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3 Things the Movies Told You About Locks That You Can Never Do

door keysThe Tower Heist, The Italian Job, and Town—all movies that involve stealing and lock picking. One more common denominator is their unrealistic and very impossible way of opening locks, doors, and safes.

Others would say it is actually possible to pick locks, with enough practice, in 2-3 seconds. Really? Would you really put in all the effort of practice while potentially damaging your locks?

It has been coined as an ‘unnecessary’ skill and hobby, because obviously, the skill doesn’t really make you a better person, if anything it makes you a bit harder to trust. We’ve all felt like we could go rogue and open a lock from all the crazy methods movies have taught us, so here are those that you absolutely cannot succeed in doing:

Get it Out of Your Hair

Are you seriously thinking of pulling out a hairpin and sticking it through your door’s keyhole when you’ve locked yourself out?

Spare yourself the trouble and call a professional. Locksmiths’ trusted quality services guarantee you a no-damage operation as opposed to jamming your door’s keyhole with unnecessary contraptions.

Safe Doctor

Don’t you dare put a stethoscope over that lock! Not only is it ridiculous, it is also crazy. What sound are you even waiting for? There are endless permutations for you to stumble upon the right combination, how can a stethoscope even help with that?

There isn’t even much to say on how this is of no help or value. There is nothing to get out of this method—not even a pulse.

Bump and Grind

There are things called as ‘bump keys,’ and they are supposed to help you learn how to pick locks—yet in the long run, only damages your locks and leads to more break-ins. Sure, bump keys can open any kind of lock, but it only lessens the strength and durability, leading to more money spent on changing locks.

While lockpicking is a legitimate hobby, it advocates deceit and suspiciousness, both characteristics hard to live with. The next time you choose a hobby, be sure it does not compromise your safety and privacy.

Saving a Marriage

Rough, Winding, Broken Road: Saving a Marriage on the Brink of Divorce

Saving a MarriageThere are many couples who stay in an unhappy marriage. Many of them don’t voice their condition until the resentment builds and they soon consider divorce. There are also those who try everything they can to make the marriage work, but still end up throwing the towel.

Though divorce may be the healthiest choice for some, it’s still a very difficult and stressful process especially if children are involved. This is because children may experience denial, anger, the feeling of abandonment, and other negative feelings. For this reason, it’s important to seek help early.

If your marriage is on the rocks, here are some good reasons to seek marriage counseling:

When You Don’t Know How to Resolve Differences

When you and your spouse start to experience discord, knowing that there’s something wrong is only half the battle. If you knew what’s wrong yet don’t have any idea how to fix it, it’s the perfect time to seek help.

When Communication is Negative

It’s hard to get communication back in the right direction if it has deteriorated. Every time you talk with your spouse, do you feel an urge to withdraw from the conversation? Do you feel insecure, depressed, and disregarded? If you do, then you need a third party involved and consult marriage counselors.

When Your Partner Has Had an Affair or Considers Having One

Though it’s possible to recover from an affair, it still takes a lot of work. Both you and your spouse should be committed. The offended party must also be willing to forgive and move forward. Your marriage can be salvaged if both of you are honest and committed to the therapy process.

When You Don’t Feel Like a Couple Anymore

If you and your spouse feel like you just “co-exist,” then you have a problem. Lack of communication and intimacy may be an indication that a professional counselor should intervene to sort out what’s missing and find some solutions to get back.

When You Just Stay Together for the Sake of Your Children

Many couples think that it’s best to live together for the sake of their children. Though some couples managed to resolve issues while still together, others don’t. You may be able to fake your happiness, but your children are intelligent. They can tell.

Not all marriages are salvageable, but there’s no harm in trying. Marriage counseling may be a good way to remind you why you fell in love in the first place.

residential air conditioning system

Residential AC Systems Are Cooler Than You Think

residential air conditioning systemIn this day and age, air conditioning systems are an essential source of comfort. You cannot control the weather outside, but you can at least modify the temperature inside your home. If you have a box-type air conditioner, you are probably looking for other types of air conditioning systems that will best suit your home needs.

Here are the common types of AC systems available today:

Evaporative Cooling

This option best suits homes in Australia’s southern states. An evaporative cooling system works well in low humidity because the air can better absorb the water vapour that this machine emits. It consumes less energy than other AC types because only the small water pump and the fan need power. This operates as an efficient ventilation system as it pumps fresh air in and stale air out, thus making it beneficial for those with asthma or allergies.

Ducted Units

Ducted air conditioning systems allow you to control multiple rooms with just one unit, sort of like the centralised air conditioner in your office. Though this is common in commercial buildings, it can be installed in homes as well. With an LCD control, you can enjoy a quiet, efficient, and clean AC system in your home.

Split System

A lot of modern homes have these adaptable heating and cooling systems. A condenser unit is installed outside, while the evaporator is mounted on your wall or ceiling. A pipe with refrigerant liquid connects the two units so all the parts work to regulate indoor temperature. A technician that also offers home air conditioning repairs in Sydney and other major cities can install this in your home.

Inverter System

An inverter system is one of the most efficient air conditioning options available today. It consumes significantly less power and thus provides energy savings for your home. While fixed speed AC systems deliver specific amounts of cool air, inverter systems does so in different ranges, allowing you to adjust indoor temperature according to comfort level.

You can consult your Sydney expert in home air conditioning repairs and options to better understand these AC systems. Understand how each one fits your need to maximise your money’s worth.