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medical neglegence

Birth-Related Medical Negligence: Common Maternal Injuries

medical neglegenceThe number of medical negligence claims filed in the UK is growing every year. The statistics are starting to become rather alarming, prompting concerns that some nurses, doctors and surgeons no longer value the quality of their services. One of the main topics of heated debates in the healthcare industry today is maternal injuries. It comes in many forms, which makes it difficult for mothers to classify which is which. In addition, the severity of each case may also vary greatly.

A birth-related injury can be minor, with recovery coming just several days after, or it can be a long-term condition with devastating consequences. This article lists down the most common maternal injuries and solutions:

Injury to Mother

Mothers can file an injury claim if their doctor’s poor care and lack of attention results in serious injury prior to or during birth. For instance, nerve damage, injury to the bladder or bowel, incorrect suturing (stitching), placental abruption and pre eclampsia. These traumatic injuries can cause overwhelming physical and emotional impact distress.

As Secure Law puts it: “Injuries at the time of birth can occur to both the mother and the baby. Maternal injuries can include tears to the birth canal and surrounding tissues resulting in problems with incontinence. A failure in medical care resulting in injury to a mother at the time of delivery of her baby can have devastating and life-long consequences.”

Injury to Infant

Common injuries to newborn babies include oxygen deprivation and cerebral palsy due to difficulty in labour. For mothers who undergo a Caesarean section, they can file a claim and seek legal help if their child gets brachial plexus injury, bone fractures and spinal cord injuries due to the incorrect use of forceps. Lack of diagnosis when it comes to determining birth defects could also be grounds for a maternal birthing injury claim.

As a maternal injury is a sensitive subject, mothers must receive the utmost support. Dealing with the physical and emotional consequences is never easy, which is why legal professionals are always on hand to answer any concerns and provide guidance.

Pumbling Problems

For Homeowners: Beware of the Top Hikers of Your Bills

Pumbling ProblemsIf there’s one catch to having your own house, it would be the cost of paying for utilities and the stress that comes with it. It’s hard to track the amount of energy and water used except when receiving the reports, which is too late.

Fortunately, you can lower your utility expenses by looking out for the things that cause the spikes in your bills. Here are things you should especially take note of:

Plumbing problems

Are your faucets gushing out more water than the usual? Does your kitchen sink or toilet have leaks? These are signs of faulty plumbing, which is a major cause of spikes in your bills. The site suggests occasional maintenance of your plumbing system to keep them in good shape. It’s more costly to tolerate than fix problems in your water supply.

Faulty appliances

If you have high-energy bills, don’t look anywhere else but your appliances. Are these in good condition? Faulty appliances consume more energy and produce higher bills. Clean, repair or replace your appliances monthly especially the ones you use regularly. These measures will prevent higher energy bills and maintenance costs for serious damages.

Overdependence on ACs and Heaters

Cooling and heating systems are often the culprits of high utility bills. While you can’t do without these things if you live in weather-challenged environments, these may increase your headaches. Lower your electric bills by sealing or installing insulators at home instead of excessively relying on your HVACs. These will block the heat in summer and keep the warmth inside during winter.

Neglecting your appliances

Keeping your appliances and lights functioning all the time bodes ill for your bills. Turn them off when you’re not using them. Remove the wires from their sockets to ensure that your power meter won’t move. Invest in programmable thermostats and mobile security devices if you tend to forget them. These gadgets allow you to control active appliances even if you’re away from home.

Lowering your utility bills is possible with careful planning and attention to detail. By monitoring and maintaining your utilities and appliances regularly, you’ll reduce high maintenance costs and bills.

website design

Well-Designed Website: Your Portal to Business Success

website designPerth is one of the most prosperous cities in Australia. Entrepreneurs and business owners flock here to give their shot at achieving success. Along with this business growth, the city population continues to rise—Perth has the fastest growing population out of all major Australian cities. This boom in population allows bigger markets to appear, raising the chances for a new business to gain a sufficient following.

As the competition intensifies, it is important for a business to outclass other firms or companies. Products and services must be of high quality. Most importantly, they should have an effective advertising strategy.

Going Digital

As explains, one of the best ways to advertise a business is through a website. By creating your own site, you can increase your online visibility. This will help you reach a wider market, as most of today’s consumers are searching for products or services online.

It is important to design a website that is uncluttered, viewer-friendly and appealing to the eye. Your website reflects your business. It serves as a basis for consumer trust. Moreover, bloggers usually cite websites that look professional for expert information or for additional reference on their online posts.

Leave It to the Experts

You use templates when creating your website, but why settle for what’s already there? It’s best to hire an expert who will take care of your website design needs. Experienced web designers and developers can provide custom designed sites to suit your business. Instead of creating the website on your own, experienced designers will take the burden off your hands.

Success for your business can only happen if you know the appropriate channels to use for your marketing strategy—and this involves a well-designed website. As long as you have the right platform to

connect with your customers, you can keep up with the competition and ensure great returns for your business in Perth.

Nicolas Cage

3 Academy Award-Winning Actors Who Had Dental Work Done

Nicolas CageMany Academy Award-winning actors possess enchanting smiles that make women swoon. Well, if you believe that those are innate gifts, it’s time to look at the accomplishment of South Bend family dentists. In fact, here are three elite stars that owe their smiles to expert dental work:

  • Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage’s photos reveal significant differences with his pearly whites. Newer pictures show a straighter set of teeth.

Though no report has revealed the specifics of the dental work done, his discography showed that he did get some dental services done after landing a role in the film Birdy in 1984. The Leaving Las Vegas actor had to portray a Vietnam War veteran and had to remove two primary teeth.

  • Michael Douglas

As a veteran actor, Michael Douglas has a lot of photos, most of which show straight teeth and a perfect smile. A Beverly Hills dentist analyzed and claimed that the Wall Street actor got porcelain veneers.

His porcelain veneers were apparently completed using techniques that made the procedure seem easy to notice. Nevertheless, the result was perfect, as the actor has one of the most breathtaking smiles. Douglas made a good decision, seeing as Mahoney Family Dentistry says the first facial feature people notice is your smile.

  • Clark Gable

Reports claim that Clark Gable had a rather questionable dental job. A woman working as a theater manager allegedly paid for it.

The woman, believed to be a decade older than him, somewhat gave him a makeover. Arguably, fixing his teeth and style propelled his career.

However, his trips to the dental clinic didn’t end with the pre-Hollywood repairs. Reports also claim that the It Happened One Night actor had to wear dentures throughout his career. This resulted in rumors of him having severe halitosis or bad breath.

These three actors proved that even celebrities need dental work at some point. Visit a good South Bend family dental clinic to get the smile you’ve always wanted.


Country Style: Reflecting the Countryside in Your Kitchen Flooring

kitchenImagine the beauty of the countryside, complete with birds, plants, and light breezes. It’s a scene that always relaxes you and makes you feel serene. Given the setting’s effect on people, it’s no wonder many want to incorporate the country style in their homes.

It’s easy enough to understand the colours fit for a country-style home, as well as the furniture, fabrics, and accessories to go with it. Nonetheless, it’s a challenge to decorate a house with this theme when it comes to the kitchen flooring. After all, you have many choices for it. Fortunately, Perth flooring experts have provided some insights on which floor types work well with the room. Here are three options you can choose from:


Wood is the top choice for any country-style home. You can never go wrong with the classy vibe timber flooring brings to any area, especially the kitchen. This material is perfect for the room because it has the right texture that emulates the warmth of the countryside. As long as you know how to keep the floor in top shape, your kitchen would always look charming.


If you want that matchless rustic feel, you can also consider going with brick. It brings a distinct rough texture in any area, plus it is a common material in countryside homes. There is a downside to this material, though. It’s because brick is rather cold underfoot, plus its hardness and roughness could make you feel more tired easily than other surfaces after standing for an extended period of time.


Cork is an underrated flooring material, but it does its job pretty well. Especially in the case of country style kitchens, cork brings comfort in a sustainable manner. Its rich, warm tone sets the right mood for the area, not to mention that it needs little to no upkeep. By nature, cork is resistant against water, mould and mildew.

The trick to get the country ambiance right is to use the perfect materials. Consider these three choices when planning a country-style kitchen to achieve the atmosphere you want in your home.


The Weight of a Proxy’s Responsibility

CaregiverCaring for the elderly can be one of the most rewarding things anyone can do. But, it’s not always bingo games and nostalgic stories; there are serious parts of the job that only a dependable caregiver can do – such as becoming a healthcare proxy.

Heavy Decisions

One of the responsibilities of a home care service is to act as a healthcare proxy in certain situations. Their job is to fill a medical form regarding the kind of care the patient will receive after a procedure if the patient is in no capacity to decide for himself. This form is usually given whenever a patient is about to undergo a procedure and doctors need to know what kind of care they wish to receive while they’re unconscious.

This can be a bit nerve-wracking for some people, but it can become much worse, especially if the elderly has no living will and gave no instruction on what they want done. There are things like DNR or full code that heavily depend on the patient’s personal beliefs, condition, or experience. The weight of these decisions can decide the fate of the patient; how can anyone possibly make them.

Nobody Thinks About Proxies

The kicker in this situation is that the patients have no idea about these kinds of decisions; most elderly people – even normal patients – never give much thought to what a health care proxy goes through. Patients incorrectly, and sometimes dangerously, assume that their proxies know enough about them to know the right thing to do. There are soap opera arcs of siblings fighting over what their unconscious parents would have wanted; a friend would be at a complete loss.

None of the healthcare proxy questions are easy, because they make the patient confront the possibility that something could go wrong, which is something they definitely don’t need. It’s up to the proxy to try to get the answers to those questions without putting too much stress on the patient, which is where the familiarity plays a part. Luckily, there are companies like that are always ready to help people find the right home care service.


5 Creepy Drugs That Everyone Absolutely has to Stay Away From

KrokodilWe were taught about the damage that drugs can cause. That knowledge does not always deter anyone, but it has at least made people aware that when things get out of control, they should seek help. Treatment facilities such as those that offer outpatient drug rehab facility can help.

Still, we should be aware of the increasingly potent substances that proliferate in the market, such as the following, so you’ll know where to draw the line. If you know someone tripping themselves with any of these products, do them a favor and take them to the nearest outpatient drug rehab Salt Lake City offers. Their life might be at stake.

1. Bromo-Dragonfly

This is a supercharged version of LSD – so charged that a trip can last up to three whole days. So named because of its dragonfly-like molecular structure, bromo-dragonfly has been marketed as LSD mainly due to its activity at low doses. This substance is also responsible for blood vessel constriction, spasms, and seizures. To cure it, sometimes doctors need to amputate the limbs.

2. Super Heroin

We have heard of people dying of heroin overdose, but there is something worse that the average heroin. Scientifically known as etorphine, this substance is 5,000 times more potent than your street version. It is so powerful it can knock out a 6,000-pound elephant in a very small dose.

3. Scopolamine

In Colombia, criminals have discovered a drug called Scopolamine, which causes suggestibility and amnesia. This means that you will happily rob your own home if you happen to take it in. The creepy part is that it’s too easy to administer — the most common form comes in a powder blown into your face.

4. Synthetic Marijuana

After World War II, the US military created DMHP (or dimethylheptylpyran). This drug gives all the classic signs of pot ingestion, but it’s so powerful a mere milligram could send a soldier face down on the sack for three whole days.

5. Krokodil

Time Magazine hailed it as the world’s deadliest drug — this cheap Russian drug is essentially heroin, with the side effect of eating away at your flesh, much like a crocodile. Scientifically named desomorphin, this product also causes scaly and reptilian skin.

Do your community a favor and bring any addict of these substances to the nearest rehabilitation center. More than anything, you are not only saving their lives, but also making the community a safer place.


Choco-Extinction: What is Going On with the Global Supply of Cocoa

chocolateWho doesn’t love chocolate? Young or old, everyone loves to eat chocolate and all kinds of sweets and treats. With the popularity of chocolate, it is natural to imagine that all chocolate lovers must have lamented when the bad news came: global supplies of the sinful indulgence are growing scarce.

Data showed that overconsumption, coupled with dry weather, has caused this scarcity.

All about that Base Cocoa

FernCreek Confections explains that cocoa is the base ingredient of chocolate, a tree that grows mostly in Central America, Western Africa, and parts of Asia. A dry spell had hit the cocoa-rich regions, leading to lessened production.

Cocoa price had surged within the previous year by 10 percent and may continue to rise, that it has been reported that chocolates may as well be luxury items in the future. Imagine experiencing your usual sorrows in life without the one best friend you always leaned on.

A Choco Hope

Now, people also ate chocolate faster than cocoa can be harvested. China is one country with a population whose appetites are increasingly craving for chocolate. Dark chocolate is also becoming more popular, this type of chocolate demanding more cocoa in the mix. Reports say that cocoa may be extinct by 2020, a mere half decade down the road from 2015.

Fortunately, many groups are doing their best to keep the choco-extinction from ever happening. One of those groups is the International Cocoa Quarantine Centre who was funded by the kings of chocolate themselves like Cadbury and Mars.

Thus, there are only two options: cut back on eating chocolate or any treat with cacao, or eat as much chocolate as a person can before stocks of cacao run out completely.

You may be a chocoholic yourself planning to execute the second option. You should then run to the store or chocolatier as fast as you can and stock up on delicious goodies, gourmet chocolates, and even classic treats like English toffee, fudge filled bars, or hazelnut truffles.


Marketing Your Family Law Practice

LawyerThe law profession is competitive; if you are just starting out or building the foundations of your law firm, then you may find that your market is already full of bigger law firms. Do not let this deter you though; you can still make a name for yourself as a family lawyer despite how tough the competition is.

Embrace technology

Technology is probably the last thing on your mind in terms, but is ultimately instrumental in how you present yourself or your practice. This, however, is more than just keeping up with the times. You will have an easier time reaching out to potential clients if you make use of the latest technology, such as by creating your own website or using social media.

The site recommends SEO for family lawyers to keep up with bigger law firms and stay ahead in the market. Fill your website’s content with the right keywords that help boost your site’s ranking and makes it more visible via search results.

Be personal

Your potential client’s perception about you and what you practice is what you need to work hard in changing, and you can do this by being more personal when it comes to handling cases. Simply answering your client’s calls on time and listening to what their saying without interrupting them will show them that you do care about their concerns.

Get some alone time

The law being so competitive means that you will be working extra hours in the hopes of winning a case. Despite your very busy schedule, it is still important that you get some alone time and relax. Overexerting yourself will not only affect your health, but also the way you represent yourself and your client.

It is tough to be a lawyer, so keep these tips in mind to help you succeed in your practice.


Vein Care Tips for Frequent Travelers

TravelersFrequent travelers think that their active lifestyle will lessen their risk of incurring diseases. Travelers are also at risk, especially for those taking long journeys, unfortunately. Studies suggest that they are at risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

DVT happens due to blood clot formation in veins of the legs, arms and heart. This disease can be life threatening if left untreated. If you’re a frequent traveler, here are things you can do to prevent it:

Pre-travel checkup

The last thing you want to do is suffer the disease while on a trip. See a doctor before traveling especially if you have drinking or smoking habits, you’re obese or pregnant. The chances of getting DVT are higher for people with those conditions. You may also have to check their treatment options for DVT if you’re showing symptoms like swellings, pains or tenderness in your legs.

Wear comfortable outfits

Ill-fitting clothes and shoes may increase your chances of getting the disease. These may clog your veins and lead to blood clots. Wear loose clothes when you travel. Alternate between heels and flats to prevent clots on your ankles. If you’re already at risk of DVT, wear compression stockings and other articles to keep the blood flowing.

Move around

A 2007 study revealed that travelers have the highest risk of venous diseases. Hours of sitting in cramped positions common in long travels slow down the blood flow through the vein, thus causing blood clots. Exercise on your seat if you’re in for a long flight. Move your arms and legs, stretch and walk along the cabin to maintain your blood circulation.

Right diet

What you eat might render your efforts to prevent DVT useless if you’re taking anticoagulant drugs. Eat less of foods rich in vitamin K like green leafy vegetables to make the drug more effective. It also helps if you stay hydrated with water during the trip. Drinking alcohol or coffee not only dehydrates you, but also increases your chances of developing blood clots.

While DVT is not life-threatening most of the time, the traveler’s lifestyle might aggravate it and lead to early demise. By taking these steps, you’re not only making your travel safe, but also reducing the health risks early.