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red light therapy

Can Light Heal Cancer?

red light therapyIt’s common knowledge that light and colour have a physiological effect on people. Certain hues can influence moods, which in turn can have significant effects on their health and well-being. There have been studies going into the physical benefits of applying light directly to problem areas and easing the pain, but can there be more to this light therapy than people anticipate. Can light therapy help treat cancer?

Let There be Light Therapy

Companies such as Red Light Therapy promote the physical benefits of light therapy for both people and animals. According to their website, the specific wavelength of the LED light improves blood circulation by increasing the formation of new capillaries.

These companies claim that their products help ease swelling, relax muscles, and clean degenerated cells. But, they stop short of saying it can help more serious ailments such as cancer. A new study from NASA may shed some light on the more exciting effects of light therapy concerning one of the most feared illnesses of the modern world.

Less Pain, More Gain

According to the study, light has no effect of the cancer cells themselves, but can help with the pain that comes along with treatments. The study of the space age technology was originally meant to see the effects of light on plant growth in space, but found something else. The lights were easing the pain of the cancer patients undergoing their treatments.

Most medical professionals don’t consider chemotherapy and radiation treatment as true solutions for cancer, as both methods are simply a matter of choosing the lesser evil. These treatments don’t necessarily make patients better; they’re essentially trying to kill the cancer before they kill the patient.

Some cancer survivors say the pain of going through the treatments is sometimes much worse than the cancer itself. This is an unfortunate statement, as treating people should make them feel better about getting healthy, and not worse. Fortunately, with the inclusion of light therapy into the radiation treatments, it’s possible to make the ordeal of the treatments easier to bear.

Hearing Aids

What Your Gadgets May be Doing to You

Hearing AidsIt is not uncommon these days to find people shuttling around, seemingly oblivious of everything, eyes pinned down on their phones and with their ears shut tight with earphones. To them, the world just whizzes by and with the music on their music players effectively shutting out any noise from the outside; they have created their own space everywhere they go.

They are there, in the middle of the crowd, but at the same time, they aren’t. The gadgets have effectively created a bubble around them. They are alone even when physically surrounded by people.

Indeed, these new gadgets, no matter how good they are at connecting people, are also in some way ironically letting us alienate ourselves not just from people, but from our surroundings. They do have the tendency to make our senses dull. For example, the eyes, which are supposedly focused on where we are heading and the activities in our surroundings, are distractedly glued to the phone or iPad. Our ears, which should be quick to pick up noise from the streets is dulled by the constant barrage of noise coming from the mp3 player.

Other than the psychological and emotional repercussions, more importantly, these habits affect the well-being of our physical senses. In fact, it is no wonder that eye and ear problems are not uncommon these days. In Los Angeles alone, one can easily find kids and young professionals complaining about their dulling senses. That is why now more than ever it is best to have yearly ENT check-ups to make sure all things are well.

Of course, it is always easy to procure eye glasses and proper hearing aids, but the goal should be to have a healthy pair of eyes and ears. After all, it wouldn’t hurt to leave the phone and the mp3 players at home every once in a while.

Ultimately, the trick is to use the five senses in the best way possible. Avoid the high tech distractions of everyday life and for once drink in the chaos and the beauty of the surroundings. It just might be as fun as playing games on the phone or listening to rock music with a pair of earphones. And best of all, you may stave off the years when you will be shopping for hearing aids. Now that would be an altogether fabulous reward.


Email Marketing Hacks: The Best Practices to Drive Conversion

emailOne common practice that marketers use to promote their brand is email marketing. When done right, it is an effective way to market your product and expand the reach of your brand.

Unfortunately, your target needs to open them for your e-mail marketing campaigns to have a chance at being effective. Otherwise, it gets treated as spam. This is where it gets tricky. Everything from the subject line right down to the email content needs to be catchy and have substantial content to grab attention. In addition, email marketing needs to cause action on the recipient’s end in order to be good and give you the conversions you need for business.

Bambrick Media lists these essential email marketing hacks to drive your conversion rates:

Subject Line – you need to spark curiosity right at the onset. After grabbing the reader’s attention, you then need to keep it by offering something different. Tell them about offers such as limited promotions, new items and features and upcoming events that will make them read on and take action.

Personalised Mails – Use a tone that speaks directly to your recipient. This way, they will not treat your email as spam.

Provide Choices – Always provide your recipients with choices regarding your announcements. Beware though. Do not provide too many choices. While you may think that something catering to every person may be the way to go, it can actually serve to confuse and drive down conversion.

Encourage Sharing – Always give your recipients a reason to forward your mail. When you give them a reason to forward your email, it creates a ripple effect that can go on and on. This gives you a great opportunity to reach the widest audience possible without having to exert too much effort.

Conversion is the bottom line of business. Experts can talk all they want about other factors, but if your tactics fail to convert, then it is all for nought. Keep these hacks in mind when launching your email marketing campaign.


Practical Considerations When Adding a Conservatory to Your Home

ConservatoryInstalling a conservatory is popular these days, as many homeowners decide to add one to make the most of their garden. A conservatory is a big financial investment, and its cost varies depending on the chosen construction materials.

If you’re considering a conservatory in your home, but you’re not prepared to oversee the construction process, it’s better to seek the expertise of a conservatory company. They will be in charge of all the aspects of the project, which include dealing with building regulations.

Below are some practical considerations when adding a conservatory:


It’s important to choose the right materials for the frame. Traditionally, aluminium or hardwood is used for conservatories.


You can heat a conservatory through electrical under floor heating or water. For alternatives, you can duct the heat through decorative grilles that are set up around the floor edge. You can also extend the central heating with radiators shaped against low walls. Make sure to operate the heating of the conservatory on a separate thermostat and circuit to the primary boiler.


To protect furnishings, it’s advisable to use blinds. They’re important, as they maintain an even temperature the whole year and also provide privacy. You may choose Pinoleum blinds made from strips of wood, fabric roller blinds or retractable pleated blinds. Ask an expert to fit the blinds. For high windows, fitting an operating system is also necessary.


Choose practical and durable flooring for your conservatory. Natural stone flooring and ceramic-tile are your best bet.


Double glazed windows can reduce draughts and prevent heat from escaping easily. They help in making the overall temperature in your conservatory more comfortable. They also give an added insulation. Double glazed windows are perfect if your property is facing a busy main road.


For roofing, you can go for a polycarbonate roof or a glass roof. Polycarbonate roofs have a life expectancy of 10 years or less, and they’re more affordable than their glass counterparts. They may be a better choice, especially if you’re working on a strict budget, but they’re not as aesthetically pleasing as glass.

Building a conservatory can add more living space to your property without having to move to a bigger home. Look for a conservatory company near you and enjoy a sophisticated conservatory addition to your property.

warehouse clutter

The Productivity Killer: How to Reduce Clutter in Your Warehouse

warehouse clutterYou notice that your employees feel exhausted and gloomy, and it seems there’s something wrong with the way your team acts. Your workers may already look bored with their repetitive tasks, but there may be another reason for their sudden change in behaviour. The problem is probably due to your messy environment.

Research shows there is a link between clutter and productivity. Keeping your workplace clean and tidy is important. You have to make sure you are maintaining the right environment for your workers.

Let this article help you reduce clutter.

Move Old Equipment into Storage

Is your warehouse full of junk you can’t even find the telephone or the industrial stapler?

Too many things in your surroundings are unsightly. This is the reason you have to make an effort to become more environmentally efficient. The first step you should take is to remove all old items and store them in a secure place. Industry expert suggests hiring a sea container transport for your storage needs. Whether it’s a rusty cabinet or an unused forklift, it’s best to store old items that you haven’t used for a few months now.

Set Regular Cleaning Goals

With a demanding work, strict deadline and busy schedule, it’s no secret that many business owners have no time to deal with clutter. One solution is to require your employees to clean as they go or assign them a cleaning zone. This may sound simple, but the difficult part is putting things back in the same location. Set aside time weekly to educate your employees for the certain cleaning time.

Designate a Space for Documents

Seeing piles of papers every day can be stressful for you and your employees. Concentrating on work and finding important things can be difficult in a messy work area. For some business owners, their solution is to get rid of all the documents to free up the area. Throwing away a bunch of papers is a good idea, until you realise you need some of them. To prevent such situations, start scanning your files and determine a space for them.

You will feel the energetic vibe of your employees once you create a clutter-free space. Keep your warehouse clean, and you will feel refreshed, motivated and less stressed out.

furniture fade

Interior Fading: Why Your Furniture is Losing Colour

furniture fadeIf you live in Australia or any country near the Tropic of Capricorn, then you’re dealing with more sunlight than many other locations on the planet. About 87% of the heat from the sun goes through windows. This doesn’t only cause discomfort, but also interior damage that might lead to costly repairs and restorations.

What are the Causes of Interior Fading?

1. Ultraviolet Light (40%) –Fading is due to the chemical properties of your furniture. Dyes have light absorbing bodies, also known as chromophores. The colours you see on dyes are the result of chemical bonds and the amount of light absorbed at a specific wavelength. UV rays break down such chemical bonds, leading to photo degradation.

2. Visible Light (25%) – Unlike UV light, there are rays of sunlight that you can actually see and are visible only ona sunny day. As light and heat penetrate the window, homeowners prefer using a darker window film. Australia is experiencing some of the worst cases of heat waves after all.

3. Heat (25%) – Even if the sunlight doesn’t hit your furniture directly, fading can still take place. Indoor temperature is enough to break down paints, stains, and pigments. Most properties have “hot spots” where a specific area overheats due to the lack of circulation. Regardless if your furniture is near the window or not, it can still fade depending on its location indoors.

4. Others (10%) – Natural wear and tear, including surface cleaning, humidity, age of materials used, and the constant use of furniture, also causes fading.

How can You Prevent Interior Fading?

Solar radiation is one of the leading causes of fading. Many households use curtains, draperies, and shutters to block this completely. In some cases, however, homeowners feel that these are sacrificing the aesthetics of their property. They hire experts to install window films, tints, and reflective glass instead.

Interior fading is mainly due to the sun, but there are ways to prevent it from doing further damage. Choose the type of window treatment according to preference to extend the lifespan of your furniture.

retail store layout

More than Just a Plan: Excellent Store Layouts and Increased Sales

retail store layoutRetail managers in Australia and across the globe know that there is so much more to the layout of a store than what most people think. Efficient retail operations consist of various elements, from interaction with the customers to inventory management. But, if you want to maximise your operations and increase sales, you have to pay more attention to the floor plan.

Sensory Experience

Despite the rise of ecommerce stores, nothing compares to the unique and authentic experienceof shopping at an actual retail outlet. Customers can step into the store, and be transported to another realm just with an efficient floor layout. This sensory experience is one of the chief reasons many still make a bee line to the store rather than sit inside their house and add to their virtual carts.

Your goal should be to give every customer a positive and inviting welcome as soon as they walk in. If you offer produce or baked goods, for example, you might want to put some items near the entrance. They can stimulate the senses of anyone entering your store, making a strong impression early on. You are in for a good start if your goal is to make them stay longer.

The Importance of Being Organised

Organisation and order are also highly valued in retail store operations. Many expert shop fitters Perth store operators rely on recommend making a thorough item stacking system. This starts with having proper shelving and other merchandising solutions. Good thing there are various fitting options you can choose from to modernise your store.

What makes buyer purchase items are not just based on rational decisions. The environment can also play a huge role in enticing them and making them want to go back in the future. With a good store layout and shelving solutions, you can give your customers a pleasant shopping experience they would never forget.

house construction

First Time’s The Charm: Building and Choosing Your First Home

house constructionFirst impressions, as they say, last. The same is true for homes, as choosing the right home is an essential part of setting down your roots, and a tangible identity of your family.

Building (or buying, whichever is appropriate) your first home is often perceived as a daunting task. This is not necessarily the case, as there are certain guidelines to remember when faced with the choice. As always, the idea is to do your research, preferably online at first, but for some general advice, you can read on.

Location is paramount

The location of a home has been always, and for some people, the only, priority. To begin, you can try finding a location that sits at a comfortable distance from work without being near the hustle and bustle of a city. Good examples include the master planned communities of Manor Lakes, situated 36 kilometres from Melbourne, in Wyndham Vale.

Other location considerations include distance from friends, other family members, and leisure. Try to look for transportation options as well, such as rail or bus, which would come in handy when you cannot use a car.

Community perks

The second on the list is infrastructure; projects with a master plan are better at providing extra benefits to their constituents. Factors include schools or childcare centres and shopping locations. Stick to a location where the projected property rests at a convenient point linking these, and can deliver public spaces such as walks, parks, and well-lit streets.

Know your budget

Budgets are one of the biggest, but certainly not the only, concern. A flexible budget allows you to make realistic assumptions on the type of house or land package you want. Look for additional financing options, like government assistance packages and the First Home Owners Grant. Communicate with your contractor so that you know exactly what your money is buying.

Building up steam

Find the right builder. Check if the builder has the necessary qualifications and licence most of all, but look into their previous projects and the clients who hired them. A good builder understands what you want, and backs it with the skills necessary to deliver you your dream home.

First homes are usually frustrating, and for others, downright intimidating. Prepare well, however, and it will take the teeth out of its bite.

A Guide for IT Businesses: Here’s How You Build a Data Center

data centerAs almost everything is now running on the information superhighway that is the Internet, people now live in a world that holds a big amount of data. Realizing this may make you wonder how many computers and servers are there to accommodate all these. The more pressing question is, “How many data centers are out there?”

When putting this matter in the context of IT business, decision-makers and important personnel are concerned with the design and structure of facilities that will house their gadgets and gizmos. While this is carefully thought of, some data center builders still stick with the old designs and methods. But, as the world advances, it’s only wise to go for designs that are cost-effective and energy-efficient. Here are some things you need to keep in mind in case you plan to rebuild your data center.

Site Selection

The site is the number one factor to consider. It should suit the industrial design and engineering requirements of your facility. When choosing a site, always keep the following elements in mind: power, back-up power, and fire protection. On top of that, you should consider the leasing cost and the likelihood of incurring high outlays for operations.


Data equipment and systems are getting more complex. But, it doesn’t mean you have to come up with a complicated blueprint. Just keep it simple. If you want to minimize the use of hardware, you can consolidate computing capabilities by using a single machine or application. This doesn’t only help you save money, but it also prevents your facility from looking cluttered. You can also discount the use of silos if you want to reduce the number of staffers. A simple yet sophisticated data center makes facility management a whole lot easier.

“Cooling” Down

The air and cooling system is another important factor in building an efficient data center. A cool temperature will keep machines and servers from being overworked, which in turn reduces the need for more energy. This ultimately reduces your bills, too. Look at how Facebook has done it.

These are only some of the things you need to consider when building a data center. You may consult an architect and an electrical engineer to improve your plans.

primary teacher

Mastering the Art: What You Need to Be an Effective Teacher

primary teacherTeaching is a demanding yet enjoyable profession. It gives you the chance to plant the seed of knowledge to the young minds and keep you abreast of the latest improvements in the educational system. Apart from the knowledge and skills you acquired in school, you have to share with your students all the good things you’ve learned.

As a teacher, you will need access to all of the things that will make you effective and efficient.

Interest and Enthusiasm

Some teachers had the aspiration to become a master of young generations during their childhood years, while others discovered their interest while in college. No matter where in these categories you belong, you should have developed the interest and enthusiasm that will define you as an effective teacher.

An energetic and dynamic person is more likely to convey the message effectively. You must have enough self-confidence and love for what you are doing. If you enjoy teaching, then your students will enjoy listening and learning from you.

Teaching Resources

Even if you are confident that you have what it takes to be a good teacher, you still need to learn every day. There might be some changes in the curriculum and you should stay informed. This is particularly true if you are teaching in a primary school. Gaining access to resources a primary teacher in Australia needs will help improve your teaching skills.


Being a good example for your students is the best way to take part in their development. Be the first to exercise the good things you are teaching and the children will do it too. Abide by the rules you and your institution have set, so students will understand why those rules exist and why they should follow.

Becoming a teacher is not a choice; it is a calling. Do what it takes to become as effective as you can be, and you will see how the seed of knowledge you planted has flourished.