom, however, can go both ways. Other writers may slack off after finishing their work, and end up doing nothing. This situation is not ideal for someone who is supposed to come up with creative articles each time.
So, how could freelance writers use their time more wisely?

1. Traveling

Freelance writing service providers pay handsomely, and it’s possible for someone to have enough savings to travel. It’s one of the most valuable ways of using their hard-earned money. Freelance writers don’t even have to wait for vacation season to do it. As long as they can send their work and maintain constant connection with the office, they can go anywhere. Traveling rejuvenates any professional, including freelance writers.

2. Wellbeing

Often, the working class get used to the fast-paced lifestyle. As such, they would rely on fast food chains for quick sustenance. Freelance writers, on the other hand, have the freedom to look after themselves. They can learn to cook, go to the gym and still have time left to participate in other activities. These things go a long way in keeping them physically and mentally fit.

3. Multitasking

Freelance writers, though working remotely, must adhere to deadlines. They’re free from the office environment, but it doesn’t absolve them of their work responsibilities. Nevertheless, they still have more time to get more things done. Whether it’s doing grocery, spending time with other people or doing house chores, freelancers can dab at multitasking.

4. Networking

A number of freelancers use writing as a side job, a source of income while they pursue their primary interest. They can do networking, even the smallest kind, to further their resources. By meeting people, they can even find bigger opportunities to further their careers in the most unlikely place and time.

Freelance writing can be so much better than just having more freedom than the average office employee has. Use that time wisely to become a better-rounded person, which could lead you to becoming a better writer.


3 Reasons Your Website Fails to Generate Leads

websiteThe main purpose of your website is to connect your business to the right audience. If the portal fails to achieve this, there is something wrong with the way you do marketing. Lead generation, after all, is one of the most important objectives of every website. Commonly, your website fails to attract leads because of the following reasons:

Inadequate SEO

The most usual reason a website does not generate leads is because it has not been adequately or properly optimised. In some cases, the website has had zero SEO effort at all. The lack of optimisation is enough reason to justify why the website has little to no online visibility.

If you want to generate leads, you have to rise to the top of the results pages for every searcher. To do that, says you need a strong search engine optimisation campaign.

Stale Content

SEO, however, can only go so far. Even if you do manage to attract visitors, your site will still fail to generate leads if the content is dull and insufficient. You have to make sure that each page on your website has enough text – not just for SEO purposes, but also to provide the information searchers look for.

Consequently, you have to update the content on a regular basis. Using the same content for over a year is bad, especially if you run a blog.

Weak Calls to Action

Last but not the least, your website does not generate leads because of your site’s weak (or in worse cases, non-existent) calls to action. The buttons you use should be attractive enough that you would want to click it. At the same time, your word choices in the button should be spot-on. Get inspiration from some of the best call to action buttons out there and make your own unique one.

Lead generation is not a problem once you deal with these three things. Optimise your website, update your content, and use strong calls to action to better improve your site’s visibility, lead generation, and conversions.


In the Same Vein: The Procedure of Angioplasty, Explained

AngioplastyBlood vessels in the heart and in the other parts of the body can narrow due to clogging or other reasons. In most cases, fat build-up along the walls of the blood vessels is usually the culprit in narrowed or obstructed blood vessel.

To reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, and other complications brought about by a clogged blood vessel, some surgeons suggest a bypass operation to re-route the flow of blood. In some cases, however, a less invasive procedure called angioplasty with stents is also useful.

The Procedure

Angioplasty is the process of widening out a partially blocked artery by inserting and inflating a balloon in it. A small wire mesh, called the stent, wraps around the balloon. After expanding the narrowed blood vessel, doctors will then deflate the balloon and remove it from the system, permanently leaving the expanded mesh to avoid re-narrowing.

There are two kinds of mesh: the ones that emit substances to keep the blood vessels open (drugeluting stents), and the ones that are not (bare-metal stents).

Reasons for Stents

Atherosclerosis, the buildup of plaque along the blood vessels, often calls for the process of angioplasty with stents. Venous outflow obstruction, and for those who have suffered or are prone to suffering from a heart attack, may also require this procedure.


Possible complications of angioplasty with stents are bleeding in the area where the doctors inserted the catheter. Sometimes, re-stenosis, or the re-narrowing of the blood vessel, may occur. Blood clots are also possible around the stent.

Other complications associated with this procedure are:

  • Stroke
  • Kidney disorders
  • Arrhythmia (abnormal rhythm of the heart)
  • Heart attack during the procedure
  • Damage in the coronary artery, if the angioplasty is performed in one of the heart’s arteries

Still, even with its risks, angioplasty with stents can save the lives of those with narrowed blood vessels. Talk to your doctor about angioplasty to learn more about this procedure.

T12 flourescent

Lighting Basics for Farm Sheds

T12 flourescentFarm sheds built in rural areas often have large openings for faster moving of products and other items stored in the makeshift building. These also have several windows to let in more natural light as well as air, thus minimising the need for artificial lighting.

Why Install Lighting?

Speaking of lighting, when should a farm owner use artificial lighting for farm sheds? According to University of Wisconsin, there are many reasons lighting should be an aspect of importance, and these include safety, better task control as well as improved quality of work and increased productivity.

What is the Best Type of Lighting Technology?

The best lighting to use depends on the amount of light needed to accomplish a particular task in the most cost effective way. Hence, each activity mentioned above would have different lighting requirement. Conditions like temperature, ceiling level and room activity are all factors when choosing the type of lighting to use.

Common Light Bulbs vs Energy-Efficient

Incandescent and high intensity discharge as well as T12 fluorescent are among the most common types of lights used in agricultural buildings, like rural sheds. New types of lighting are more energy-efficient, such as compact fluorescent lamps, T-8 and T-5 fluorescent lamps, to name a few.

T-12 fluorescent is 1.5-inch in diameter and commonly used until the more energy-efficient T-8 and T-5 fluorescent lamps became mainstream. Both the T-5 and T-8 lamps provide more lumens than T-12, however, T-5 produces more heat than T-8. This is why even if the T-5 is the most energy-efficient of the three, it is not advisable for sealed fixtures.

The T-8 lamp , which ‘uses electronic ballast that operates at high frequency’ is very much similar with the T-12 except with the size difference. The T-8 comes in one-inch diameter and also reduces the annoying flicker that the T-12 produces when air temperature is cooler. Compact fluorescent lamps, on the other hand, is an alternative for standard incandescent lamp. CFL lamps utilises less power, have longer life, and can produce the same amount of light like incandescent lamps.

When evaluating the lighting requirement of a farm and rural shed, it helps to asking the 4 W questions – What? When? Where? and Why light an area?