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Outperforming SEO Competition

What to Do When Your SEO Game is Outperformed

Outperforming SEO CompetitionYou’ve been outperformed! You know it too well, but you’re just denying it. The online world can be a tough place for your business now that many enterprises are flocking into it and starting to claim their own territories. But, being outperformed shouldn’t crush your soul; it should inspire you to do better.

Getting back on track means a lot of things. Start by learning how your competitor’s faring. Many SEO companies recommend doing a comprehensive Competitive SEO analysis. Here are some things to consider:

Who You’re Fighting With

You won’t put up a good fight if you don’t know who your competitors are. Maybe you have one or two rivals in mind, but there can actually be more than that. To identify your competitors, run a simple keyword research. Use your set of keywords and see the websites on the top results pages.

Identifying Where You’re Outranked

Once you’ve identified your tough competitors (a.k.a. the first pagers), look at their websites and examine the basic elements. These are the keywords, the number of backlinks, their social media profiles and their blogs. You can use some free tools to assess their online pages.

Their Traffic

You can’t check their traffic directly, but you can make some educated guesses. These figures will help you identify where their traffic is coming from. Better yet, you can come up with plans on how to steal their prospects with these figures.

Creating the Table

You should create a table that lists all your top competitors. The strengths and weaknesses should be enumerated under each competitor. This table will provide you a bird’s eye point of view in analysing everything.

After the analysis, come up with techniques to get back on track. But, before you even implement your techniques, you should run a few tests to increase your chances of landing on the first page.

lady plumber

Facing the Stereotypes: Lady Plumbers are Fighting Head-On

lady plumberThe world may be screaming for equality among men and women, but it is no secret that there still jobs dominated by men. This includes plumbing. How many times have you called plumbing contractors in your area to fix your leaking pipe or broken boiler and have a lady plumber knocking on your front door? Have you actually talked to a female plumber asking if she can take a look at your boiler? If you have, did you act as if it was normal or were you surprised or even raised your eyebrow as majority would expect?

While gender stereotypes are still rampant in this age and men and women are still debating as to who is better at which job, it is very inspiring to know that there are women who are proud to be part of male-dominated plumbing industry and are very much willing to defy these stereotypes. San Diego plumbing contractors have the list below:

  • Hattie Hasan – She is a West-Yorkshire based woman who started plumbing 20 years ago. She started her own plumbing company in 1990 to support women plumbers and further promote the field to women.
  • Lorraine Dotchin – She is a former IT manager in her 40’s who chose to be a plumber instead. She studied plumbing courses and training, and then decided to start her own plumbing business.
  • Mary Jean Anderson – She may not do the actual plumbing, but she is well-respected in this field. Her company is one of the top woman-owned businesses in the area.
  • Khawla Al Sheikh – One of the proud Jordanians who trained plumbing with USAID’s help. She took the course to promote water resource management in her community while earning income through repairing plumbing systems.

Women in male-dominated jobs are always put under a microscope and are known targets of stereotyping. But, it is truly inspiring to see that there are some who are willing to face these challenges head-on to prove themselves.

bendix corporation

The Contributions of the Bendix

bendix corporationFew places in Indiana have as much history as the South Bend International Airport. The place hosted plenty of firsts in American aviation history, and even became a destination for presidents, celebrities, and war heroes. But, while events on the ground were enough to grab the attention of historians and travelers alike, these were nothing compared the things that happened in the skies.

The History in the Skies

The next time you stay in one of the in hotels near the South Bend Indiana airport, know that you will also be near where records were made, broken, and give birth to legends of aviation. The South Bend Airport was a popular stop on the biggest proving ground for airplanes during the 1930s: the Bendix.

The Bendix was a race across the country, which starts in Burbank, California and ends in Cleveland, Ohio. The purpose of the race was to push engineers to build faster, more reliable and durable planes that pushed the boundaries of what people can do in the air. The participants didn’t know it at the time, but their efforts became important cogs in how future events played out in two different ways.

The Bendix War Advantage

The Bendix benefitted from the popularity of aviation in Europe and gave the famous aviators of the continent the opportunity to display their skills in foreign skies. This built camaraderie between pilots that proved essential a few years later when the world entered the Second World War.

The Bendix allowed engineers to experiment with the known boundaries of aeronautic design, accelerating the industry’s development. When air control became a major advantage in the war, both the British and the Americans were in step with the technology of the Germans.

Women of the Bendix

The Bendix was also one of the first events that allowed women to participate. Some of the most famous female aviators took part in the race, and embedded themselves in history soon after.

Amelia Earhart was the first woman to enter the race and finished fifth in 1935, two years before her disappearance. Louis Thaden and Blanche Noyes, two of the first ten women to get a pilot’s license in America, won the race in 1936. Laura Ingalls, winner of the Harmon trophy, came in second that same year. Finally, Jacqueline Cochran, the greatest female aviator of her generation, won the race while setting new transcontinental speed altitude records in 1938.

The Bendix doesn’t exist anymore, with the last race flown in 1962, but the iconic trophy was brought back in 1998 to honor the people who’ve made significant contribution to aeronautic safety.

Retirement Life

A New Beginning: What to Expect Upon Retirement

Retirement LifeRetirement is one of those things that seem unreal in your 20s, something you mostly ignore in your 30s, but certainly looming in your 40s and 50s. Recently though, young people have become savvier when it comes to handling money so some have actually started preparing for their retirement as early as their mid-20s.

Apparently, working on a retirement plan as early as you can has its benefits. For one, professionals can retire early and are more prepared for the surprises that retirement brings. And there are plenty of surprises.

North Carolina offers a pretty good retirement package whether you start early or you start late with your planning. cites that NC’s retirement scheme enables professionals to ease into retirement without much hitch. There are packages that offer Coble Healthcare, Memory Care, Adult Day Care, and Rehabilitation Services.

Being prepared monetarily is one thing, though, and being prepared psychologically is another. One of the things that actually surprise retirees is the amount of time they have on their hands and how it can unbelievably overwhelming once you find yourself with nothing to do. It’s like looking at a new life and you have to fill all these hours and days and weeks with something other than work. Therefore, it is advisable to have a game plan prior to retiring.

Some choose to dive into things that they have always been passionate about, like travelling, creating art, or writing. Others start a new business with their retirement pay. One of the misconceptions about retiring is that it is the end of days, that it is the beginning of an end. One should realize that retirement offers a chance to build a new life. It is an exciting chapter waiting to be filled with new adventures.

Granted that you have done your homework well in advance and that your NC retirement plans have made it possible to actually enjoy life, you must remember that retirement can either be a rough transition or an easy one depending on how well prepared you are. The big piece of advice perhaps is that it is never too early to worry about post-retirement plans, and be realistic and be ready for a new set of adventures.

It is definitely not the end but more like a new happy beginning.

Getting to Know Utah

Welcome to the Beehive State: Getting to Know Utah

Getting to Know UtahNot satisfied without your current place? You can always find a better place that suits your lifestyle and needs. If you’re looking for a new home, why not go west to Utah? It’s the right state if you’re starting your own business or just looking for a good place to nurture a family.

It’s not that hard to get a house in the state. It ranks 13th in size, but it’s only 33rd in population and the 10th in least dense. You can find different properties for sale in Utah on sites like The Roxburgh Group. Nevertheless, you can also visit the state and see it for yourself while looking for a place.

Local Food and Drinks

If you love fries and dip, then you’ll like it in Utah. They have a local staple that residents have come to love: the fry sauce. It’s basically just ketchup and mayo. Despite its simplicity, it has a unique taste. Don’t be surprised if you see a local eating green Jell-O with shredded carrots mixed in; it’s one of their sought-after food items.

Utah has a very strict law about alcohol. That doesn’t mean, however, they have limited drinks. In fact, they have some of the strongest beers, along with top breweries and distilleries in the country.

Favorite Places and Settings

More than the food, the Beehive State has exceptional landscapes and outlooks. Utah is even regarded as having one of the best snows in the world. This is backed by scientific researches, saying it has the perfect blend of powder and salt, which is the best for skiing and other snow activities.

If you’re into skiing and snowboarding, you’ll consider the Park City as a haven. It has many trails to ski around, plus the national team practices are held there. Speaking of parks, there is also the Zion National Park, which houses different sceneries, such as waterfalls and canyons. This is a perfect place for hiking and outdoor adventures. At night, you can make your way up one of the mountains for star gazing.

There are more things that you can discover in Utah once you live there. Find out the unique features of the Beehive State and its cities by paying it a visit today.

investment jobs

Job Creation Requirements for EB-5 Investor Visa Program

investment jobsAre you planning to apply for a green card through an EB-5 Investor Visa Program? Then you should be aware that the amount – $1 million for general qualifying investments or $500,000 for rural and high unemployment areas – isn’t all it takes. You have to create or preserve jobs for the investment you’ll make. This means that you need to either create your own business or invest in an existing business to qualify. Here are the job requirements you’ll need to fulfill when applying for an EB-5 visa:

Create or Preserve Full-Time Jobs

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) specified that investors planning to apply for an EB 5 Immigration Visa should create or preserve at least 10 full-time positions for qualified US workers. They should be a US citizen, asylee, refugee, or lawful permanent resident (LPR). These should take place within the two years of their conditional permanent residency and arrival to the US. There are also instances when the USCIS allows a reasonable amount of time after the two-year residency period.

Create or Preserve Direct or Indirect Jobs

The jobs created through EB-5 should make successful direct investments. Applicants for this visa investor program should prove that the capital they invested leads to the creation of direct or indirect jobs. If you’re planning to create jobs for non-immigrant workers or even your family members, then you won’t qualify.

  • Direct Jobs –These are real identifiable jobs for qualified employees in the US. The location should be within the commercial enterprise where you’ve invested your capital.
  • Indirect Jobs – These are jobs created collaterally or can also be the result of capital invested in connections at regional centers.

These job requirements are only some of the things you should take note of when applying for an EB-5 investor visa. Make sure you’re aware before applying to decide whether you should invest or create your own business.


Fire and Water: Climate Change Threatening Australia’s Water Supply

The frequency and intensity of stordryms and other extreme weather disturbances is threatening Australia’s drinking water supply. This is news confirmed by a study conducted by Australian and US suppliers.

Analysis of 41 water utilities in Australia and the US—including Sydney Water and Melbourne Water—found that the quality of water reserves are put at a higher risk by a combination of extreme weather events, rather than just a single event. A drought followed by bushfires and then a flood, for example, are bigger threats to water supplies compared to a storm.

Water Supply and Climate Change

The climate change-driven threat may affect not just the quality of drinking water, but also its availability. Droughts, heatwaves, rainfall, bushfires, and severe storm—the more of these extreme events come together, the greater the impact on water quality.

When cool water rushes into your local water reservoir, it stirs up nutrients from the bottom, triggering an algae outbreak. Such was the case of Warragamba Dam, Sydney’s main water reservoir, back in 2007.

Contaminants and Filtration

Desalination plants, although expensive, are likely to be necessary safety measures should water quality be threatened by extreme weather. Experts are also considering if addition of extra chlorine in local water supplies for a short period may be necessary to ensure clean water supplies.

Homeowners are also encouraged to employ safety measures of their own. Installing a multi-stage under sink water filter system is a great first step.

Stepping it Up for Water Security

Australia is fairly well-prepared to defend its water supply against any threats. Experts, however, say much still has to be done to limit those risks. Diversifying the water supply and establishing overarching principles to ensure safety are some of the suggested steps.

Extreme weather events are nothing new. With their increasing frequency, however, it’s best to be aware of its growing threat, especially when it comes to something as essential as drinking water.

Visiting Bridlington

Visiting Bridlington? You Must See These Sites!

Visiting BridlingtonBridlington is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United Kingdom. That is why there are a number of holiday cottage rental services here, all ready to provide accommodation for travellers in search of a great holiday adventure.

Here are a few must-see sites in Bridlington that should definitely be part of your itinerary.

1. RSPB Bempton Cliffs

Among the attractions at the RSPB Bempton Cliffs are the over 200,000 kinds of seabirds (such as gannets and kittiwakes) that call the cliffs their home. The seasons also have a profound effect on the sea and the overall mood of the area. A wildlife showcase and scenic walk in one, and a must-visit, for sure.

2. Bayle Museum

Possessing rich history that dates back to 1143, the Bayle Museum was originally a prison, a court, a school, a meeting area for prominent leaders, and even a garrison. Nowadays, however, the museum – named after the French word for “ward” or “enclosure” – remains a testament to Bridlington’s historical and architectural wonders. It’s definitely a tourist favourite.

3. Flamborough Lighthouse

Built in 1806, the Flamborough Lighthouse guides deep-sea vessels and helps maintain traffic for vessels headed towards the Scarborough and Bridlington ports. Vacationing visitors may go on one of the many organised tours to get a good look at the impressive Lighthouse.

4. Sewerby Hall and Gardens

The East Riding of Yorkshire Council owns and cares for the Sewerby Hall and Gardens, keeping it an attractive tourist spot. The place features a mini-zoo and some well-maintained garden areas.

5. Rotunda Museum

This attraction is perfect for children and dinosaur enthusiasts alike. See fossils straight from the Jurassic and Cretaceous eras, and experience firsthand the wonders of the age of the dinosaurs. The museum features interactive displays, scale models, and of course, fossils of prehistoric flora and fauna.

These are but a few of the many attractions waiting for you at Bridlington. What are you waiting for? Book your holiday cottage reservation today!

Room Makeovers

Room Makeovers: Bringing Texture in Modern Spaces

Room MakeoversLines have always been the main focus of modern designs. This concept highlights minimalism above all else, so as to bring out the beauty in simplicity. But this does not mean the space should look too plain. There is a fine line between beautiful minimalism and downright dullness.

So how do you ensure your home belongs to the former? It’s fairly simple: add texture. Check out these different ways to do that:

Play with Paint

A fresh paint coat can make a big difference with how your room looks. But paint isn’t just about the colour, as it also dictates the texture or feel of an area. says a textured paint coat has the power to redefine the appearance of your home. Just imagine an accent wall with textured paint smack right in the middle of a plain white living room. The design not only stand out, it also has an air of fullness due to the presence of multiple textures.

Replace the Rugs

If you think your home needs an extra dash of texture, chances are you have rugs that are way too plain. That is, if you have any rugs at all. In any case, be sure to spruce up the area with a new carpet. As long as you know where to put the rugs, this is fairly easy.

So why do this, you ask? The soft texture of fabric blends well with the smooth, hard appearance of your floor. Pair this with the plain shade of the walls and you have the perfect formula for a charming modern room. Moreover, rugs help define the different areas of your home.

Show some Steel

It’s time to show some love for industrial elements. Yes, the rough texture of steel can be a good thing for your home’s interior. This is because steel establishes some form of contrast with the sleek and clean lines of the space. As a result, the design scheme shifts the focus on the simplicity of raw materials, which is the main asset of a modern design.

Sometimes, a few tweaks are what a home needs to look great. In the case of modern homes, be sure to incorporate some texture to make your living space more visually appealing.