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Crisis Planning: Preparing for the Unexpected

Unexpected events can have a devastating effect on business. Crises such as floods, fires, or IT system failure can make it difficult for your company to get tasks done and full daily productivity requirements.

The need for a plan is clear, but as the exact likelihood is indistinct, many business officials put it off. Crisis planning, however, is simply realistic and prepares you for anything that can happen in the future. In the event of any emergency, it can help you manage problems more successfully.

Define the Scope of Crisis

NetworkThe most important part of crisis planning is to identify potential crises that may affect your business. Make sure to figure out ways to minimise risks and draft a business continuity plan. You can create a set of crises or situations to serve as a guide in the planning process. This can help you cope with a crisis easier and minimises disruption to the business and customers.

Designating a Crisis Team

Put together a crisis team to establish an effective response strategy. You can create an organisational chart that starts with the crisis communication team leader, cascading down to other members and their respective roles in the team. Depending on the severity of the crisis, one person could take on several roles or you could hire consultants to help you. You can also consult an asset maintenance company to help you establish the best practices and optimise organisational processes.

Document Everything

Keep records of everything, including minutes of the crisis management team meetings and conferences. This will help you establish a solid basis for addressing problems. It is also advisable to conduct a post-crisis review to assess how it was handled and to suggest changes in the procedures.

Notify the Team

Team notification is an important part of an effective crisis communication plan. Create a chart on how would you notify your employees and how the team will respond. Take note of who informs who, with what detail and by what means.

While no one wants a crisis to happen, you must acknowledge that bad things can happen and the results can be devastating. Crisis planning will not only help prepare for the unexpected, but also boost the morale of your company, including customer enthusiasm.

Tap water

Chlorine in Australian Tap Water: Should You Be Worried?

Tap water in Australia may contain different contaminants, which could affect the appearance, smell, and taste of drinking water. Chlorine is in the water too. Many people think that having this chemical in their water supply is unsafe. They often forget, though, that it’s also responsible for removing harmful microorganisms that cause cholera, dysentery, and typhoid.

Is It Safe to Drink Water from the Tap?

Tap waterTap water is safe to drink, as the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)and other governing bodies require suppliers to follow specific regulations before its distribution. The only thing you have to worry is when contaminants make their way to your water supply through rain, surface run-off, and erosion of natural deposits.

Fortunately, households and commercial areas can solve this problem on their own too. All you have to do is buy a carbon block, sediment, or ceramic filter for water purifiers to reduce the levels of chlorine and organic contaminants significantly.

Is Chlorine in Drinking Water Life-Threatening?

Chlorine is indeed a hazardous chemical, but only to a certain extent. If you inhale chlorine gas or intake concentrated sources like household bleach, for instance, that’s the time when it’s life threatening. These could lead to vomiting, a coma, or even death.

According to the Cancer Council of Western Australia, chlorine dissolves in water to form hypochlorous acid (HOCl), hypochlorite ion (OCl-), and Trihalomethanes (chloroform). These can disinfect drinking water, as they’re toxic to microorganisms. Drinking water in Australia only has 0.1 to 4.0 of chlorine per litre (mg/L). As long as your supplier follows the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines – below 5.0mg/L – then you’re safe.

Chlorine has both good and bad effects, so don’t make conclusions immediately. If you’re knowledgeable about its use, you don’t have to worry about the negative and focus more on the positive. This way, you can maximise it and promote safer drinking water.

Wrought iron gate

Home Invasion: 3 Psychological Deterrents to Home Invaders

There is a low chance that an invasion will happen in your home, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared. Bad people are becoming bolder and more aggressive.

If you think it will never happen to you, think again. It’s still important to prepare yourself for those rare contingencies. Preventing home invasions can be a daunting task, but it simply involves smart strategies to psychologically deter invaders from entering your home.

Install a Gate

Wrought iron gate“This is my house; this is my property”—this is what you tell outsiders when you have a gate in front of your house. Even a 3-foot gate creates a psychological boundary that deters intruders. People are going to be reluctant to climb that gate. Invaders prefer the easy way, which means that they will most likely choose a house that only has a porch and a door.

Some gates in Perth like those from are made of strong and solid-cast aluminium. Unlike wrought iron gates, these are easy to install but still provide a high level of security for your home.

Get a Guard Dog

A dog won’t make your home fully secure, but it can make it look less approachable. Intruders generally do not like those four-legged animals, especially those that can inflict damage. Bigger dogs are better, but the little ones can also bark when they sense unwanted presence near the house. You don’t need to have a trained guard dog—you just need one that intruders will be scared of.

If you don’t like or want dogs, post a “beware of the dog” sign anyway. It makes intruders think twice about entering your home.

Switch On Lights

When you’re gone, don’t make it seem like you are. Make it seem like someone is in the house, even if you are gone for just the weekend. Consider how your home will appear from the outside—this means you have to switch on some lights. Intruders will most likely pick the dark house to enter. Leave the porch light on or the bedroom light on.

If leaving the light on for 24 hours doesn’t seem like a good idea, consider replacing outdoor lights with those with motion sensors. Home invaders will think someone turned on the lights to see what’s going on.

Be mindful though, that home invaders are not all stupid people. Underestimating what they can do puts your family at risk. Remember that securing your home is not all about paranoia, but about preparation for potential dangers.

Bungalow roof

The Modern Home: 3 Ways to Avoid Costly Roof Repairs

Many homeowners tend to overlook the restoration and repair needs of their roofs. This leads to serious damage in the long term, catching them off guard during bad weather. So it is important to employ precautionary measures to ensure the safety of your family in your own home. Plus, some preventive measures can save you from costlier repairs.

Here are three ways to avoid most roofing problems:

For tricky roof jobs, hire a professional

Bungalow roofPeeling shingles are a serious problem already, so don’t let this situation worsen. With the harsh weather that hits your roof every year, most of the tricky jobs it needs should be done by a professional. Make sure that you hire roof repair professionals Perth homeowners trust. Ask around the neighbourhood for referrals, especially from homeowners with recent home restoration and those with older houses.

Frequently monitor your roof condition

The gutter system of a house allows water to move down to the proper drainage pipes. It is a dreadful task, however, to clean and regularly monitor the gutters, but it is more important to do this and stay away from serious roof issues. Make sure that you do it a couple of times a year, during the fall and spring seasons, to make the task easier. Cleaning your gutter only once or not at all may eventually drain your wallet with unexpected roof repair expenses and damage to other parts of the house.

Immediately fix your roof problems

With the first symptoms of roof issues, you tend to neglect or overlook a few incidents. This may eventually lead to bigger problems, forcing you to lose more money. As soon as you notice cracks or missing shingles, get your roof fixed already. There’s a good chance a serious roofing problem is underway. Don’t wait until the next storm catches your house off guard; it is easier for it to destroy a house with a weakened roof.

Make sure that you get the professional services of a roof repair company, and preserve the good condition of your roof with regular maintenance. Keep in mind that it is always better to fix your roof as soon as you see visible signs of the problem. Neglecting your roof needs will hurt your budget even more than you anticipated.

knee replacement

Brace Yourself: 3 Ways to Keep Your Knees in Top Shape

knee replacementWe’re all prone to an occasional injury, even well-trained athletes and hardy weekend warriors. Although some might say the right fitness training is enough to keep any injury at bay, there are times when the physical stress becomes too much for your body to handle. Once this happens, you would most likely experience a sharp, searing pain paired with weakened physical capabilities

For this reason, you should know how to keep your body in good condition – starting with your knees. Observe these three simple ways to keep your knees in good shape.

Stay in shape

Your knees are two of the strongest bone structures you have. Each pound you have on your weight puts a pressure equivalent to five pounds on your knee, thus all the extra pounds add up to the load. This is the reason you have to stay fit as much as possible.

Some cases of morbid obesity even lead to a necessary knee replacement procedure to alleviate the pain and preserve leg mobility. Watch your weight to keep your knees in perfect condition.

Take occasional breaks

We all know the necessity of an exercise regimen, but you cannot force yourself to do a hard workout on a daily basis. Apart from speeding up the time when your exercise routine hits a plateau, you also put some extra stress on your body. Overexertion can lead to different overuse injuries, including kneecap pain and tendonitis.

You also expose yourself to acquiring overtraining syndrome, which hampers your performance and increases the risk for injuries.

Be mindful of the pain

Pain is a natural part of life, especially when you exercise regularly. Of course, occasional aches are bearable, but there are cases when the pain becomes too much to handle – to the point where it hinders you from doing what you normally do. You have to listen to the body’s way of warning you that something is wrong. Consult your GP when experiencing severe and/or persistent knee pain.

Take care of your body and it will take care of you. Observe these three ways to keep your knees in top shape to prevent serious injuries later on.


Promoting Economic Growth: Top 3 Cost-Effective Infrastructure Maintenance Strategies

coatingInfrastructure, pavement, railways and sewer systems are the lifeline of a flourishing economy. They are crucial components of economic growth, and important in delivering support services to the greater public, which requires excellent transportation and a convenient way of life.

Infrastructure maintenance, along with economic challenges, is a significant aspect in the development of a country. To prevent failure and asset degradation, it is important to devise infrastructure maintenance strategies.

Using anti-graffiti coatings

Even with legal graffiti practice sites, some artists still go against the law, and use public structures for their artwork. To combat this problem, private and public companies may use anti-graffiti coatings on their properties. Whether solvent or water-based formulations, cost-effective anti-graffiti coatings can help organisations in maintaining quality production processes while cutting down costs, according to

Even with a budget plan, territorial authorities, schools, businesses and private residents can stop graffiti vandalism and prolong asset functionality. There are providers offering their services for less; you just have to shop around before hiring one.

Inspecting systems on a regular basis

Infrastructure and public transportation problems are usually interrelated. When a problem with train railways emerges, it is possible that passenger train sets malfunctioned. So it is important to regularly inspect systems and employ specific maintenance management techniques on different infrastructure classes.

For instance, trains require mechanical and electrical components, which need a reliability-centred approach. Typically concrete and steel static structures, such as tunnels and timber bridges, need constant monitoring and manual inspections.

Creating an inventory

Any maintenance department needs a database of the assets under its responsibility. This inventory includes system attributes, customer service records, and inspection and rehabilitation reports. With a reliable and updated infrastructure inventory, organisations can track which structures need repairing, or which systems require remodelling.

When the level of maintenance does not answer the needs of the infrastructure, assets may deteriorate to a certain level, and may cause accidents or become unusable. With proper and regular maintenance, private and government organisations can prolong infrastructure functionality at minimal costs, contributing to economic growth.

compost bin

Composting 101: Knowing The Proper Composting Procedure

compost binComposting has been a growing trend in preserving the environment. Many individuals have found easy ways to make their own garden compost. They recycle most of their organic household and garden waste while enriching the garden’s soil at the same time. The proper procedure of composting, however, is often neglected, resulting in pest infestation and bacteria growth in backyards.

Many individuals wonder about what to compost and what simple rules should be followed when composting. Identifying which products are fit to undergo composting can save you from unwanted bacteria growth in your own backyard. Here are five materials that you cannot compost and the reasons behind it:

1. Meat Products

Including bones, blood, fish and animal fats, meat products are pest magnets. They simply do not break down and can coat materials and preserve them. Make sure to keep your composting bin free from these materials.

2. Bread Products

Most baked goods, including cakes, pasta and bread also draw interest from rodents and insects. These pests are attracted to the smell of the compost pile. If you put any of these in your pile, it would be as if you had rolled out a red carpet welcome to unwanted pests.

3. Diseased Plants

Keep your composting bin free from diseased plants and garden weeds, as they may silently spread fungal or bacterial problems to your compost pile. You can simply put them straight in your trash bin.

4. Heavily Coated Or Printed Paper

Magazines, catalogs, printed cards and metallic wrapping sheets of paper do not break down easily. These materials may have exotic printing chemicals that can destroy the essence of your compost.

5. Biosolids

As they say, biosolids is a euphemism for sewage sludge or the feces of man and animals. These materials should not be included in your to-compost list, as it can be too risky for your health and for everyone close to the pile. Waste and bedding from non-carnivorous pets, however, should be fine.

It is important to take note of the products that should not be included in the composting process. Maintaining a proper composting approach is vital in keeping pests out of your compost bin and sustain a safe and healthy environment.

Check if the excess water is easily drained from the pile while getting enough sunlight. This ensures a desirable hot temperature for your compost, which discourages pests. Make sure to place your compost in an area with adequate drainage and sunlight—two of the keys to successful composting.

company registration

Crouching Tiger No More: 3 Keys to the Rise of the Philippine Economy

company registrationThe Philippines is known in the international business scene as a possible emerging Asian Tiger Economy for many good reasons. With a stable and booming economy, the country is a prime place for investors and businessmen looking to expand their operations and widen their market reach.

Foreign investors already doing business in the country won’t find it difficult to pinpoint exactly why the Philippines ranks high among South East Asian countries in terms of business opportunities. The following is a brief discussion on some major contributors to the growing confidence of investors in the country:

Diverse Talent Pool

Diverse is one of the best words to describe the ever-industrious Filipino workforce. They are skilled in almost every technical and non-technical field. Plus, they fare excellently when it comes to service-oriented fields. If you are looking to make the most of the country’s highly effective talent pool, experts suggest implementing a learning management system to sustain positive growth for your workforce and to up operational standards.

Various Business Opportunities

As noted by Philippine company registration experts like, one of the things that attract investors to the country are the choices when it comes to business setups. Depending on the nature of their operations, foreign businessmen can start a sole proprietorship or form a domestic corporation, among other business types. It helps that there are several professionals that can help investors decide on which type is most ideal.

One ASEAN Community

The country nurtures its strong ties with neighboring countries in South East Asia. As part of their thrust to improve global competitiveness, the Philippines is gearing up to meet the targets in establishing an integrated economic community by 2015, known internationally as ASEAN 2015. This brings plenty of business advantages for the country’s investors.

The Philippines holds great promise for businessmen and investors. As the nation continues to push for greater economic growth and sustain the robust business climate, it would be a huge mistake not to take part in the country’s rise.

Snubbed US Soccer Superstar Hits Out At Jurgen Klinsmann’s Tactics

LA Galaxy forward Landon Donovan slammed the “disappointing” tactics of US coach Jurgen Klinsmann after the US lost to Belgium in the last-16 knockout rounds in the World Cup. Klinsmann and his men were beaten in extra time, courtesy of Kevin De Bruyne’s and Romelu Lukaku’s strikes.

Missed Opportunity

Photo Credits: Jarrett Campbell | Wikimedia

Photo Credits: Jarrett Campbell | Wikimedia

In an interview, Donovan lamented the missed opportunity of playing against Brazil in the quarterfinals. While he praised the work-rate and dedication of the players, he thought that their approach did not fit well into the game. He said that from a tactical point of view, the US side could have adopted a different kind of play.

Favoring the New

Donovan’s comments drew contrasting responses. Some say that his insights are spot on while other claim that he is just being bitter after missing out on the this edition of the World Cup. Klinsmann made news weeks before the Cup when he dropped Donovan from the squad, favoring new and young players.


Go Natural: Back Pain Treatment That Works

exerciseBack pain is among the most common types of body ache in the U.S. It is a concern not only among aging people, but also among those who are younger yet living a sedentary lifestyle. A survey conducted by Consumer Reports revealed that about 46% of their participants said that back pain is disturbing their sleep, 31% affecting their efforts to maintain a healthy weight, and 24% getting in the way of their sex life. Surgery is not the only option when dealing with back pain. You can go natural and do the following to ease your back pain:

Do Some Stretching

The demands at work or school make many people sacrifice the time they could spend exercising, so the body loses its good posture. The strength and flexibility of your muscles are at risk, so you should take short breaks or at least do physical activities every weekend.

Performing yoga poses, for instance, allows you to stretch the body to a certain extent. If you want to add something new to your routine, you might want to try aerial yoga. It lets you have a new dimension of practice as you’ll be using a hammock instead of a mat, according to AntiGravity Fitness.

Take “Happy Pills”

Improving the release of happy hormones, such as serotonin, endorphins, oxytocin, and dopamine, can be as effective as any pain medication. When the brain releases these to your system, they block the pain signals to prevent your back from aching. Practice deep breathing, get a massage, and meditate to get your daily dose of “happy pills”.

Promote Core Exercise

The abdominal and back muscles are important in supporting the lower lumbar spine. If you don’t exercise daily, you could be straining these and not giving enough support to the lower back. Perform exercise routines that focus on the torso, front and back muscle contraction, and joint movements. This can relieve pressure and align the vertebrae for a stronger core.

Don’t let back pain stop you. Do something to ease the pain, so you can go back to your daily tasks without any interruption.